People Across The World Send Headdresses To Help Cover Former Bait Dog’s Wounds

3-year-old Abigail’s abuse case has been described by Miami-Dade Animal Services as the worst they have ever seen. As a bait dog she suffered wounds to her head, neck and face as well as the loss of her right ear.

Abigail is now recovering in comfort, but she still bears the scars of her past. In response to her story, supporters around the world have been sending heartfelt gifts of hats, headbands and bows.

The sweet Pit Bull mix was one of several dogs seized during a raid on a Florida fighting operation in early November. Based on her injuries, veterinarians at Pets First Animal Center think that Abigail had been used as a bait dog since she was too gentle to fight.

Victoria Frazier, founder of Love Is Fur Ever Dog Rescue welcomed Abigail as the newest member of the group’s mission. She told The Dodo that poor Abigail resembled a living chew toy when she first met her:

“Her whole entire side of her face was missing. Her skin tissue was hanging. Most of her ear was gone.”

Since then she has undergone several painful surgeries. In order to protect her healing lacerations and stitches, Frazier and a group of volunteer knitters began dressing Abigail in a variety of colorful head scarves, hats, beanies and bows.

As her story spread, animal lovers from across the globe began to send gifts of toys, treats and various headdresses to add to her collection. Frazier told The Dodo:

“People all over the world are following her journey. She gets gifts weekly — from organic treats, toys, to bonnets.”

In response, Frazier created the Facebook page Bonnets for Abigail where friends and followers of her story can send gifts and see uplifting posts of her modeling them. Her story of redemption combined with her adorable photos and unbreakable spirit seem to have awakened something in people. According to Frazier:

“We get many people saying they look forward to her posts every day, and that Abigail has restored their faith in humanity.”

Unfortunately, Abigail will require at least one more surgery before she can move forward with the next phase of her life – adoption into a new, loving family. A Go Fund Me page has been created to help with her medical expenses or you can send a new head wrap for her collection through Facebook.

Follow Abigail’s ongoing recovery for more inspiring posts and adoption information.

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