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From Bait Dog Dumped in the Trash to ASPCA Dog of the Year

Her name is Sweet Pea. Aptly named, her gentle nature and readiness to give love are only the tip of the iceberg. This girl has been through all the worst experiences humans can create for animals. It’s a suffocating list of abuses that would leave most of us jaded at best and hopeless at worst. But not Sweet Pea. She survived, thrived, and rose all the way to the throne of ASPCA Dog of the Year. Found in a Dump, … Read more

Animal Abuser Slapped With 15 Year Prison Sentence In Dog Fighting Case

Warning: Some people may find the images in this post disturbing. Devechio Rowland has been sentenced to 15 years in prison and another 35 on probation for starving, abusing and abandoning more than 100 dogs in the woods of Polk County, Georgia last year. Approximately 30 animal rights advocates sat outside the courthouse with a few of the dogs that suffered at Rowland’s hands. Some cried when they learned the abuser’s sentence. “I’m not good at all,” one man told … Read more

UPDATE: Severely Abused Rescue Dog Helps Family In Mourning Heal Their Hearts

A suspected former bait dog and a mother/daughter in mourning became Richmond Animal Care & Control (RACC)’s first forever family of the new year in 2018. Kelli Rice and her daughter Addyson adopted sweet survivor Penelope on New Year’s Day after losing their dog of 16 years just before Christmas. Penelope’s story begins December 12 on the frozen streets of Richmond when RACC officers responded to a call from a concerned citizen. What they witnessed when they first met Penelope … Read more

Formerly Abused Pit Bull, Famous For Her Headbands, Wins Hero Dog Award

The beautiful white Pibble in the colorful array of bows, headbands and bonnets is almost unrecognizable from the pitiful, abused creature she was just 10 months ago. Abigail, decked out in a patriotic gown and a sparkly red version of her signature headband, became American Humane’s Emerging Hero Dog of the year on September 16. It is a well deserved honor for a dog whose face has become a symbol of hope and survival for Pit Bulls and victims of … Read more

6 Methods For Safely Breaking Up A Dog Fight

  Witnessing a fight between two dogs is a terrifying experience for any pawrent, especially if one or both of the dogs are your own. The first instinct tends to include screaming and rushing towards the brawlers, but excited behavior may only escalate the situation and put you at risk.  Rather than reacting on impulse, you should first determine if it is safe and completely necessary to intervene. If you do decide to break it up, try one of the … Read more

Undercover Rescuers Buy Puppies Off Facebook To Save Them From Dog Fighting

We’ve covered several stories involving the Detroit Pit Crew Dog Rescue and the amazing work they do, and here’s another incredible example of how they save innocent lives. When a disturbing Facebook post caught the attention of local animal advocates, they reached out to rescue founder Theresa Sumpter for help. The poster stated that he was selling two puppies, and it included a photo in which he was precariously holding them by the scruff of their necks… And that isn’t even the … Read more

People Across The World Send Headdresses To Help Cover Former Bait Dog’s Wounds

3-year-old Abigail’s abuse case has been described by Miami-Dade Animal Services as the worst they have ever seen. As a bait dog she suffered wounds to her head, neck and face as well as the loss of her right ear. Abigail is now recovering in comfort, but she still bears the scars of her past. In response to her story, supporters around the world have been sending heartfelt gifts of hats, headbands and bows. The sweet Pit Bull mix was … Read more

Pit Bull Advocate & Former MMA Fighter Rehabs Animal Shelters In Need

Gordon Shell is a man willing to fight for what he believes in – literally. The former MMA fighter and bodybuilder is a big softy when it comes to dogs – but a terrifying force of nature when it comes to animal abusers. Aside from his mission to end dog fighting, Shell has initiated a shelter rehabilitation project to improve living conditions for shelter pets and increase their chances of adoption. In 2012, Shell famously challenged former NFL player and … Read more

New Wisconsin Legislation Bans Automatic Euthanasia of Dogs From Fighting Operations

Wisconsin just became the 48th state in the United States to ban old laws that required immediate euthanasia of dogs seized in dog fighting operation raids. The passing of Assembly Bill 487 / Senate Bill 450 means that these dogs will know have a fighting chance at a happy life, just like any other dog that steps through a shelter’s doors. “For the first time, fight-bust survivors will be given a second chance at life,” Lee Greenwood, legislative attorney at Best … Read more