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Photographer Captures Special Bond Between People & Their Senior Dogs


Renowned photographer Jane Sobel Klonsky is not only a professional artist, she’s a dog lover. Throughout her life, she’s appreciated the incredible bond between humans and their dogs. Since 2012, she’s dedicated her time to capturing the precious moments between people and their senior dogs. Klonsky has compiled these amazing photographs into a beautiful book called Unconditional: Older Dogs, Deeper Love.

Unconditional: Older Dogs, Deeper Love from Kacey Klonsky on Vimeo.

In this book, Klonsky focuses on senior dog because she wants to encourage people to give them the love and appreciation that they deserve. Seniors have spent their lifetimes with us, they’ve grown kinder and wiser, and they know us better than anyone. She tells Bored Panda, “Whether the bonds are formed after a decade together or in a brand new adopted relationship, it seems that our connection to older dogs just offers something special.”

Image source: Jane Sobel Klonsky via Project Unconditional


Klonsky and her photography subjects prove that adopted senior dogs help us appreciate life’s simple pleasures and that challenges can be overcome with grace. Many of these owners are able to share the incredible transformations their senior dogs have made since being adopted.

Image source: Jane Sobel Klonsky via Project Unconditional


The photo collection is designed to emphasize the outstanding qualities of senior dogs. Whether they’ve lived with us since they were baby puppies or we brought them into our lives in their golden years, senior dogs are still full of life and adventure. Jane Sobel Klonsky’s work perfectly exemplifies the true essence of senior dogs and what they have to offer us.


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Written by Katie Finlay
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