Puppy Experiences Rain For The First Time And Is Seriously Confused

When you were just a kid, have you ever asked your parents where the rain comes from?

Well kids are naturally curious. They have all these new things around them, and every little thing is a thing of wonder to them. There’s just so much to know and so much to explore. And it’s not just kids who are curious and adventurous–puppies are like that too.

So when this adorable English Bulldog puppy named Shelby experienced rain for the first time, she was totally confused and curious what was it that kept on dropping on her head. You can see in the video below that she’s wondering why there’s water falling from the sky! Check out the video and see her adorably confused reaction!

Oh Shelby, you sure are a cutie!

How did your puppy react when he/she experienced rain for the first time? Was he curious about it too? Did he like it? Tell us about it in the comments section below!

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