5 Apartment-Approved Dog Breeds

Getting your first dog as an adult is an exciting but overwhelming process. Whether you’re looking to adopt from a shelter or work with a trusted breeder, there are lots of things to consider before committing to your new best friend.

The decision is made even more complicated if, like many young adults, you live in an apartment. First, of course, it’s important to make sure your building’s management allows dogs – sometimes there is an additional fee that has to be paid each month, sometimes it’s a one-time cost, etc. You should also figure out where your dog will be able to relieve himself and play – is there a nearby park? Does your building have a lawn of some kind?

Once you have these things figured out, it’s time for the fun part: finding a Fido who will be comfortable and happy in your space!

The breeds below (or a mix of any of them!) are ideal for apartment-dwellers to consider: 

1.) Boston Terriers


These cuties are about as sweet and mild-mannered as a dog can be, so they’re ideal apartment pups. Typically quiet, it isn’t likely that they’ll disrupt your neighbors with loud barking, and since they tend to bond very closely with their owners, you can expect lots of affection and obedience. Additionally important is their size! These little guys are small enough to only require moderate amounts of exercise. City walks and the occasional hike or park trip are more than enough for these black and white beauties.

2.) Chihuahuas


It’s no surprise that this fun-sized breed is small. While that is an obvious plus for apartment dog owners, Chiuauauas are also generally well-mannered and require minimal grooming (even long-haired!). One thing to keep in mind, though, is that they do have the potential to be ‘yappy,’ so that’s something to consider if your apartment has thin walls.


3.) English Bulldog



These wrinkly sweetie pies are great for apartments for several reasons. Not only are they super loyal and cuddly…English Bulldogs are also famous for being extremely lazy. That means hanging out watching Netflix on your couch sounds like the perfect afternoon activity to them! In addition to limited exercise requirements, this breed is also low maintenance in the grooming department.


4.) Dachshund



These floppy-haired cuties are great for small spaces. Playful and compact, Doxies are very adaptable and great with children. Like other breeds on this list, they don’t require a ton of exercise, however, make sure your Dachshund does regularly release some energy, whether it’s a long walk through the neighborhood or a trip to the dog park, as this breed is prone to obesity.


5.) French Bulldog


This little nugget is like a hybrid of a Boston Terrier and English Bulldog…the best of both worlds! Frenchies are patient, quiet and mellow like the English Bulldog and they’re small like the Boston Terrier. Lightweight and low-maintanance, a Frenchie would be a great addition to your apartment. Lots of lounge-time plus regular (but minimal) exercise is exactly what this cutie pie’s looking for.

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