Re-Homed Dog Found Scavenging In The Desert Reunites With Original Owner

Sadly, many dog parents find themselves in impossible situations and must make difficult decisions to re-home their dogs. That’s what happened to Scottsdale, Arizona resident Simone Brown, who thought she found the right new home for her pup two years ago.

When Brown moved from New York to California to live with family, she was forced to re-home her Yorkie “Prada Chanel.” Dutifully, Brown made proper arrangements for her dog, finding just the right place.


As she explained to Fox 10:

“A guy, a truck driver with kids was like he will take her, and he will take care of her, and he promised me.”

Then, around Christmas in 2021, Brown got a very surprising phone call from an animal rescue group. Someone found Prada Chanel… in a California desert.

Fending For Herself In The Desert

Joann Canafax with Save My Tail, the California-based rescue organization that took in the lost dog, told Fox 10:

“I saw two tiny little dogs out there digging in some trash. She was a mess, matted, really long nails. Scanned her for a chip, and she had a chip, and it was chipped to New York to the lady, [Brown].”


Because Brown had once registered her dog’s microchip, but the new owners did not, she was the one rescuers contacted. When she answered the call, she was shocked to hear where Prada Chanel was found.

It’s hard to believe a Yorkshire Terrier named for two high fashion labels ended up scavenging in the desert.


Brown still doesn’t know how her dog got into this situation. It’s not clear whether she ran away from her new home or was abandoned in the desert. No one even knows how long Prada Chanel spent out there.

Reunited After Two Years

On December 22nd, a Save My Tail volunteer’s boyfriend kindly offered to drive Prada down to Scottsdale. When he arrived and placed the dog in his mom’s arms, she cried.

“Thank you so much! I’m so grateful for you! You’re like my Santa!” she told the volunteer.


With tears streaming down her face as now 6-year-old Prada Chanel was returned to her, Brown said:

“I love her so much. I will not let her go anywhere else, and I promise: never again baby. We will do it together.”

Microchip your dogs, folks! You just never know what miracles can happen.

H/T: Fox 10
Featured Image: Fox10

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