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A Missing Dog Made It All The Way From Texas To Oklahoma

| Published on December 8, 2020

I’ve said it before, but I’ll gladly say it again for those who don’t know: microchipping pets can save lives! Every day a dog brought in as a stray is revealed to be someone’s lost pet thanks to chip scanning. You’d be surprised how far a dog can wander from home before a microchip scan helps them get back too. One wanderlusty pup found on the streets this month serves as a perfect example.

Susan Ray rescued one of her dogs, Luna Rose, from Greater Houston German Shepherd Dog Rescue in March. That’s also where they live. That is, until 6-year-old Luna escaped home one day three months later while Ray was gone on vacation. She explained to NBC News:

“That morning, the dog sitter called at 6 a.m. and said Luna Rose is missing. We, of course, put-up fliers, put everything on Facebook.”

Screenshot, KFOR/NBC

Ray hoped their posting efforts would lead to a neighbor recognizing her. Still, they had no luck bringing Luna back home that way.

“After three weeks of searching, my boyfriend told me, ‘We need to come to the realization that she might not come back.’ But I just didn’t want to hear anything like that. I’ve heard other stories about not losing hope. It could be months. I just hoped she was still alive.”

Ray’s unwavering hope would soon be rewarded.

Six Months Later, A Discovery

Over 470 miles away in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Sara Zink and her husband Micah picked Luna up off Czech Hall Road. They worried about her safety while she wandered so close to the street. But Luna didn’t look or act exactly like a street dog.

“We were really afraid she might get hit and looking at her we thought she’s definitely got a home.”

Sara Zink via Facebook

When Sara and Micah went to catch Luna, she actually jumped right into their car.

“I posted her on the Mustang Lost and Found Pets, and someone recommended we take her to Petco to be scanned for a microchip, and she had one!”

Scanning Luna’s microchip gave Zink Ray’s contact information. When she got in touch with the dog’s mom, Ray was of course shocked to hear where Luna was. “HOW did she get to Oklahoma?!” the appalled parent asked.

A Mysterious But Happy Ending

Honestly, no one really knows what Luna has been up to in the 6 months she was missing. But some have guesses. Zink thinks she might have been “helped” along the way. Part of that had to do with Luna’s well-kept paws.

“I suspect someone picked her up and thought they were helping her out.”


All Ray knows is that her return is a Christmas miracle. She’s overjoyed to have her girl back home.

“Thank God, she’s back.  Now I feel so happy for a second chance. I’m so grateful and not taking anything for granted again. I’m just so blessed and grateful. Nothing will take the place of this gift.  She was so happy to go home.”


Though Luna will be thoroughly checked out by a vet, she seems well and thrilled to be at home.

“She’s been bringing out her toys. She ate. She went to the backyard and checked everything out. It’s just wonderful having her home. This is the greatest Christmas present ever.”

Hopefully, this among the countless other microchip-related found pet success stories convinces you to get that chip for your dog if you haven’t already!

Featured Image: Sara Zink via Facebook

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