This Amazing Man Gives Rescue Dogs A Second Chance To Serve And Protect

Many police and military dogs come from very specific breeding programs all over the world and because of their genetic nature, can be very expensive. While it takes a special type of dog to learn to fight and apprehend a dangerous suspect, there is another line of work that requires no special skills. Detection work, be it search and rescue, illegal drugs or weapons, only needs a strong nose – something every dog has.

Fortunately, Brad Croft has founded Universal K9, a company dedicated to bringing dogs out of shelters to perform police detection work. When given a chance and the right training, these dogs excel at detection and go on to be working police K9s. Not only are they out of the shelters and saved from death row, they’re given to police units free of charge for a chance to help their community and receive a loving, safe home.

What Brad and Unviersal K9 are doing is nothing short of amazing. These dogs were in line to be euthanized, pulled from shelters and adopted out to loving police families to do the difficult work that humans can’t do alone. For more information on Universal K9, visit their website here.

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