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The Famous Hugging Dogs Added A New Member To Their Pack!


Since you’re a dog lover, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Envy and Zain, two rescue Border Collies that gained internet fame with their picture-perfect looks and hugging poses.

Now, the Pennsylvania pups have added a new member to the pack: meet Trek!

According to their photographer human’s Instagram, Trek was adopted from Glen Highland Farm in New York, the same rescue where Zain was from.

As you can see, Trek has some very photogenic new siblings…

A post shared by Envy, Zain, & Trek (@kelly_bove) on

And of course, they’re masters at giving fantastic hugs…

But it seems like Zain and Envy are more than happy to show their little brother the ropes.

Trek, you’re a natural! With those gorgeous blue eyes and chocolate / cream colored coat, is it even possible for this adorable pup to take a bad photo?

What an adorable trio! You can follow the whole crew on Instagram @kelly_bove.

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