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This Dog Has A Funny Habit Of Blowing Bubbles Into Her Water Bowl!

When I was a kid I used to love blowing bubbles in my glass of water, soda, or juice using a straw. Well I bet every kid has tried that, right? And for some reason, watching the bubbles forming and popping in the beverage was fun!

And it turns out, it’s not just kids who do that, dogs do it too!

The Husky in the video below was seen by her dad blowing bubbles into her water bowl! And she didn’t need any straw at all! All she did was stick her snout into the water bowl and started blowing bubbles! Check out the video below!

I was smoking a couple of baby back racks while Maya Duryée softly blew bubbles in her water dish. Pearson doesn’t get the whole bubble thing but he’s keenly interested in the ribs. (PS: Siberian Huskies, NOT Malamutes 🙂 )

©Video is property of Vin Di Bona Productions

Posted by Kent Duryée on Monday, May 30, 2016

LOL! Have you ever seen your dog do this? Mine sure doesn’t!

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