This Pitbull Is Proving To Everyone That Fighting Dogs Can Be Rehabilitated

Gremmie was one of 50 dogs rescued off two separate properties in North Carolina – one in Pamlico County and another in Jones County in the same day that the Humane Society of The United States (HSUS) raided.


Both were suspected dogfighting operations.

“To see him in the condition he was in was heartbreaking,” says Megan Morrisey, Gremmie’s mom. “I remember watching the videos of him and just crying.”


Morrisey saw the video of him when he was still in North Carolina and knew she had to have him, to show him what a good home could be.


And she is definitely doing that.


“He always makes me laugh, always brings a smile to my face, I can’t imagine waking up every day without him now,” she says.

Gremmie has a full life – friends, walks, and loving parents who care for him the way every dog deserves to be loved. He is a great poster child for why dog fighting dogs deserve another chance at life. This wonderful video was shot by the HSUS as part of their Forever Home series, which was create to show the amazing transformation these animals have gone through since being rescued by the HSUS Animal Rescue Team.

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