Victim Of Puppy Theft Gets Surprise Donation From Local Breeder

Cayden Mccain is just 9-years-old and was enjoying some time with his 10-week-old Pit Bull puppy, Roscoe, when he was stolen right out of his arms. Yes, you read that right. Someone stole a puppy from a 9-year-old boy. Obviously devastated, Cayden and his family reported their loss to the local news station in the hopes to find Roscoe and alert other owners that dog nappers are taking puppies right out of childrens’ arms.

They received much more love and attention than they realized. As soon as the segment aired, calls started pouring in and one local breeder decided to help fill the empty spot in the Mccain family’s home. Ashleigh Mills, a Presa Canario breeder, offered Cayden and his family their pick of a litter of 13 Presa Canario puppies she had available. Cayden picked a young male he’s named Cyrus. While Cyrus can’t replace Roscoe completely, he’s certainly loved and helping to fill the painful hole in Cayden’s heart. | Continuous News | Colorado Springs and Pueblo

We’re glad to see there was a happy ending to this story. The Mccain family is still on the lookout for Roscoe, hoping he’s in good hands, and they have said he still has a home with their family no matter what. Hopefully the terrible dog nappers will find their punishment and that Roscoe is safe, but we’re also happy to see that Cayden has a new friend he can enjoy.

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