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Rescue Dog Saves Her Human’s Life When She Falls & Can’t Call For Help

A woman’s rescued dog rescued her in return when she fell in her garage and fractured her pelvis.

Janet Wilhelm had just finished packing up dog food and placing it in the bin on her garage when she slipped and fell. She landed on her hip, and ended up fracturing her pelvis in five places. After her fall, Janet couldn’t move–it was just too painful. She wondered how she could ever get out of the situation; she didn’t have a phone with her so she couldn’t call for help, and no one else was in the house.

Source: USA Today - YouTube
Source: USA Today – YouTube


No one was home except for the dog that she rescued, a black Labrador named Mabel. She was able to grab Mabel by the collar, and then amazingly, the dog dragged her inside the house and towards the phone! Watch the video for the full story!

Great job, Mabel! You rescued the woman who rescued you! You definitely deserve a lot of treats for what you did for your rescuer!

You can read more of this story at USA Today’s website.

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