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Hero Puppy Takes Rattlesnake Bite To Protect His Mom

Todd, a Golden Retriever puppy in Anthem, Arizona, is being called a hero by his mom for jumping in front of her to take a rattlesnake bite to his face that was intended for her leg. The incident happened on Friday, June 29 as Paula Godwin was hiking with her dogs. On her Facebook page, Godwin said: “So this morning [I] was up bright and early to go on a hike on 7th street [and] Carefree. It was a beautiful morning … Read more

Conductor Stops Train To Rescue Lost Dog From Tracks

A New Jersey Transit conductor is being hailed a hero after stopping train traffic and taking off in pursuit of a lost dog on the tracks. Howard Kempton says he was simply “in the right place at the right time,” but the dog’s family and thousands of social media users insist his actions were far more valiant. “This past weekend, NJ TRANSIT Conductor Howard Kempton halted train traffic to sprint after a lost dog on the tracks, then forfeited his … Read more

Kind-Hearted Cyclist Pedals Injured Stray Puppy To Safety

Avid mountain biker, Jarrett Little was cycling with some friends near Columbus, Georgia when they stopped near a copse of trees to rest. Upon hearing their voices, an injured, emaciated puppy hobbled out from the woods and approached the group in search of help. “We stopped to regroup and he came out of the woods to greet us. He was really thin, ribs showing and had a lot of road rash and a broken leg,” Little told CBS News. Little … Read more

Young Girl Helps Save Hundreds Of Dogs By Starting Her Own Rescue Project

Most kids love dogs, but 13-year-old Molly Wogan has taken her passion to a whole new level! She began volunteering at her local shelter at the age of 9, and for her 12th birthday she launched the Precious Animals, Wonderful Shelters (P.A.W.S.) Project to raise money and awareness for homeless dogs. Last week, Molly was honored for her incredible work by the crowdfunding site, GoFundMe who named her one of their Kid Heroes! The P.A.W.S. Project began as a one year … Read more

Groomer Opens Shop At Midnight To Care For Severely Matted Stray

Dog groomer Kari Falla knows just how much suffering a severely matted dog experiences, so when she saw photos of a desperate stray on a Facebook page for lost pets, she immediately volunteered to help. A woman had discovered the dog on the side of the road and saved him from being hit by a car. Although it was midnight, Falla opened up her Oviedo, Florida shop, BGE Grooming to tend to the neglected pup. Rather than placing him in … Read more

Family Dogs Nearly Sacrifice Their Lives Guarding 2 Toddlers From Poisonous Snake

Dogs may be the most selfless beings on Earth, and this story proves that they’d take a bullet for the ones that they love – or in this case, a snake bite. Pups Slayer and Paco, who belong to Melissa Butt, were in their Florida backyard with Butt’s two grandkids, ages four and one. The dogs suddenly became fixated on something in the grass, and refused to come when called, which is uncharacteristic, according to Butt.   As it turned … Read more

Stray Dog Leads Rescuers To The Mama & Their Puppies

A German Shepherd mix in Illinois is being labeled a hero after leading rescuers to 7 puppies and their mother. The male dog is presumed to be the father of the puppies. It all started the evening of Tuesday, July 18. Robert Walters was driving home from work taking the country roads between Iroquois County and Vermilion County. South of Sheldon, he saw the male German Shepherd mix standing in the middle of the road. When the dog refused to get … Read more

Heroic EMT Rescues Blind Senior Dog Lost In The Mountains For 7 Days

The Cole family of California’s San Lorenzo Valley desperately searched for their 12-year-old Yellow Lab, Sage for more than a week. The blind senior had been missing for a full 7 unseasonably cold days, amid reports of mountain lion sightings. They were devastated and wracked with guilt over her loss when suddenly, on the 8th day, a miracle occurred. Neighbor and paramedic/EMT, Dan Estrada was hiking in the woods with his own two dogs and a friend when he spotted … Read more

Puppy Rescued From Burning House Gives Thanks To The Firefighters Who Saved Her

Asheville, NC firefighters Mike Stageman, Joshua Adell, Bentley Andres and Zac Bass risked their own safety to rescue an 8-week-old puppy from a raging house fire this past October. The tiny terrier mix named Hex suffered severe burns and smoke inhalation, but thanks to her 4 guardian angels, escaped with her life. After several months of healing and growing, she was ready to show her gratitude. Zac Bass, the firefighter who first located Hex in the burning house, described her … Read more

Senior K-9 Dies In Handler’s Arms, Gets The Hero’s Goodbye She Deserves

When K-9 Keylo passed away with her human partner by her side, the community mourned for the lost hero. The black German Shepherd worked on the police force in Bath, Maine with her handler, Corporal Michelle Small. She served for over a decade, and assisted in an incredible 333 apprehensions in addition to sniffing out evidence including drug paraphernalia. To the small town community, she was a treasure. “What struck me the most is not just how much everyone in Bath loves … Read more

Senior Dog Refuses To Leave Owner Behind In House Fire & Both Get Rescued

This loyal dog could’ve run to safety when his house was engulfed in flames, but he refused to leave his human. Che is a 14-year-old Lab / Chow mix who was rescued from a shelter by his human in 2003. And when a devastating fire swept through their house recently, he returned the favor, tenfold. When firefighters arrived on the scene, they discovered the homeowner and her dog unconscious inside the house. It looked as if Che had been trying to shield her from … Read more

Gamekeeper Goes Head First Into Mud Hole To Rescue Stuck Dog

Jazz the Cocker Spaniel was running across a Scottish grouse moor doing what Spaniels are born to do when she suddenly vanished. The group participating in that day’s grouse hunt and the gamekeepers at Invermark Estate in Angus immediately began searching for the lost pup. Jazz’s owner Karen DaRosa was able to identify the general area where she and her team had last seen Jazz. Luckily the Invermark gamekeepers know every inch of the extensive grounds. Despite the relatively short hunting … Read more

Dog Gives His Life To Shield 8-Month-Old Baby In House Fire

Most dog owners have no doubt that their pups would give their lives to save a loved one. This brave dog proved this to be true, dying a hero by sacrificing himself to save his family’s 8-month-old baby. Pup Polo and baby Viviana were inside the apartment when mom Erika Poremski stepped outside to her car. But in those moments, flames engulfed the home. The frantic mother rushed toward the door to save her daughter, but the fire was already blazing.   “I tried to keep getting in,” Poremski told CBS News. “She … Read more

Police Force Honors K-9 On His Last Day With A Tribute Fit For A Hero

On the day that K-9 officer Zeus was taken to cross the Rainbow Bridge, the Ridgefield Police Department gave him the goodbye he deserved: one fit for a hero. After 9 years of service, he’d retired in 2014 because he suffered from a degenerative hip disease, which progressed over the next year. When the pain was too much, the valiant German Shepherd was taken for a final ride in a squad car to Ridgefield Veterinary Hospital, where as his colleagues stood to salute him. As … Read more

Video: Man Climbs Out A Window 13 Floors High To Rescue Dangling Dog

In Bogota, Columbia, a man risked his life to save a neighbor’s dog, who was dangling out a window, 13 floors from the ground. Held only by her hips and back legs through the rails on a balcony, this pup’s grip could’ve slipped at any moment. When Diego Andrés Dávila Jimenez heard that his next-door-neighbor’s dog Luna was in a dire situation, he didn’t think twice to help. He first tried to notify his neighbor, who wasn’t home, and he couldn’t access the dog … Read more

Hero Saves The Day When Dog Gets Stuck Outside Of The Elevator Hanging By His Leash

Let this video be a reminder to you: If you’re ever walking your leashed dog onto an elevator, make sure your pup is with you at all times! A moment of distraction could have turned to tragedy for one man in his apartment building in Springfield, Missouri. As the dog owner boarded an elevator with his pup in tow, the pooch got distracted and failed to follow… and the owner wasn’t paying close attention either. This is when something very scary happened. … Read more

Dog Leads Man To Burning House To Save His Dog Friend

In Menasha Wisconsin, a dog who helped save his buddy from their burning home is now being called a hero. The owners of the house weren’t home during the fire; only the two dogs were left at home. The hero dog jumped out of the window from their burning home in East Shady Lane and alerted an employee from the nearby water department. The employee noticed that the dog with no leash was seeking attention. He then looked at the … Read more

Rescue Dog Saves Her Human’s Life When She Falls & Can’t Call For Help

A woman’s rescued dog rescued her in return when she fell in her garage and fractured her pelvis. Janet Wilhelm had just finished packing up dog food and placing it in the bin on her garage when she slipped and fell. She landed on her hip, and ended up fracturing her pelvis in five places. After her fall, Janet couldn’t move–it was just too painful. She wondered how she could ever get out of the situation; she didn’t have a … Read more

Man Heroically Rushes Into Burning House To Save His Dog

If your house was burning and your dog was trapped inside it, would you risk your life to run in and save him? You may have heard the story about the man who got arrested while trying to save his dogs from their burning home, but one man in Australia was able to brave the flames before anyone could stop him. In Rutherford, Australia, a man named Mark Woodbury went for a quick trip to the store. When he got back … Read more