Conductor Stops Train To Rescue Lost Dog From Tracks

A New Jersey Transit conductor is being hailed a hero after stopping train traffic and taking off in pursuit of a lost dog on the tracks.

Howard Kempton says he was simply “in the right place at the right time,” but the dog’s family and thousands of social media users insist his actions were far more valiant.

“This past weekend, NJ TRANSIT Conductor Howard Kempton halted train traffic to sprint after a lost dog on the tracks, then forfeited his tie to make her a leash,” reads the NJ Transit Facebook update on the incident.

The accompanying photo – snapped by a passenger – appears to show Kempton tipping his hat to the runaway pooch, identified in the comments as Shelby.

“That is my parents’ dog, Shelby, and she is safe and sound!” one Facebook user commented. “Thank you so much Howard and NJ Transit for saving her! We are beyond grateful.”

Shelby’s owner wrote the dog broke away from her during a walk in South Mountain Reservation. After two hours of frantic searching, she was incredibly grateful to get the call that Shelby had been rescued.

Kempton’s humble response to the family says it all:

“Your [sic] welcome. I’m glad I was at the right spot at the right time. I must say I couldn’t have done it without the South Orange police officer who pointed out to my Engineer Mike B. that there was a dog in [sic] the tracks and then infomed me, and the State Trooper who also assisted me tracking her down.”


H/T to ABC 7 NY

Featured Images via Instagram/daniellephant144 & Facebook/NJ Transit

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