Woman Dedicates Her Life To Saving Dogs, With Over 1,400 Rescued In Just 4 Years!

For some people who love animals, they want to do whatever they can to save them. Some donate to animal charities, take in dogs from shelters that heartless owners have cast aside, or even volunteer their time to helping animals. Whatever the cause may be, we all know that the overpopulation of dogs in the world is staggering, and each and every day poor, defenseless dogs are euthanized simply for just existing. It’s cruel and unfair, and for one woman living in Brooklyn by the name of Sara Cross, she’s made it her personal mission to rescuing dogs off death row at high kill shelters.

She says: “Once you start, it’s very hard to stop because the deluge of dogs about to be killed for no other reason than overpopulation is just never-ending and completely overwhelming.”

Watch her amazing story below, and how she founded Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue from just her one-bedroom apartment four years ago!

She is such a kindhearted and truly genuine person! We are so thankful for people like Sara and all she does to help place dogs with loving forever homes!

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