• BREAKING: Major Dog Food Brand Issues Recall Due to Small Metal Fragments


    UPDATE: September 2nd, 2014 – Pedigree has issued an additional press release expanding the scope of the recall. Please read the details here.

    August 27th, 2014 – Pedigree has issued a voluntary recall of 22 bags of PEDIGREE® Adult Complete Nutrition dry dog food due to the possible presence of small metal fragments in the bag. Pedigree states that while the foreign objects are not embedded in the food, their presence may present a risk.

    The affected dog food bags we’re distributed by Dollar General stores located Tennesse, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. Information about the specific lot code and use by date are shown below in the image courtesy of Pedigree’s website. Pedigree states that no other Pedigree products or lots of have been affected.

    Fortunately, to our knowledge no injuries have been reported. While it’s always scary to hear about foreign objects in pet food, we’re thankful that this recall only seems to affect a small number of bags in a limited geographic area. Regardless, please help us pass on the word! You never know, one of these bags could have been purchased by one of your friends or family members.

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    For more information, please visit Pedigree’s press release. Pet owners who have questions about the recall should call 1-800-305-5206.

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    • Beth Labonville Kipp

      Why is this “Breaking News??” Pedigree is crappy food and I even think calling it food is a stretch. You may as well be taking your child to McDonald’s every day, all 3 meals, for his/her entire life. Wake up. Feed your dogs dirt; they’ll get more out of it.

      • thomas

        it’s breaking news because some of us actually feed our dogs Pedigree. My dogs love it they are happy and healthy but fortunately this is not the type of Pedigree that I feed my dogs. :)

        • Cecilia Phuong Tran

          Yes, but most dog owners are snobs and only want the best for their dog. To each their own. I choose not to feed my dog mass produced brands like pedigree or purina just because the contents aren’t as wholesome as others. In fact, my vet only carries holistic dog food brands. Not to say that there are bad choices in higher end and expensive brands too. When choosing for my dog, I look at ingredients, not brands. And never trust the ingredients listed on the front of the bag, always resort to the content list on the back. Ingredients are required by law to be placed from most abundant to least. So to determine a good product, the first few ingredients should be some sort of tangible meat or meat based protein and their meal (not the by products). And the next few ingredients should be some good fruits and/or veggies. Grains or starches aren’t very important, nutrition wise, in dog food, but won’t hurt either. but if those are your first few ingredients, that means it’s probably not a quality product. Added vitamins and minerals are a plus. Bottom line is, if the meats are not listed first, followed by healthy fruits and veggies, then it’s probably not a very healthy choice for your dog.

          Before I knew any better, I fed my chihuahua low grade dog food his entire life. He lived a happy and healthy 15 years (RIP). Now with my black lab, I’m older and understand the difference between good and bad food, not just for me but also for my dog. I choose to feed him high quality food, not only because it’s better for him, but he loves it. I started him off with purina beneful as a puppy and he ate that fine for awhile, but then he refused to eat it and started starving himself for days and sometimes weeks, so I had no choice but to find something better that he would be satisfied with. He is currently 9yrs old and happy and active. and hopefully he stays that way for a long time.

          Ok, rant over. Bottom line, try to choose the best possible food within your budget, that is also a healthy choice for your dog. Some dogs just prefer different things. And to be honest, I don’t see anything wrong with you choosing to feed your dog lower grade foods, I did until I found out not all dog foods are created equal. As long as your dog continues to stay happy and healthy, I see nothing wrong with feeding him anything that you want (within reason of course). Only time I would change anything is if it’s not helping or harming him or her.

          • Mr. Hunt

            Meat by products are NOT bad for your pet. They actually contain many nutrients that are needed by your animal. Don’t listen to so called nutritionists either. Dogs and cats are carnivores, not omnivores. The more meat, the better. Healthy fruits and veggies? Not for a dog they aren’t. Their bodies cannot properly digest them, which is why table scraps are bad for your pet as well. Chemicals are added to ALL dog and cat food that contain plant proteins to help your animal break them down, so remember that the next time you are looking at the ingredient list as well.

            • ltlmisatitude

              FYI, those of us that ACTUALLY care, don’t refer to our pets as “animals.” Most if not all, you will find, refer to our pets as part of our family, family members, furry kids, or just kids and that is exactly why we care what goes into their bodies just as much as ours. The fact that you call yours, ANIMALS, is obvious to everyone why you don’t see the point in providing better quality nutrition for your pets. I feel very sorry for them being stuck with you. Try reading the ingredients on a bag of holistic pet food and see how many CHEMICALS are actually in there. That is, if you know what the word holistic even means.

            • Pat McBride

              Oewwww. Sarcasim.. We, and dogs are animals. It’s does not mean that we don’t love or respect our…..animals. Our animals are a part of our family, be it cats or dogs or fish. We care very much for our animals.

            • Mr. Hunt

              I don’t have pets. I do however have experience in working in QA for a leading dog food manufacturer. And as far as chemicals, ALL dog food has them. ALL.

            • Maynard

              That was just mean

            • 123abc456

              Wow, so rude.

            • Terry McDonough Liddle

              You are very rude and obnoxious and it is unnecessary.

            • Katherine Kingsbury

              it doesn’t matter if you care or not, the fact is, they ARE animals, not little furry children

            • LittleDuck

              I love my four little babies, but how can you get upset that people call them “animals”? That’s what they are. Animals. This doesn’t mean I love my babies any less. I just acknowledge the fact that they are animals. They’re definitely not humans. That doesn’t make them any less a part of my family.

            • SadButTrue

              What a stuck up elitist you are. I suspect your “animals” would be happier with almost anyone else as their human caretakers.

            • Cecilia Phuong Tran

              I didn’t say meat by products is bad. Any part of actual meat protein is good for your dog, But it shouldn’t be the only source of meat protein found in your pet’s food. Main proteins should be of whole meats and meat meal. If added meat by product is part of the main ingredients, then that’s even better. But to have just meat by product that most of the cheaper dog foods have (and most of the time it’s not even the most abundant source in the food either) means your dog isn’t getting enough protein in his diet. If you look at your generic grocery store kibbles, the main ingredients that make up the dog food is mostly corn or corn meal, both of which hold no nutritional value. Next is wheat and/or other grains which a lot of dogs (mine included) are allergic to or have bad reactions to. Not all dogs, but some do have grain allergies which was another reason I decided to switch to a grain free, holistic choice and for the fact that my dog is picky. Not saying that run of the mill dog food is necessarily bad since some of the ingredients of abundance are still meat and bone meal or by product, which is actually better than whole meat since all ingredients are listed pre cooked and they tend to lose the least amount of liquid in the process which leaves you with more actual meat product.

              And yes, dogs are carnivores, but they eat herbivores. Meaning they also consumed partially digested contents of fruits and veggies. Not only that, but let’s say they don’t necessarily need fruits and veggies. Some things like pumpkin, sweet potato, or carrots are great sources of nutrients. Also, they are much more exposed to other naturally occuring vitamins and minerals in the wild than a domesticated dog. If I were to feed my dog just slabs of plain meat every day, he wouldn’t be that healthy. He would survive, but he would be lacking the vitamins and minerals found in herbivore’s skin, bones, and stomach.

              And of course any dog food is going to have chemicals and additive. There is no such thing as 100% natural store bought dog food. It wouldn’t have a shelf life if it was. The only 100% natural dog food is one you make yourself, and even then it’s still not 100%. I’ll reiterate what I said in my first post, feed your dog whatever keeps him happy and healthy. If there are no issues, why change it?

            • Kelly061384

              Actually, wild dogs DO eat fruits and vegetables in the wild. “Facts
              about dogs in the wild indicate that dogs eat raw meat but, unlike cats,
              can get a good portion of their necessary nutrition from fruit and vegetables. They don’t eat grains in the wild. Dogs are not obligated to be solely
              carnivorous but it seems to be their natural preference. A wild dog’s
              body is designed to handle the food inconsistencies that come with a
              hunting lifestyle.” http://www.vetinfo.com/dogs-eat-naturally.html

              scraps are bad for dogs because of the crap most people eat. My dog
              begs for broccoli stems, peppers, carrots, apples and melon. He eats his
              food mixed with pumpkin puree and kelp. He is very healthy, and
              although not everyone is going to customize a diet, I would certainly
              suggest you not buy this kind of crap at THE DOLLAR STORE. Pet owners
              have a duty to feed pets properly, they have no control, you need to
              make the right choices by them.

            • mikenemmy

              I agree my dog loves to eat apples peaches mangos broccoli green beans carrots spinach kale an lettece all veggies from our garden….its not like I can stop her every time she is out doin her …we live on a 250 acre farm…. the vets say she is one of the healthiest dogs they see…she is going to be 8 this nov. And she is like she is turning 4 she runs everyday as well…oh an she loves raw potatoes her an I go one for one with fresh garlic seasoning from the Mennonite store….an she gets her everyday dose of her dog food but thats usually kibbles n bits…or ole Roy….everyone just needs to just give opinions an tips or sweet tricks to sprucing up their dogs diets an letting ppl use them giving knowledge is the best way to help not just the dog but its owners and you might make a new friend……we are going to try an make home made dog food this winter with all the baby potatoes from the garden an o ther healthy safe ingredients….bottom line here is an always was if you happen to feed your fur friend, or as i call mine child that brand stop its harmful.

            • Pat McBride

              I read that potato skins are not necessarily good for dogs. We feed 1/2 home cooked to our dogs. It consists of some kind of meat, sweet potatoes, brown rice, (not white rice) and all kinds of veggies such as carrots, green beans, peas, celery, broccoli , etc. the other half of their meals are Fromms, Pure Balance from Walmart, or Nutri life. They simply love the home cooked and its the first thing they go for.

            • Pat McBride

              By he way, apple seeds are toxic to dogs, but the apple itself is good. Also pumpkin is very good for dogs. Garlic in small amounts are good in that it controls parasites and worms. IMO

            • Tammy Jo Hammond

              I, too, make this with chicken, and supplement my dog’s food with it..

            • Cecilia Phuong Tran

              Agreed. I mean, I wouldn’t buy my food at the dollar store, why would I but that for my 4 legged fur baby?

            • Robin Johnson

              Dogs eat grass to throw up.Sometimes for fur balls or just from upset stomach.

            • Carroll Faver

              My dog grazes like a horse….it isn’t just for upset stomachs, some dogs really do love grass. Be careful what you put on your lawn cause they sometimes will eat everytime they go out the door. My vet says hers do the same thing. He never throws up…just likes to eat grass!! LOL

            • Lora

              We have a greyhound that eats fruit. She will be 15 years old this year…. maybe thats her secret!

            • Carroll Faver

              I have to fight over apples around the house. My Maltipoo thinks apples are God’s perfect food!! He would eat them day and night.

            • Pat McBride

              Wrong. Dogs are omnivores. In the wild, the first thing a dog goes for is the intestines. That’s where the vegetarian prey has their vegies. Wild dogs eat berries and other veggies as well to supplement their diets. Maybe you need to read a bit more about wolves and canines in general. It’s grains they do not digest very well.

            • Pat McBride

              Some meat byproducts are chicken feet, beaks and other food I wouldn’t feed my dog. Some rendered meat from vets are also included in the by product line, any reputable food manufactures do not use them, but some, such as additives used from China do. We use food from right here in Wisconsin and are comfortable that they do not use this crap

            • charper1

              “holistic dog food” LOL

            • Emily Humm

              Yeah most dogs need/like fruits and vegs. My two dogs eat apples from our apple trees all the time. and sometimes tomatoes.

            • Tyler Hagen

              your on crack

          • Beccar

            There are dog foods that are very costly and people say they have to have the best for their dogs. But a while back some of the very expensive food was recalled. SO it is really like what do you do. It does not determine how much or how less you pay for dog food there are going to be recalls. Most of this stuff comes from china or the grains used comes from china. I buy Purina for my dogs and they are also happy. Some people say that is cheap dog food. It is like a crap shoot when buying dog food any more. So what ever it may be the most expensive food can have a huge recall next week who knows.

            • Kelly061384

              I think you are correct in that cost has nothing to do with it being right, but incorrect in that it is a crapshoot. My dog eats food where all the ingredients are Canadian grown. You can buy Purina for 30 bucks, or royal canin for 80…there is no difference between these food. But you could also look at Fromm Families grain free line, Wellness ONe, Acana, or Taste of the Wild for a good entry level option. There will be recalls, that is the reality of food production for us as well as dogs, but you should pick something based on the ingredients and were they are from. It really is best of dog’s don’t eat grains at all, so no need to buy them sourced from China (even worse.)

          • Jim Haldeman

            chao ba.

          • Bogatyr

            I think Chicken on sale is cheaper

          • Andy LeCompte

            Cecilia, I would just like to point out something, I noticed that you’ve included Purina id your list of bad food. About 10 to 15 years ago there was a major recall on almost all food for both dogs and cats and Purina both dry and wet were one of the food that wasn’t in the recall.

          • Grace Elizabeth Ankrom

            Honestly you can’t trust any type of dog food distributor, they all know how to cheat the rules of AAFCO, and Holistic is even more frightening because there are no definitions of the term “Holistic” in the pet food industry, dogs could be eating rubber tire for all we know. You are taking a chance no matter what you are feeding, unless you are “making” it yourself. Also it is nice to rely on the meat first trick to find a good wholesome food, but just because it’s listed first doesn’t mean it’s the main ingredient, because most companies weigh the meat and thus % are able to say majority is meat based, after it is added to water and such to make it weigh more. Which is the true problem in the end, these food distributors know all the loop holes!

          • Tammy Jo Hammond

            great POST!!!

          • Tyler Hagen

            have fun with kidney failure and thyroid problem

        • Kelly Theodore-harrisonsmummy

          Beth it’s can’t be that bad other wise it would be illegal. Every dog is different people make me laugh what do you think dogs in wild do run round and come across some food and say oh no that’s no good for me. No they eat anything

          • Kelly061384

            No, they don’t. They don;t shuck corn and mow down. They don’t eat man made preservatives. They don’t bother digging out white potatoes and chowing down. They certainly don’t build plants to process grains, and yes, all dogs are different, but like people, they have the same nutritional ideals…and this food doesnt come close to cutting it.

          • disqus_lc7KycmONp

            You are completely right because the standards for what goes into pet food are the same as what goes into human food. Of course dogs don’t wander around the wild and make decisions about what is good for them and what isn’t and sometimes that costs them their life. I am guess that little boy in your picture probably used to put everything and anything into his mouth, but in an attempt to protect him you stopped him from eating things that weren’t good for him. And if you have ever raised a child you know full well there are a lot of things that shouldn’t be given to children more than occasionally because of reasons. The same applies for your dogs and any animal you genuinely care for. So you can sit there on your ignorance horse and laugh all you want, but those of us with a little reason know there are different grades of food. And those of us that have done a little research know that pedigree, while legal and passing all current guidelines, is at the bottom of the list of dog foods you should be feeding your dog if you want to maintain their healthiness.

          • Cecilia Phuong Tran

            These are domesticated dogs, not wild ones. They don’t survive the same way. My dog surely does not eat anything. He will spit things out the minute he knows he doesn’t like it, or he won’t touch it at all. Maybe my black lab is just weird, but he refuses to eat certain things.

        • Marcia May Brown

          We used to feed it in the past and the dogs we had at that time loved it.

        • Sonja Duran

          I agree with you 100 and my wolves love pedigree pedigree and I have been feeding animals pedigree for over 30 years

      • Bogatyr

        Really? M&M Mars would make crappy feed? I wonder if Canadian Geese are good feed. Got a Buzzillion of em pooping everywhere

        • Beth Labonville Kipp

          That’s a wonderful protein for your dog :)

      • abi403

        beth needs to get off her high horse. I feed my dogs pedigree (not from the dollar general, thank goodness). I have many animals and all are rescues. They might not have holistic food but they have a warm place to live and vet care. better than living on the streets. so stfu beth.

      • Beth Labonville Kipp

        So I’m going to reply to my own post :) I was told to stfu. Well, sweetheart, not happening. There is a wonderful website called Dog Food Advisor and they give an unbiased report on all dog foods. Would you believe that Pedigree is given a ONE STAR. It is crap. Justify it any way you want, but truth is if you feed a higher quality food you will not need to feed as much and they will get more of what they need out of it; nutrition.

        Here’s the link for the Pedigree review: http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-reviews/pedigree-dog-food-dry/

        If you want to see how your dog’s food rates here’s where you start: http://www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-reviews/dry/

        • katt_gyrl

          I wouldn’t put too much weight in that website. First, the editor is a dentist. Not a vet, not even a nutritionist, but a human dentist, which gives him zero qualifications on the subject matter. Secondly, there are links all over that website for an online dog food retailer and in his disclaimer he states that “I do receive a fee from Chewy.com for each purchase made as a direct result of a referral from my website”. A little biased, don’t you think?

          • Beth Labonville Kipp

            Actually, I don’t. Chewy.com sells a wide variety of dog foods. If you read the reviews you will see that they base it on proteins and what the protein source is (corn vs. duck meat) as well as other factors. Because of the way they make their determinations it’s fair across the board.

          • jen

            I agree, you cant trust everything on the internet

          • http://www.etsy.com/shop/RockyMTNsteeze Miltapher

            A dentist had to go to school and learn things to be in his profession. I think he would be capable of doing his own research on dog nutrition. FYI, vets don’t learn a lot about nutrition in vet school. I think his web site is great. Pedigree sucks. They even color the food with chemicals so it looks better to people. Nutrition is the foundation of health, so I don’t feed corn based crap food with unspecified meat ingredients.

            • katt_gyrl

              Yes, someone who went to school to learn diseases & treatments for human teeth & gums has waaaay more knowledge about the nutritional needs for a canine than someone who went to school to study the diseases & treatments for canines. That makes a lot of sense. Especially when the dentist is trying to sell you a product for profit.

      • Karen Ann

        It’s breaking news because not everyone can afford other brands. I’ve fed my doggies this in a pinch and they’ve liked it.

      • shwump

        You don’t have a clue. I have raised my last two dogs on Pedigree. One died after 18 years on Pedigree and his best friend in the world died this past spring after 19 years on Pedigree. So what is so ad about that food? The big problem with dogs is Vets. They are the biggest reason you all have dogs that die well before they should. Previous to those two dogs I had two others who lived past 17 years each. The proof is in the care. My dogs never go to the vet. None of the stupid medications they say all dogs need to be on. That is garbage. And yes they are house dogs who are treated just like my children were. Plenty of belly scratches and lots of rides in the car.

        • Beth Labonville Kipp

          Oh I agree! We once rescued a dog that had heartworm (which is caused by the bite of only one mosquito) and rather than treat him at the vet we gave him lots of belly rubs and car rides and he was all better. I would never consider heartworm preventative when we have belly rubs and car rides. Brilliant. OH!! I would never have my skin children vaccinated either. They don’t do as well with the belly rubs but the car rides and a few pushes on a swing and they can survive anything.

          • shwump

            So what!! I don’t really care about your dogs or your kids. Mine are healthy and have lived well beyond what most peoples dogs live. So I guess something I am doing is right. I didn’t say I do not use medication if warranted, I just don’t use a vet to decide what needs done. They overmedicate and get you to put your animals on things they don’t need to be on thus shortening their lives. And they take your money without a second thought.

            • Beth Labonville Kipp

              As I said… Brilliant.

            • jen

              I do agree with you on one thing… people do over medicate their pets and I found this out from a vet. vaccinations are only need every 3 years after they have had the full set of puppy shots… heartworm preventative only needs to be given every 2 months, the meds are not a preventative and actually just kill the heartworms if they happen to get them. And there are natural ways to treat for fleas

            • Katherine Kingsbury

              heart worm prevention needs to be given every month…every..month. it kills the microfilaria (baby worms) that may have infected your dog. if you skip a month, those babies grow, and the prevention can fail. that is the definition of a preventative, it is designed to prevent adult heart worms….

          • Rottenrott

            Beth, you are funny…. I personally don’t do human vaccines… Why???? Thimerosal, a known mercury containing substance is in them. Read abut mercury poisoning… mercury does not leave the human body readily, and is extremely toxic. Also, stay away from tap water with Floride. also a highly toxic substance. Read Jean Dodds a vet researcher. Dog do NOT need most vaccines after 1 year old. The only ones my dogs get after a year are Rabies as required by law.

            • Beth Labonville Kipp

              I know. My dogs don’t get vaccinated every year. They will always get rabies because it’s required by law but I have titers done so that they are never over vaccinated and even at that there are many my dogs don’t need. They don’t drink standing water… don’t need THAT vaccine. I also don’t have kids but I think that a little time on a swing can be beneficial!! LOL.

          • jen

            It also depends on where you live to as for what your pets need as far as meds… my bogs need heartgard but a friend in navada never had the problem due to the lack of mosquitos

            • Beth Labonville Kipp

              I’ve heard that too and being from New England I know that a lot of vets only recommend them during the warm months, but after rescuing for many years I have learned that a warm spell can produce mosquitoes and if a dog is not on preventative it only takes one bite…. Personally, I don’t take the chance. It costs about $40 for 6 months of preventatives and at the minimum $450 for treatment which can cause death. I will always have my pets on heartworm preventative (btw – there is NO treatment for heartworm for a cat), and I hope that others will take it as seriously. Also, your dog may be an inside dog but remember, when you open the door to walk out it’s wide enough for you. How many mosquitoes can enter your home in that amount of space?

          • Katherine Kingsbury

            you think belly rubs cured your dog of heart worms??? It scares me a little bit that you have children…

            • Beth Labonville Kipp

              Good morning Katherine – You really need to read the whole thread. Shwump claims that she never needs to take her dogs to the vet and that as long as they have belly rubs and car rides they are great. My post is called “sarcasm”. I know all about heartworm preventative as I have rescued over 300 English Bulldogs and sadly too many of them came to us heartworm +. Generally speaking, a belly rub can cure many ailments 😉

      • Jonathan

        news flash, your hipster artisan dogfood is made on the same assembly lines from the same sketchy chinese ingredients as the mass market brands.

    • William Luepnitz

      Pedigree is for Texans in Texas. I do not know where the La. , Miss. and other plants are at. It is a higher priced dog food even here where it is made. Definitely better than the stuff made in China that had poison in it, that was killing the dogs.

    • Eric Francis

      This crap isn’t food anyway it’s fillets and poisons

    • Mary Jane Kelly

      This food is crap even under it’s best circumstances.

      • Janice Giordano


    • thomas

      Thanks for the heads up. I do feed my dogs Pedigree, it’s a great dog food but fortunately this is not the type of Pedigree that I feed my dogs. :)

      • studly

        Great food?? Why do you say that??? Because they spend millions on advertising and the dogs on the commercials look healthy??? Read the ingredient panel….. Just read it……. Cheap crap! Think dogs like corn or cheap by products? The quote above is accurate…. Just like going to McD’s every day……

        • SpencerChaffin

          My dog loves corn, especially boiled sweet corn. She will even remove the shucks herself. She prefers real cow butter or peanut butter on it instead of margarine.

          • studly

            It is a cheap filler…. Little to no nutritional value….. It has zero business being in the food nevermind the FIRST ingredient.

          • Janice Giordano

            I would probably do some research on that before you do it again…

          • Pat McBride

            What is more important, what they like, or what is nutritious for them. Corn is not digestable for dog. And some dogs cannot tolerate milk products, even though they like it. You love ice cream, but do you eat it all the time?

        • thomas

          Well my dogs love it and according to every vet visit they have, they are healthy and thriving so can’t complain. They are all three energetic and besides dog food is dog food as long as they like the taste theirs no difference in what you feed them it’s all a gimmick to get you to buy the higher priced more “nutritionally” complete brands.

          • Paula Sullivan

            Actually, if you tried to feed your dog the higher “priced” food, and if you pick out the appropriate food, you’ll actually see an even greater improvement in your dogs, even more energy in your dogs, their stools greatly improved and reduced in sized, and coats shine a lot more. My mom feeds her dog pedigree, and whenever we have the dog, she gets Acana, and goes home looking even more amazing, even in the short period of time she’s with us and happier too. There’s less crap filled into the food too so that dogs with energy are less inclined to get digestive issues (i.e. bloat) from being active with a heavy stomach. Also, why would you want to feed your dog food that can last SOOOO long, while open! Half those ingredients, you wouldn’t even eat, or be nutritionally good.

            I started feeding my dog the general commercial foods when I first got her, and when she stopped eating and I needed to find a solution, I learned a lot about what actually goes into the food, how it would affect a dog like her (she’s a shepherd/border collie mix and was INSANE as a puppy, couldn’t keep her quiet) with all the filler, how they lacked a great deal of real nutritional value etc. Just because it says its “nutritionally complete” doesn’t mean it truly is… its relying on you to not do your homework, research what you are feeding your dog/should be feeding your dog and to “trust” them. I cook my dogs food from time to time. I feed raw as well. And I do feed top grade quality food. the only problems I have, is allergy issues, which I dealt with as a puppy, while on commercial and she has improved greatly since getting better food.

            Additionally, a lot of dogs just can’t even be exposed to half the crap that is actually in these “lower grade” foods because they aren’t natural to their bodies (i.e. wheat, corn, soy stuff that is in pedigree). You’d really be surprised by the difference if you just fed your dogs even like Natural Balance (which even that I don’t like, and I don’t like Wellness either. Blue buffalo is “ok”, but I read its going downhill too) for just a few months, you’d see a dramatic difference, that I am sure.

            Frankly, on a personal opinion, if there’s a commercial for the food, don’t buy it -> the company sells out their quality of the food fast once they go big. If the major pet chains carry it -> Again, company sells out quality.

            Bottomline, try doing some research of your own, reading pros good food vs pros of lower grade (pedigree), that is if you are actually interested in making sure your dog is eating healthy, doing everything you can to avoid cancer exposure and/or growth (seriously read the stuff that believes food is contributor to cancer growth! –feeding pedigree is like a human cancer patient living off of microwave, hamburger helper, and/or MCDs…) and avoiding other exposures. Form your own opinion and not trust a company who will be inclined to say “our food is great, so buy it”. You may just end up buying your dog a few more good years!

            • Pat McBride

              Amen. You hit the nail on the head. Folks tend to believe anything they see on TV concerning dog food. Your are correct, the money they put in advertising is taken from the quality they don’t put in their food,
              “my dog loves it” the dumbest thing I have heard to justify what a dog is fed. As I said earlier, I love ice cream, but it will kill me if that is my only diet.

          • Amanda

            I’m sorry but your comment is incorrect. I am glad your dogs are doing well but many dogs need dog food that contains quality ingredients. Our eldest dog was doing fine on Purina Beneful but our youngest was having all sorts of issues with itching and hives and even hair loss. After researching different brands with our vet we figured out he can not tolerate grain. So, grain free is now what we feed both of our dogs and what a difference. Our elder dogs coat has taken on an amazing shine and his energy is back to the level of his younger days. I am sad I was so clueless for so long about how important it is to provide your dog the proper diet.

          • Jennifer Ryan

            That is not true. Quality varies greatly. The amount of meat content versus cornmeal and other fillers. Just because the bag says it is good food or nutritionally complete, that does not mean it is – why would they say it is bad food when they are trying to sell it to you? If you are interested, you can look up online about different qualities of dog food and what to look for in the ingredient list to know what you are getting. Quality of food can eventually affect lifespan, health as they age etc. If that is what you can afford and your dogs are healthy then that’s great but if you are just feeding it to them based on the claims in the commercials and advertising, then I would suggest doing some research.

          • Pat McBride

            Ha. very funny. Your vet doesn’t always know what’s going in inside their system. Like cancer, arthritis, and many more ailments not visible until they die.

        • Janice Giordano

          They do support good animal causes…I wonder if they give it to their own dogs?

          • studly

            Guessing they have to

      • Janice Giordano

        Thomas, read the first five ingredients…something you would eat???

        • thomas

          yes, plus the bag says nutritionally complete so as long as they are getting all the nutrients and they love the taste that’s all that matters.

          • sherri palmer

            I hope you don’t believe that…you cannot go by that statement, of course it will put on the bag that it is nutritionally complete, many people don’t read the ingredients, they just read what you stated “nutritionally complete”, bam, you are done, is that how you would shop for your food?

          • Kelly061384

            Helpful Hint: When you see white bread on the shelf at the supermarket, and it SAYS made with one serving of vegetables…don’t skip your salad for the day. I work in marketing, and it is this kind of gullibility that allows me to buy the ‘more expensive’ food for my dog. Do your research! You say the other foods are a gimmick to make more money….NEWSFLASH: they dont. Not even close. They are bought by a fraction of the people, and they arent carried at wal mart and petsmart. Do you really believe that the bag says it so its true? Or do you just want to believe it because of the savings?

          • jebova2301

            And, if you listen to the tobacco industries, smoking is the best thing ever!

    • col

      Often it is not the location of manufacture that is an issue, but the ingredients that are imported from other countries. The food might be produced in the US using some ingredients derived from foreign countries.

    • Laura Patricia Gallegos

      Well I make my dogs their food. Chicken or read meat with rice and veggies. I don’t buy dog food, but good to know.

    • Patricia Heckford

      Why would people expect good food from the dollar store.

      • V Gail Price

        well actually I don’t see what the *dollar store* issue is its a name brand food and not the actual Cheaper dollar store brand. No matter where it is sold it is still in the original package & best by stamped …. I do not think the store where bought should be an issue ???

    • marco pablo

      The dogs are probably worse off eating the Pedigree than the metal!

      • thomas

        it’s a great dog food very nutritionally complete it says so right on the bag. :)

        • Kelly061384

          I am sorry, but honestly, the food crap. This is a very trusted and unbiased site, you can check out http:/ /www.dogfoodadvisor.com/dog-food-reviews/pedigree-dog-food-dry/ ..it is also not expensive, it is 20 bucks for 40 pounds, whereas 30 pounds of high protein and no grains runs 85 to 120. There are some middle ground foods that would get your dog away from corn as his number one food source….really suggest you take a look. Dogs are like kids, they are happy eating junk and healthy until they are so unhealthy it shows.

          • jebova2301

            I’m not sure, but judging by the smiley at the end of his post, I think he was being sarcastic.

            • Kelly061384

              LOL yeah I thought so too, sadly, i read the entire feed and unless a lot of effort is going into the sarcasm, he wasn’t.

          • Pat McBride

            A lot of dogs die from cancer and arthritis, and the owners don’t realize that some times this is caused by the food they ate all their live, no matter how much the owner thinks they like that food. Not in all cases, but in most. We like ice cream and soda, but it will eventually kill us if that is our only diet. A very reasonably priced, good, nutritious dog food is Pure Balance, sold at Walmart for about 30 bucks for a 30 lb bag. Check out the price and ingredients.

    • Kitoko Lona

      Thank god I buy real dog food and not this cheap garbage

      • thomas

        Don’t understand how you can call it cheap this stuff is expensive.

        • studly

          Ok… Expensive garbage…..


      I feed mine Blue Wilderness. I started them on Iams which they would not eat well, just played with it. Very concerned about this because I was scared their sugar would drop. They are both Chihuahuas and I had heard this could happen and could be dangerous. I tried the Blue Wilderness, I had to actually set down on the floor with them & hand feed them 1 piece at a time. Now 4 & 5 years later they actually eat from their bowl and love it. I have never fed mine the cheap food but I would before I would let them go hungry. I’m sure there are those of us who buy what they can afford. I know of a few people who feed their pet the Bentiful and the Pedigree. Their pets seem to love it. I agree some is better than others but to those of us who can not afford the better, Thank you, Bless you for not letting your pet go hungry.

      • jebova2301

        I feel you. I have two puppies that I feed Blue Freedom and it is FAR from cheap. But, at the end of the day, I know they are getting a food that is very good for them. Sure, it may mean I have to eat ramen a couple nights a week or not go to the movies as often, but I would rather see them happy and healthy.

      • Wendy

        You can afford that type of food for your “dogs” how much can they eat next to a larger dog not even close If i even liked small dogs I would feed them any other than Blue Wilderness

        • BRENDA S. COBLE

          Hi Wendy, it’s not that I can or cannot afford the Blue Wilderness. Next to the larger breed a 10 lb.bag last me at least 2 months and this is feeding ” 2 SMALL FURBABIES.” It would maybe last a week for a larger depending on how many times a day you feed your baby. When I first got my babies they were on Iams which they were not eating. I tried them on a variety of foods before they choose, and it was really they’re decision. They actually ate the Blue Wilderness. I have had 10 lumbar & 2 cervical surgeries, I’m disabled so it’s not like I have plenty of money. I like all furbabies and have had both sizes. I’ve had a pitt, a husky, a lab , a poodle and a weiner,I loved everyone of them. My health helped in making my decision on my Chihuahuas.l do not address mine as animals or dogs, they are my furbabies and they are a part of my family. I can’t see myself putting someone down for what they can or cannot afford to feed theirs. I don’t know the circumstances and as long as they are being fed what the owners can afford. If I were to see one chained up, being ignored and never being fed, then I would probably get nosey. My opinion for what it’s worth, The key ingredient to any food is love, and My babies get plenty of love.Thanks Wendy, Have a nice day…..

    • Kathy Huish

      Been feeding my dogs pedigree for years and never had to deal with recalls, those are usually reserved for the overpriced foods who lie about their nutrition. My dogs have always lived healthy well past the life expectancy for their breeds.

    • whatanightmare

      I agree this really isn’t “breaking news”…anything that comes in a box or a bag is unhealthy…but ppl seem to still be too ignorant or lazy to care so they have to keep sending out warnings (if nobody bought the junk there’d be no reason for warnings!). I am SO glad I did the research I needed to get mine on a TRUE healthy diet instead of just following the herd but many ppl just don’t “get it”. As for a comment regarding dog owners as “snobs” for “wanting the best”…I never knew feeding a living creature what it’s SUPPOSED to eat was “wanting the best”…I kind of thought that just came w/the RESPONSIBILITY of caring for another life…sooo, what? I shouldn’t feed my kids fruits & veggies b/c I might be accused of “wanting the best” rather then simply tossing a twinkie in their mouths every time they open? Sounds sensible…..smh. It’s a LIFE, YOU took it on & YOU are responsible for giving them what they require…which includes healthy food. JS

    • Heather Dawn Messer

      Reading these comments is crazy. All I know is I have raised my ELEVEN yr old Great Dane on this brand and her last blood work came back as one from a young dog. Her vet was amazed. She is three years past her expectancy and very happy and healthy. I will look at the lot numbers for awhile but will continue to feed my babies this brand. If you dont agree with it thats fine.

      • Marcia May Brown

        Thank you!

      • corrie g

        Some of these comments are crazy , My rottie and pitt only ate this brand of dog food , since the day i had brought both of them home , My rottie had a very healthy 13 year’s of life , he ended up with cancer and passed away at the age of 14 , Now for a rottie to live to 14 is pretty good age , and my pitt is will be 14 this nov , he to has a very healthy life , and they have always ate this brand .. I totally agree with you Heather :)

        • MsPhillyG

          You have my two of my favorite dogs in the world. Sorry about your rotties passing….and you have done an amazing job of keeping them healthy. I have a Pittie and GSD/Pit/Chow mix and they love the can ground Pedigree. I usually mix it with dry every other day….but lately I have been finding pieces of white either shells are bone pieces mixed in and when the one dog that had her food already I looked over and she was dropping the food out of her mouth right at my feet as if to say look at this mom. It is hard ans sharp pieces and I will never buy it again….but I do buy from Walmart and they cost .75 cents a can. They do love the dry Pedigree or atleast one of them do….but she changes her mind from time to time. It may be an isolated case with the can food but I refuse to take a chance with them again. I wish you luck with your Pittie sounds like you are doing an amazing job…

    • muah

      Pedigree is great, my dogs love it. .. but than goodness I don’t live in either of those places. .woot woot

    • StoptheInsanity

      I find the arguments on this thread hilarious. The lesson here, don’t feed your dog commercial dog food.

      • Mary

        I know i find it funny to.. They are dogs NOT PEOPLE!!!

    • amanda

      I dont feed my puppy this I feed mine dog chow and he loves it :)

    • Terry McDonough Liddle

      I feed my dog top of the line too but that being said, being a snob and uppity is not the solution to getting others to follow suit. We all have to live within our budgets and while food is very important, so is regular vet visits and daily care. Therefore, not everyone can afford $80 – $120 for a bag of kibble. Most of us try to do the best we can for our pets so maybe tone it down a bit and start educating a little instead. Who knows, maybe someone who does feed this food or a comparable one will be able to look and find even a grade or two higher that is still within their budget.

      Rant over….

      • Marcia May Brown

        Thank you! We used to feed a much lower price dog food 30 years ago, but as we became a little “smarter” and of course made a much better living have changed. Our pets in the past were healthy and lived very long lives. Whatever, but I know we feel better feeding a high quality dog food, but I am sure there are many that cannot afford to do it. At least they feed them…so hurts when you see pets abused and not fed.

      • AshleeBee

        I’ve been attacked for feeding my dog this and not being able to spend tons on him or even having enough money set aside if something major happened. I have been told that I should turn him over to the shelter since I can’t feed him top quality food or take him to the vet…a shelter!! I have honestly been told that he would be better off killed in a shelter than lead a “poor” life. No my dog doesn’t live “high on the hog” but his life now sure beats what he was in when I found him and sure beats spending a week locked in a cage waiting to be gassed. When I found him he was skin and bones and terrified of people. He has a big scar over his face and two on his back and bullet wounds on his rump. is coat was dull and his hair was shedding something awful. Now he’s a normal weight, loves every one, doesn’t run and hide when I sweep the floor, his coat is shiny…he went from a 40lb scared of the world mess to a 78lb lap dog. He may not eat the top foods but he’s happy and he’s fed and he has a whole loveseat to himself and sleeps in a king sized bed with us…he could be living a small cage at the shelter, still roaming the streets dodging cars and eating road kill, or dead. I tried finding him a home at first…people didn’t want him because he “looks mean” or because they didn’t want a “mutt” so I’ve kept him the best I can for 5 years now. He doesn’t have worms. He doesn’t have fleas. He doesn’t live outside or on a chain. He’s got it better than a lot of other dogs I think. I’ve given up everything but but my phone and the cheapest form of internet I can find for this dog…no tv, our car needs repairs we cant get, I don’t get to the doctor even though I need to, heck I have even went hungry for a couple days so he wouldn’t have to. I once cooked chicken breast for the family and gave him my piece because he was out of food. So when people, and several people have done this, tell me that my dog would be better off locked in a shelter or dead I get so upset and angry. I’ve tried every dog food under $20 a bag even…anything more just isn’t going to work with my budget…and Twin pet is the only one that doesn’t make him throw up all over the place. I know he should have a healthier food and would be better off with someone else health wise but better off in a shelter?! Really?

        • Beth Labonville Kipp

          Whoever told you that is a POS. You’re giving him the very best. <3

        • Kathryn DeLongchamp

          Of course he’s better off with you than in a shelter! I work in animal rescue in a major urban area with a great volume of rescue groups and shelters, and not one rescue I work with requires adopters to feed certain dog food that is either “expensive,” “holistic” or “highest quality.” It is the personal choice of the adopter. We all love our pets and want to give them the best, but we make choices based on budgets. There are other components to a pet’s good health–such as exercise, vet care and LOVE. If you do a little research, many areas have low cost vaccination clinics available, many vet offices have a low cost vaccination clinic every month, etc., and there are also low cost or even no-cost spay/neuter services, too. You are doing your best and your dog is far better off than he was when you found him. Don’t believe the haters. I know you’ll continue to do your best for him and as your best gets better, you will pass it along to him. :) He is lucky to have you and he knows his life matters. TY

        • Terry McDonough Liddle

          You should be so proud and hold your head high because in my opinion, people like you are of a rare breed. I aspire to be like you to be honest. Those idiots who say that to you should be ashamed of themselves. Good lord, what is this world coming to? It is one scary place anymore, between all the abuses, the murders and the downright meanness in society is enough to make my skin crawl. You are giving that guy LOVE and security and nothing is more important than that. So, my advise to you is hold your head up high because you have absolutely NOTHING to be ashamed about.

        • Paula Lauerman

          People obviously don’t care about animals in general if they would suggest that being in a shelter is better than living in a loving home. Owner surrendered pets are the first PTS when space is needed. You don’t have to explain your choices to anyone and don’t let them demean the love and care you give your pet. I have always fed my dogs the best I could on the budget that I was living with at the time…haven’t had a lot of dogs because they have all lived between 13-16 years so must be doing something right.

          • AshleeBee

            Thank you. I have only had one dog…I’ve had him for 5 years now and he has never needed to go to the vet for anything other than his rabies shot. We had a few dogs when I was a kid…all lived full lives. One was so old her hair was gone in places and she had missing teeth (she was old when I was born and still lived until I was like 5 or 6) but she was active up until the day she went to the barn and died in her sleep. The dog my dad has now has never had shots (except rabies shots), is fed cheap dog food and scraps…he is 15 years old and still acts like a puppy. He can catch a fish in the stream and loves to catch snakes and throw them in the air! Looking at him you’d never believe he was that old.

    • Matthew Aldridge

      Pedigree is not an adequate primary diet for any healthy canine.

    • Jeannine Kajdi

      I have had dogs for the last 45 yrs. 2 or 3 at a time. I have always fed them pedigree and some chicken or a piece of lunch meat for a treat. My shep/mix is now 20yrs old, the other two are 15 and 17. Something must be ok with it. I also had a Saint Bernard. He lived to the age of 15 which is pretty long for a dog that size. Or maybe it isn’t the food at all just love and clean water.

    • Thomas Brady

      “The affected dog food bags we’re distributed by Dollar General stores…..”


      English? Meh.

    • hahaheather

      Here’s a thought don’t buy super market pet food, it’s all crap. Same for super market hair products.

    • Dan Sorber

      The mistake in the first place would be feeding your dog bullshit food like Pedigree.

    • christopher99

      I think this dog food parody video says it all: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OD6Kr0YpUek&app=desktop

    • Aqmy D. Fleiss

      I am just about to share this article on FB and yet absolutely appalled by the rudeness and snobbery on this thread. Let’s help the dogs and owners. Feed your dogs what you will–but, please don’t be mean to others.

    • Holly Newton

      Did you know that sick livestock and euthanized shelter dogs and cats are routinely rendered for use in major commercial brands of dog food? Regardless of your views on whether dogs are obligate carnivores or not, we should be researching where all food comes from…Both our companions’ as well as our own.

    • Connie Bowns Glynn

      I feed Victor to my GSD and Yorkie, excellent! victordogfood.com

    • Kerri

      I had a problem with my bag about a month ago from Dollar General in New Ellenton, SC. Dollar General took it back. I wasn’t sure if they told anyone.

    • OpinionatedOne

      If you truly cared about the dogs your headline would be something more informative than “BREAKING: Major Dog Food Brand Issues Recall Due to Small Metal Fragments”, which is what shows up when you share the article on social media. This is not trying to help the dogs, this is trying to get people to click thru to your website.

    • Sue Nicholai

      not everbody can afford to pay the large oamounts of money to feed themselves or their pet.I would rather see some one who could only buy cheap food for a pet that trurly loves that animal than omeone who can afford to be choosy who mistreats r ignore their pet because they are too busy.I persolly add egg to my dogs diet and tuna to my cats,it is a cheap way to get their protein level up,The way beth wrote that sounds like they have enough money to be choosy

    • razorback715

      Just reading most of these comments I’d have to say most: dog or pet parents, owners, masters, companions of companion animals, parents of four legged-children, etc. are in serious need of a life. I don’t feel as if my knowledge of dog food brand qualities has been enhanced at all. Different people using the same dog food may have different results depending upon the vagaries of the dog’s system. Some of the condescending comments of a few of you are uncalled for. I never heard of anyone seeking a position of intellectual superiority based upon the dog food they serve. Instead of this tempest in a dog food bowl, why not congratulate yourself for being caring people who show their care to these creatures in different ways?

    • michaeljohnsonws

      I’m so glad my dog is allergic to beef, chicken, and rice so I don’t even have to deal with this problem :)

    • Maureen Skaar

      never buy this, too pricey

    • Screwy Louie

      These comments about feeding animals seems so ridiculous in a country where todays kids are already projected to have shorter life spans because of our own lousy diets from eating at fast food joints and buying unhealthful food marketed to make even more money. Sorry. I know everyone loves his/her wittle bow wow, but I was overcome by the distortion of the big picture.
      ..Arf, arf and a boisterous bow wow to all!

    • Tom Krupica

      Ive seen wild dogs eat mcdonalds

    • Marcia Harrington Gilbert

      “The affected dog food bags we’re distributed by…” Really? We’re?? Proofread, proofread, and proofread.

    • bellatrixferox

      lol….wow….I just have to say, I like it when suburban soccer moms troll. Its cute.

      So, I worked at a certain store (for 7 years) and specialized in the pet dpt…specifically food People came in all the time asking for advice. My experience was that some dogs do just fine on awful crap like Pedigree. Makes no sense, but there you have it. Maybe they just have superior genetics. That being said, those dogs were uncommon. Some dogs do better on better dog food….most dogs, in fact. Some do so poorly on Pedigree and such they develop skin conditions. But, because I’ve seen both, my opinion is that you really can’t judge someone’s care of the dog just because they feed the dog crappy food….the dog might be one of the ones who is perfectly fine on it.

    • Liz Zimmerman

      Thomas, there is a wonderful food sold by tractor supply stores called 4nutrition. it is just a bit more expensive than pedigree. check it out, you may be quite pleased. BTW they need to eat less of it so the cost is nearly the same.

    • Melanie Lynn

      What is the BIG NEWS HERE? This is horrible food and hope people that care what their dog eats uses a Better BRAND!!

    • jen

      My vet uses Purina and pedigree at the clinic for the dogs that bord there… they even recommend it to families that cant afford the more expensive brands… not all of us can afford $40 + for our pets… doesnt mean we love them any less… what would be better, bring them to shelters because we cant afford the expensive stuff. They are carred for and have homes… my dogs get heart worm preventative that cost me almost $300 every 6 months… there are other expenses other then food and some cant afford it…

    • jenbean12

      I’m not going to get into the argument about what anyone chooses to feed their pets. I choose to spend a little more for the well being and health of my pets which in turn means lower Vet bills in the long run. I won’t preach on what you should choose, but I will recommend you read through this and then you can make up your minds. Go to Wysong.net then click the learn tab at the top and then click pet health and nutrition. It is very informative! They are a great company who truly cares. The prices are reasonable too! I learned a lot when I was researching the best food to buy.

      • lina Nicolia

        Hollywood Feed has good products.

    • Chantel Hubbard

      Once I can I am going to convert my dog to chicken, rice and veggies she deserves it and dog food has cremated dogs so that is naaasssttyyyyy and unethical.

    • Kimberly Spiece Bynum

      well if pedigree is so bad for my animals then why did I feed it to my rat terrior for 14yrs and she had no issue with it and plus I feed my 3 dogs I have now all wet pedigree and none of them have issues either so if it is so bad tell me what is better out there?

      • Kimberly Miller

        Check any brands on Dogfoodadvisor.com. Some better brands are canidae, blue buffalo, taste of the wild, etc. Also, rat terriers are a long-lived breed. 14 is not a long lifespan for one. They can easily live to their late teens to even early twenties. They are not like larger breeds which live to only 11-14. Chihuahuas and Rat Terriers should both be expected to live beyond 14 years.

    • CMiller94

      Why would you feed Pedigree or any of those junk foods to your fur children anyway?

    • Debby Gollobit

      I won’t rag on anyone else and their comments. The only thing I know we witnessed while using Pedigree, was the loss of hair on my Boxer. Big patches. We switched to another vet brand.. (no names) and his hair started growing back within weeks. I have read of other’s having the same issues when it came to this brand.

    • texangirl64

      This is crap food! If your dog is itching, licking and scratching a lot look no further than the food.. Just look at the first 5 Ingredients and that will tell you everything you need to know. This is a HORRIBLE food! It is NOT good for your dog no matter how much you think it is.. Again, look at the ingredients. Go to Dogfoodadvisor.com and look at the foods for ratings. That’s a great place to start.

    • Caroline Tait

      Thankfully my dogs are both Bakers dogs.They wouldn’t thank you for pedigree chum, even in the snacks…

    • Russ Bradburn

      Too all those that say they wouldn’t go too the Dollar store for their dog food. SHUT UP! for good dog food it runs pretty expensive I spend around 63dolalrs for 1 bag every 2 weeks for 3 dogs and 25 dollars a month for 1 small dog and 25 dollars a month for a cat. I do not buy from a dollar store but since I can afford it I spend money so my pets can eat good. Now my point is NOT everyone can afford to spend that kind of money so before you start degrading the food how about have some class and some heart and realize some people have pets are just making the best of what they have and atleast they are giving them a Home and love.

    • Cal Stover

      “dog food bags we’re distributed by”… that’s some fine journalism there, Lou.

    • Dolores Kenneally

      I live in Ireland and a few weeks ago I found small metal springs in several tins of Pedigree that I bought in a pack of six,so maybe they should check this out too.

    • katt_gyrl

      This whole thread is hilarious. People on their high horses about how they only feed their dog the best free range, organic, uber expensive dog food, yet refuse to get their dogs vaccinated. Seriously? Have you ever seen a dog go through parvo? Yeah, I’ll just be that bad ol’ dog owner who only feeds their dog mainstream dog food and gives them evil vaccines yearly smh.

    • Darlene Armenta

      Is it really necessary to get off track and pick fights with people? This is not junior high.

    • Carrie Domke

      I wish I had seen this before hand. We are in Texas and our blue heeler had suddenly started havng seizures after a year of us having him. He was 2 years old when we got him. The vets couldnt figure out why he was having them. But we fed him pedigree chicken flavor because thats all he would eat. The vets put him on seizure meds which slowed his seizures way down for 2 months then 3 weeks ago he started having multiple in a day. We made the decision to have him put down. But he was on pedigree chicken flavor the whole time not aware of this at all. Never once saw a post in ANY of the stores it was bought from any time. This breaks my heart all over again. We loved that boy!!

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