• The Shocking Truth About Not Picking Up Your Dog’s Poop

    Sure, we all know that it’s rude and disgusting to not clean up after your dog, but some of these facts really surprised me. Especially the very last one. How do you react when you see someone who doesn’t pick up their dog’s poop? Leave a comment below!

    Infographic courtesy of PoopBuddy.

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    • Brad Young

      I leave it on their doorstep

      • Not Sure ✓

        so that was you? lol

    • saganhill

      So bag it and throw it in a land fill? Then it seeps into our water? I dont but this, eh hem, “crap”. The amount of fecal matter left by other animals is far more per cubic mile than what dogs leave behind.

      • Jeremy Brown

        Except for the fact that humans are the “creators” of domesticated dogs. And farm animals do not live in densely populated urban areas, yet dogs certainly do. And as such, unlike humans, dogs for the most part do their business outside – where other human beings have to live every day. It’s not processed by waste treatment plants like human waste is for the most part.

        So unless we really want another Black Plague which nearly caused the extinction of the human race, it’s far better in urban areas like New York City to dispose of dog poop in a sanitary way. Of course adding to our landfills isn’t the best option. But humans don’t live in landfills, so let’s try to at least not create public health risks where humans do in fact live.

        • Just Cass

          Except for the fact, that myself and my 10 kids live in a landfill.

          • Jeremy Brown

            Then you have bigger problems – can’t help you there. 😉

            • Justin Credible Love

              Yea we wouldn’t want animal feces contaminating our fluoride poison-water.

        • insurancegirlkc

          What about factory farming? That produces a huge amount of waste & methane gas . . . .

          • Chris

            Many of the factory farms are turning the waste into energy. Enough to power the farm and I saw one farmer made so much it was sold back to the power co and he was getting a check for a couple thousand a month from the power company

            • bduce

              Farming is the main reason for the ever increasing dead zone in the Caribbean. Many of their practices are destroying the environment. Hog farmers with huge fecal ponds.

            • Melody

              Without farmers you would starve. So don’t knock them. Its the government that Is to blame for trying to interfere with the farmers, they are the ones that set stupid laws.

        • Becky Juleff

          1) Black Plague was caused by fleas, not feces
          2) We have better understanding on medicine, and how to treat people. Not bleeding them with leaches
          3) We have a better water/sewer system now. We don’t go to the bathroom in camber pots and throw it out the window onto the streets.

          • Charles Gradle

            The Plague is caused by the bacteria, Yersinia pestis, fleas and rats are the vectors so all are important in spreading this disease. About a third of the population of Europe was wiped out in the 14th century.

            • Scott Wilson

              The plague was caused by humans – the originating disease was vectored by fleas and rats – but it didn’t become a plague until it became pneumonic – that is airborne spread from person to person.

          • David Michael

            Leeches…Chamber pots…

          • Phil Burke

            Not by fleas, do your research again you’re out of date!

        • Adam Zaletanski

          Forget the kook aid. . You need to drink the drain-o.

        • Adrienne Winchester

          It’s actually called the “Great Plague” or “Black Death.” Not “Black Plague.” I learned something in my Medieval History Class.

          • Deb Lehman

            Bubonic Plague was known as The Great Plague or Black Death. (1665-1666)

        • Guest

          Bubonic Plague was known as The Great Plague or Black Death. (1665-1666)
          It was a ghastly disease. In two years of the 17th century London
          suffered two terrible
          disasters. In the spring and summer of 1665 an outbreak of Bubonic
          Plague spread from parish to parish until thousands had died and the
          huge pits dug to receive the bodies were full. In 1666 the Great fire of
          destroyed much of the center of London but also helped to kill off some
          of the black rats and fleas that carried the plague bacillus.

        • Guest

          This plague took place in the 17th. century of London (1665-1666) and never came to the United States. The plague germs were carried by fleas which lived as parasites on rats. It NEVER EVER came close to wiping out the human race! Look it up….Douche!

          • Cristian Lazăr

            It wiped out almost all of Europe though

        • Guest

          This plague took place in the 17th. century of London (1665-1666) and
          never came to the United States. The plague germs were carried by fleas
          which lived as parasites on rats. It NEVER EVER came close to wiping out
          the human race! Look it up….Douche!

        • Christina Harrison-Scott

          Tell the people that grew up in Love Canal in Niagara falls NY that people don’t live in land fills I bet they would appreciate hearing it.

        • Raymond Davis

          Just wondering HOW much human feces in the form of dirty disposable diapers in tonnage do you think is thrown into landfills everyday?
          Also we certainly need to consider how many of the bacteria ,parasites etcetera in canine feces are humans susceptible to as compared to human infant feces in which 100% of the disease or bacteria present is communicable to other humans.
          Also while humans do not LIVE in landfills , we certainly live next to landfills and definitely take our water supply from the same aquifers that run beneath them.

      • Andrew_Mc

        Landfills are sealed with clay and biofilms that reduce the amount of leachate considerably. Wastewater plants generally treat suspended solids, BOD, and bacteria, not parasites. Once Wastewater is treated it usually outfalls to the nearest large body of water. So yes, the landfill is better.

        • amar ashworth

          thanks Andrew_Mc always nice to have an educated opinion chime in… Yes dog poop IS a problem, a big one, and NO landfills are not the evil things many think they are, they aren’t perfect, but they are the best we can do for now… Think about it, what is your compost pile, if not a small scale organic matter unsealed landfill. The waste-water seepage from tons of compost is also toxic to the environment and will cause red tide in open water, so how’s that any different? Not to mention the landfill is run by highly trained professionals and the average compost pile isn’t.

          • Raymond Davis

            A properly maintained compost pile is nothing like a landfill. For one thing landfills compress random wastes with a back hoe and dump truck. Compost piles are consciously composed of materials which are then continuously turned and fluffed to promote organic break down .
            HOW do you think they are the same ?

        • env_engineer

          WWT do not “treat BOD”, it is a measurement of the amount of oxygen that is consumed by bacteria during decomposition in the process itself.

          • Andrew_Mc

            You do realize that BOD is listed as a pollutant in the Clean Water Act right? Technically you’re right, but gee thanks for the nitpicky comment that adds nothing to the conversation. Guess I’m gonna have to go tell everyone in my industry we’ve been using the term wrong this whole time.

        • Raymond Davis

          If landfills indeed are an acceptable disposal sites for feces ( both canine and baby humans when wrapped in huggies and pampers ) why do we bother with sewage treatment ? Why don’t we just go the less expensive route and dig a hole and toss it as you seem to recommend ?

      • Cliff

        Just pick it up and dump it in your own yard.

      • notman88

        So then pick the sh*t up with YOUR bare hand and take it home and use it in your water filter system and drink the water!!!

      • Meg Clare

        That’s true Saganhill, but they also eat off the land, free range if you will, not store bought, man made food, so everything that goes back into the land is all eco friendly. Dogs are closer to humans these days.

      • Jack Black

        Not in the city my friend.

    • Gale Lett

      Bullshit, heh, Poopbuddy is simply trying to sell a product with scare tactics.

      • Jeremy Brown

        The Black Plague in a densely populated urban area because someone refuses to be “libuhral” and clean up after their dog isn’t a scare tactic. It’s common sense.

        • DianaE53

          The black plague is spread by fleas from rats

          • Jeremy Brown

            Which thrive in areas that have a high density of waste in concentration…

            Look. It’s simple. Clean up after your dog.

            I can’t believe you rednecks are actually advocating living in a pile of dog poop. I mean, really?

            • Winchester Gal

              Rats are everywhere, no matter where you go. I have lived in both city and country and I may have seen more in the country than else where.

            • Justin Credible Love

              No one here is arguing that it is in fact healthy to leave dog feces lying around, however the notion that it affects our water supply to the extent that it is dangerous is ridiculous. Feces is fertilizer for the earth, plain and simple. The amount of dog faces that actually have a chance of making it into our water supply, after being seperated and digested by insects, and absorbed by plants, is so minute it’s ridiculous someone even had the idea to come up with this garbage. Quit hiding under your bed Jeremy

            • G Packard Willoughby

              Carnivore feces is very different than herbivore feces. Why do you think that we don’t use human poo as a fertilizer?

            • Julianne Carter

              Humans are omnivores, not carnivores

            • daphnehan

              I’d rather swim in dog poo than the crap plastic bags emit when they break down AND dog poo.

              It’s far fetched to think we’ll soon be living in a pile of dog poop though.. after all it only takes about 2-5 days to decompose.

            • G Packard Willoughby

              Poo takes months, if not years to go away on its own.

        • Gale Lett

          The Black Plague was spread from fleas which carried the disease. Don’t read much, do you?

          • Jeremy Brown

            Don’t think much do you? See my comment above.

            People like you are shockingly thick.

            • Winchester Gal

              People like you are shockingly annoying smart asses.

            • Gale Lett

              Not advocating anything, just saying, the Black Plague was spread by fleas you obnoxious twerp.

          • Christina Harrison-Scott

            Actually they are rethinking the whole thing, they don’t know for sure but they think the plague was pneumonic not bubonic and that it might have been airborne. Another such theory is that it was actually gerbils not rats that were the problem but a google search might be in order to decide for yourself.

      • Megan Love

        Ugh go to other countries that cleaning up after there animals isn’t normal or isn’t against the law and no one cares- and you most likely will not be able to drink the water there!
        Mexico has water purification systems that the governments says it is safe to drink but it’s really not because once it leaves the plant you still you can’t drink the water because of poop matter from everywhere else contaminating the “clean” water sources!!!!
        I have noticed this throughout my travels that the more poop/waste that is out in the open or improperly disposed the worst the water, health and sanitation issues are!!!!!

    • Nematocyte

      This sounds like a bunch of hyperbolic nonsense to me.

    • Johnny Watts

      I wonder if the people who think it is ok to leave their dog waste behind would think it were ok if I followed them home and took a dump in their yard?

      • Raymond Davis

        Human feces carries a far greater number of diseases that human beings are susceptible to . MOST of the diseases in a canine system oddly enough , are the one’s that make DOGS SICK. What you suggest poses a huge risk to the public health.
        But hold it are you the one who stuffs your kid’s diaper behind the shrubs in the park -and in the waste basket at the fast food place and……

        • Johnny Watts

          My comment was actually simply to illustrate the point that the practice of not cleaning up after one’s dog is as rude and inconsiderate as if I were to relieve myself on their lawn. Good for you, thinking that it is OK to leave your doggy-doo behind because it isn’t as harmful to humans as is human feces. I guess it must be OK if the people who live in the house whose lawn you polluted step in the stuff on their way out to work or school. It must also be OK that the next person who walks their dog by the pile possibly exposes their beloved pet to all those diseases that you think don’t matter because they don’t affect humans. We have two dogs, and we clean up after them, every time. We don’t clean up after our dogs for fear of disease or pollution. We do it because it is the courteous and responsible thing to do. My opinion of people who don’t clean up after their pets is that they shouldn’t be allowed to have a pet.
          As for my kid’s diaper: if my 17 year old daughter were still wearing diapers, I’d have a bit more to be concerned with than if my disposal of said diapers would comply with what you consider “proper”. If you don’t consider the waste basket in the restroom (where diaper changing stations are often supplied) to be a proper place to dispose of a soiled diaper, maybe you should avoid fast food places altogether.

    • duexy

      so what happened thousands of years ago when dogs and cats and other animal species were roaming free and they didnt have people to pick up after them…..also, if you bag it and throw it, it will just go into a landfill where it will do the same thing,decompose and go into the ground.

      • Jeremy Brown

        The only dogs before humans were wolves. We have bred domesticated dogs for tens of thousands of years. Humans have therefore inflated the number of dogs which exist on our planet, not to mention inflating their food supply with things they never got from nature. So no, “dogs” as we know them today have never “roamed freely” since “before humans” because they are literally created by humans.

        So to argue the environmental benefits of free roaming dog poop as natural is an entirely false premise.

        Certainly adding plastic baggies of dog poop to our landfills isn’t “nature ready” discussion either. However the fact is, dog poop is unsanitary to areas where dogs and humans have to live in a organized society and should be disposed of properly or it will cause a public health risk.

        • Mary Pearce

          The Saluki was the first recorded dog breed. It was documented in Egypt almost 8000 years ago. Its now believed that domesticated dogs came from China. Yes , dogs were breed with wolfs to make other breeds and the native americans would encourage the breeding between 2 wolfs that carry traits that they like. But the fact remains that not all dogs came from wolfs.

          • Geoff

            The plural of wolf is wolves, not wolfs.
            And yes they DO all come from wolves, even the ones in China, the “original” dogs, were descended from wolves.
            And to Jeremy Brown, the best science on the occurrence of dogs shows that dogs domesticated themselves, just as much as we domesticated them. Shyer wolves got less of our scraps/trash and produced fewer offspring, while less shy wolves ate more of our food scraps and made more offspring. Over time it started what we call dogs, today.

        • Mary Pearce

          And the reason the dog “poop” is an issue now and not then is due to the change in their diet. As well as the change in their numbers. If you ever saw the size of said “poop” of a wild dog like a fox or coyote or even a wolf and conpaired it to a domestic dog of the same sizeyou will notice 2 things they are small in size and they “poop” less often. The fillers in the foods we feed our pets do not digest and give food to bactieria. The corn and starches. It does the same thing in your body. That’s why this has become a problem.

      • Rae Gillette

        there were no dogs and cats thousands of years ago, except for a few temple cats. Pet animals weren’t found before the 18th century.

    • Janet

      Our neighborhood has many dogs and the head waters of our stream is on the list of impaired water bodies. The stream study identified dog poop in our area as number 1 contributor to high fecal counts. So the impact varies …. You have to look at all factors. Find out where your rain water flows. Learn about the quality of your streams. Then determine what you need to do. Landfills also have controls for managing runoff to streams.

      • Raymond Davis

        If you have a large stream this guy must have a large kennel with at least 50 animals to have the effect you claim.
        Also fecal pollution ( that is pollution from sh*t ) is identified by gut bacteria , ammonia and other things seen as by products .
        As far as I know an E-Coli found in a test is an E-Coli and doesn’t carry a marker saying “I am canine ” .The same for many other fecal byproducts. It is MORE likely being labeled as caused by dog poop because the septic system ( and I’ll bet theses are private septic tanks ) are being labeled as ” guaranteed 100% efficient and safe ” since the home owners do not want to be made to replace or refurbish and the politicians don’t want to have to do much or anger homeowners. THis is happening even though the guaranteed life of septic tanks is usually only 20 years or so before SOME kind of problem arises.

      • Raymond Davis

        The major sources of nutrients are runoff of fertilizers and animal waste from farms and cities (lawn fertilizers can wash away in heavy rain), sewage treatment plants, and failing septic systems.

    • lisa

      why do people get mad of people don’t clean up dog shit? some people use horse shit for fertilizer so what is the big deal??????????????????

      • Kyle Field

        Because it’s disgusting, people can accidentally step in it, and it gets on the wheels my lawn mower. Let me guess…you don’t clean-up after your dog.

      • Pippa

        Fecal matter from carnivores and omnivores is toxic. Horses, sheep, cows, and other herbivores have feces that has nutrients that can be used as fertilizer. It’s not the same thing.

      • Jenn

        Because, I DON’T want to step in it!!!! I pick up my dogs. Do YOUR part & pick up yours!!!! If you lived next to me, I’d pick yours up & put it on your front steps so that when you came out, YOU’D STEP IN IT!!!!!

      • Belle

        The big deal is that it is easily stepped in by kids and hard to get out of the treads of their shoes. Only boors and ignoramuses leave their dog’s poops on the ground. Also, their dog’s poops may have diseases like gardia and parvo virus that can be spread to other dogs.

    • Jacqui Owen

      What complete and utter B*******t the top three water polluters do not include dog poop…. they do however include round off from sewers and septics…that’s right people – human poop!! FYI UV from the sun kills most of the bacteria present if it is exposed long enough to dry out. and what magic thing do we suppose happens to it in a bag in landfill?!?!

      • Jeremy Brown

        Unless your dog has superior training, it poops outside. Humans do not poop outside (for the most part in civilized countries). And to argue human waste runoff as a premise here is a straw man argument that ignores the bulk of the human waste which is processed by waste disposal facilities using environmentally safe bacteria and enzymes to break down toxins and harmful bacteria making it environmentally safe.

        The vast bulk of dog poop is not processed in this manner and left outside in densely populated public areas like New York City create dangers to public health.

        The Black Plague nearly wiped out humanity’s existence from this planet and was directly linked to unsanitary densely populated areas as breeding grounds for rats carrying fleas infected with the bubous virus. Most of these areas had open sewers where human and animal waste flowed freely in the streets. I don’t know about you, but living here in New York, I would very much appreciate my neighbors doing what I do and cleaning up after their dogs in a sanitary way.

        • Tracy A. Goode

          The Black Plague was not caused by dogs, but was carried by fleas on rats into densely populated areas that were not known for cleanliness. Quit trying to use it as an argument; it is a bad one. It IS, however, polite to clean up after your pets in a city environment, for the benefit of keeping the streets clean.It is also the law.

          • caitlyn

            Agreed .

          • Winchester Gal

            Thank you

        • Jerry Pennington

          If you knew enough you would probly realize that dog poop becomes fertilizer for the lawn and doesn’t even make it into our water systems.. good try

      • caitlyn

        Everyone just tries to blame it on other species when were the main cause

    • Jacqui Owen
      • Teresa

        again, if my comment is below yours please read, I would be dead by now if it was true…I have 2 septic tanks,one for all the dogs, one for us, they release the liquids into the ground and my water pump bring up fresh water from that same spot, cleaner and fresher than any mains water!

    • Melissa

      What about all the wild animals that are gong potty outside? So lets clean up after out dogs and add to the landfill. Ever heard of fertilizer? Poop works great!

      • Geoff

        Not poop that’s over saturated with additives to keep our pets happy and healthy. Their bodies pass along lots of things they can’t fully use or process.
        Also there are more domesticated mammals in North America than wild mammals. So the volume of our Domesticated Animal poop way outweighs, those in the wild.

    • montyhandyman

      bears deer cats rats raccoons mice horses cows bobcats puma’s posums etc….poop !

      • Jeremy Brown

        Most if the animals you named were created by God (or nature, depending on your persuasion). Dogs were created by man, and bred by man.

        Man developed sewers and waste treatment plants in civilized societies to cut down on public health risks – some of which like the Black Plague nearly wiped us out to extinction. We were only saved because of the Sahara Desert and the Atlantic Ocean as the plague couldn’t cross those areas.

        Dog poop isn’t processed by our waste treatment plants because dogs don’t poop on our toilets. They poop outside where we have to walk and live. Here in New York, I would very much appreciate my neighbors not starting the next Black Plague and cleaning up after their dogs like I do.

        • Winchester Gal

          Actually technically the Black Plague could have been on ships that crossed the ocean and it didn’t make us almost extinct. It did what other diseases do to other species, it evened out the numbers again. If not for that, there would be way more people and it would be even more crowded.

        • Becky Juleff

          For the love of man kind, STOP with the Black Plague! It had nothing to do with dog shit! While we are at it, let’s blame the Irland potato famine on dog shit, too!!!!

        • Sam

          Jeremy, Everything was created by God. Dogs were not created by man… Sure they bread them but they did not create them.

    • Sandy Moore

      I ask if they need a bag to clean up and stand there while they clean up.

      • Raymond Davis

        And I laugh and flip folks like you off. All though not if it’s actually IN your yard ( that IS your property I agree )but grab me on a public swale and try this and I will remind you ” my Mother was a prettier woman and she sure as HELL weren’t you so who the F*CK is it exactly you think you are to think you can stand over me and I’m gonna be intimidated ? You MAY be ugly , I can’t tell , but you can’t be THAT ugly you’d scare me into it !

        • Ric King

          Ive f-ed your mom and no, shes not prettier. Id smack the crap out of you (and make you clean THAT up too) if you let your precious Bichon crap in a public park and you didn’t clean it up/left it for kids to step in, fall in or roll in while they are playing at said park. Most public parks are for human use FIRST and dogs have dog parks.

          • andrea mauck

            Then kids should not be allowed in dog parks………….

            • Ric King

              Yes, they probably shouldn’t.

            • Geoff

              I’e never seen one where they were.

        • Sandy Moore

          You go Ric King! Hope Raymond Davis steps in every pile he leaves laying around. And btw there is no way I’m ugly but I’ll bet you are with your ugly habits and attitude.

    • Brandi Comardelle

      What a load of shit… If this isn’t a scare tactic to sell plastic dog poop bags I dunno what is. I believe that picking up after your dog in a park or neighbor’s yard is important because it’s rude not to. But as far as polluting the water system? HA! So should we go around and pick up all the other animals poop too, including the wild animals?

      • Ric King

        Why in God’s name, would your dog have access to your neighbors yard in which to poop? Keep your dog in your own yard or on a leash and it shouldn’t be able to crap there.

        • Nicole Evans

          Doesn’t work like that. My dog escapes into my neighbour’s garden (She’s a Siberian Husky which = escape artist) and does poop there. But I have gone to clean it up and put it in the bin.

          • Ric King

            If she escapes, you’re not doing a good enough job. I owned a Wolf/Husky mix and he NEVER escaped. I took extra measures to be sure he didnt for fear of injury to another animal or person dispite his loving nature. Husky’s are towards the top of most dangerous dogs.

            • AngieM1962

              Huskies? Dangerous? Are you freaking kidding me? Not to people. World’s worst guard dogs. Cats, squirrels, and sometimes small dogs, but not people.

            • Ric King

              Do some research. They ARE towards the top of the most dangerous list and cost extra on homeowners insurance if your company knows you have one.

            • Anita

              This is not true Ric i checked and Huskies are not on that list. Dogs are only as dangerous as their human owner trains/raises them. I am a dog handler/trainer and i have been around numerous breeds, at one time pitbulls were deemed vicious..this couldnt be further from the truth.

            • Christina Harrison-Scott

              yep that’s exactly why they are near the top of the list along with Akita and pit bulls LOL INSURANCE COMPANIES MAKING MONEY AND STUPID PEOPLE

            • Ric King

              I just re-checked and Huskies are #6 on 2013s most dangerous dogs list.

            • Margaret

              This is getting silly Ric. There are no dangerous breeds, just idiot or cruel owners. BTW I pick up my dog’s poo because it is a health hazard, if it is walked into a house where young children live. That is the only reason.

            • Ric King

              You couldn’t be more wrong and with this ignorant stance, it shows you shouldn’t be a dog owner. All dogs have the potential to be dangerous. They are animals and sometimes their instincts kick in and they do bad things that harm other animals and even sometimes people.

            • andrea mauck

              They are very friendly dogs, my friend had one and he even loved her cats…………………………RIP NICKY………….

            • disqus_4zEuWHnUWs

              I have a Siberian Husky adopted off the streets of Taiwan and he is the most gentle dog I have ever owned. Yes they have the wander lust for sure but I agree with you only dangerous to small prey. Just clean up your poo in public places people and leave the rest to mother nature. No one wants dog poo on their shoe.

            • OneNationUnderGod

              Maybe your hybrid/wolf/husky mix is toward the top of the most dangerous dogs. I have owned many different breeds of dogs in my life and it sure as heck was not my Husky. I would rate my nasty, male Poodle and Yorkie/Poodle mix. Wolf hybrids are not the most trust worthy of pets as they have not been domesticated for any significant length of time. Husky’s I have found to be incredibly loyal, intelligent, and loving. After owning approx. 25 dogs my favorite was my Husky, Alpine. Husky’s are truly an incredible breed. After many years I still grieve over the loss of this most dedicated, brilliant animal. I will say that I know they are one of the greatest breeds to grace our dog kingdom. They do however, need more socializing and training than other dogs due to their strength, agility and their genetic drive to RUN. They will test your patients for their first three years of your life. Be prepared to be incredibly active during this time. Dangerous? You are so wrong. By the way, tell me what breed does not have the capability of not being dangerous under stress? After all, they are animals. I actually despise posting anything on the internet but your comment about Husky’s is completely untrue. I will throw out my opinion that Akita’s are the most dangerous out there. After this breed bolted from the owner’s house to track down my cocker spaniel and bit her between the spine and lungs and started shaking her as if to kill her. So, in my opinion, seeing proof under two completely different set of circumstances I will say the Akita is the most dangerous. See, it is just useless opinion based comments.

        • Brandi Comardelle

          In my neighborhood people let their dogs poop where ever they want. Some dogs aren’t even on leashes and some are just running loose on their own, When I walk my dog he is on a leash but will if he needs to poop on the edge of someone’s lawn and I pick it up. It happens, you just have to be responsible and pick it up if it does.

    • Jacob White

      If dog poop is as bad as chemicals, I blame the dog food. Cows, horses, birds, elk, moose, lions, bears, and all other manner of animals poop on the ground with nobody to pick it up. But i suppose those are all polluting our water supply? Those are all as damaging to the soil as oil and chemicals? There is nothing “special” about a dog’s poop. The only thing that makes it any different from any other animal, is what sort of food is digested to make it so bad. Choose better food. Or better yet, feed your dog natural foods. At least do your research and know what is in the food you buy from the store. Blame the supplier, not the animal.

      • Tracy A. Goode

        Don’t kid yourself; there are areas where laws have been passed that require farmers to fence off ponds that their cattle would use for drinking. Why? Because the cows might defecate in the water and then, they’d be drinking tainted water. Never mind that cows and other wildlife have done this for thousands of years.

      • Mary Pearce

        You are right it is the dog food . More so the un needed fillers and grains in the food that feed bacteria.

    • someone

      Anyone who has had to clean dog crap off their kid’s shoes will definitely agree that people should not be so ignorant and pick it up!

      • Raymond Davis

        And anyone who has seen irresponsible parents using disposable diaper so they can spread their kids crap through out our parks lands water table and ( my favorite ) even into the closed systems at water parks, because they feel the need to breed but are just TOO dam lazy to deal with their kid’s sh*t properly and use a cloth nappy will agree that ” someone” needs to come down off their high horse and stop thinking the rest of the world should be run for the personal convenience of herself and her kids. ( you might want to watch where your kids play or have them play in your own yard. Too much trouble ? well then never mind go back to being sanctimonious.

        • Nicole

          Then, anyone who has had to clean dog crap off their own shoes should agree that people should clean up after themselves, their children, and their animals, especially in public places (such as those where children play). Too much trouble? Well then, never mind; you can go back to being sanctimonious and while you’re at it, don’t leave your house.

    • Serena Compton

      This is earth’s version of recycling. Oh my gawd…however did we deal with all these toxins before we discovered that throwing them in a plastic bag and filling landfills would be better for the environment??? Give me a break…the only reason I pick up after my dog is because I don’t want to step in it and I don’t want it on my shoe….next thing I am going to hear is that people are bagging up all the cow shit and throwing in in a landfill too because it contaminates our food supply. Idiots. Let the earth do it’s job because it was in a lot better shape before we started helping it.

      • Jeremy Brown

        Except cows don’t live in densely populated urban areas. Dogs do. And unless we want another extinction event like the Black Plague, it’s probably far better for densely populated areas to properly dispose of dog fecal matter.

        • Becky Juleff

          So us country people are doomed to die from the black plague, cause there is more cows then people, and they go to the bathroom outside?

        • Winchester Gal

          I might have learned wrong but wasn’t the Black Plague caused by a disease inside of a fleas stomach? Not a dogs crap decomposing? And for the thousands of years that people have had farm animals and dogs, where is the Black Plague? And also, the diseased fleas came off of small rodents, not dogs.

          • Sian

            I think the point he is getting at is that Cows are out there in paddocks where the poop can disintegrate where as Dogs generally poop inbuilt up areas where stormwater can wash the poop into the stormwater system and ultimately into our drinking water.

            Picking up the poo is good for general hygiene and aesthetic reasons in built up areas. Advocating putting it in landfill is a bit weird though considering we are trying to REDUCE the amount of things we throw away.

            • Rae Gillette

              It’s obvious few if any posting here understand about rural areas and the industrial dairy and meat production waste. I live in Idaho. From an article in our local newspaper today: This is just about dairy cows not about the huge feedlots and meat cow operations we have here. Of Idaho’s 549,400 dairy cows, 396,545 are living in the Magic Valley, comprised of about 3 counties. The largest town in this area is Twin Falls, population 45,158 (2012). There are 5 biogas facilities creating electricity from the cow dung of about 10,000 cows. The rest is spread on fields, lingering in iffy lagoons, or …oops, “spilled” accidentally straight into the Snake River. An Idaho law was passed last year making it a felony even asking what a dairy or feed lot does with the dung it produces. The water quality is so iffy that the water department itself produced a brochure stating that if you have cancer, heart disease etc you should ask your doctor if you should be drinking tap water. Dog feces a bigger problem than cattle dung, give me a break!!! The only place this could be true would be NYC, LA, or Chicago. But don’t use this as an excuse to send your Eastern US toxic was to the West. We have our own problems and they have nothing to do with DOG Poop.

            • David Michael

              If we’re not eating Iowa cows then what good is Iowa? Probably a good place to send NYC dogshit.

            • Rae Gillette

              Do you not know the difference between Iowa and Idaho? And we wouldn’t be raising them if YOU weren’t eating them so again, what the heck are you talking about??

            • Pauly

              Or The DOGSHIT NYC People?

            • Winchester Gal

              I live in a rural area so I am not picking up my dogs poop, especially when they decide to poop in a pasture.

        • Billy Bryant

          stop replying to everyone’s comments with the same (sorry for the bad pun) “shit”. Black Plague was caused by fleas and it was in an much darker and much more insanitary time in human history. If you are truly worried about “plague” in your drinking and bathing water, why don’t you create your own eco-friendly clean water system to filter rain and snow catch? that might ease your troubled mind a bit.

        • Somebody Special

          Except that cow manure is used as fertilizer for crops. So all your fruits and veggies are contaminated with cow shit. Think about that 😉

        • McKay Jean

          Small towns all over NORTh AMERICA have cows and horses and chickens and such living in school zones and populated areas and no one is dying, I agree with Serena all the way

          • Megan Love

            Have any of the people commenting ever lived or worked on a farm or ranch?
            Scoopin’ the livestock’s poop is almost done daily and cleaned many times around the feed areas!!!! I can’t say about large corporations tho….but ranchers and farmer clean up after there livestocks poop if they didn’t it would spread disease and parasites to there herd.
            Any of you ever go on a farm ranch? Yes, sometimes they smell unpleasant but as for piles of shit everywhere NO! Unless it is a badly run one!!!!!! All the country people I know clean up poop everyday sometimes for HOURS as there chores.
            And you know when I go hiking in Palo Duro Canyon I see so many wildlife animals(NOT) and wild animal dropping (not). It’s always trash and dog shit left from humans. Just saying……
            I’ve maybe seen wildlife poop only couple times in my life in the “Nature”.
            So where do you live or where did you read that wildlife is very abundant and there is or was a large amount of animal poop? Is it by water sources like lakes,rivers? Has anyone ever encountered this problem by wildlife’s feces????

            • Megan Love

              Farmers that have ALOT herds and acres hire ranch help to clean up feces specifically.

            • Shelia

              Yes! Farmer’s have hired hands to pick up cow feces because that is money in the bank. It is a byproduct in which they sell as fertilizer to help grow the vegies healthy enough to produce enough food to feed all of you people who either haven’t a clue as to how to grow your own or are to lazy to do so.

              All of you “green” people using the environment as a reason to force people to clean up poop need to look at how green the grass is where poop has fertilized it. Or take a look at how green, thick and healthy the grass is and how fast it is growing along a field line.

              Yes, where people walk and children play, it should be removed. But don’t try to play it off the way you are. Deception is a poor character trait.

              And further more, if all of the chemicals were not put into food sources (and approved by the FDA by the way), poop would not as toxic as it is. The pest that get into it are there to break it down so that it can start the cycle again. You should have learned about that in elementary school.

              And our environment WAS much better before humans started destroying it. And I am not talking about feces. Seems like everybody has a line they are trying to convince others of so that they can make money off of it (ex: Pooper Scooper, etc.).

              This crap, people, is why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer! Use common sense. And just because one gets educated does not mean they should loose common sense. Wouldn’t it be nice if more people had common sense?

      • caitlyn

        Full stop lol

      • amar ashworth

        Population density is about 10 times what it was just 100 years ago… The earth simply can’t handle what we would be demanding of her if it weren’t for this help you scoff at. Why do you think before modern plumbing and trash services so many civilizations collapsed once they reached high levels of density? do you think that should happen now? Don’t be glib.

        • jctjctjct

          The earth actually CAN handle it. We will be turned into waste but the Earth will be just fine. We will not exist forever on this planet. That is a fact. No matter how hard we try to fight it humans will die off and be forgotten one day. Truth.

      • Sylviane Vandenheede

        I sooooooooo much agree with you : I pich up after my dog because …
        – I dont like the idea of a child playing in the garden with brown stuff on it
        – I dont want to step in it and to have tô scrub shoes after
        – I dont want my dog to step in it and bring smelly particles in my house
        – I hate the smell of spring ”dog flowers” (My name for those melting winterlong poops – living in Quebec, it would mean an awfull lot of shit)
        – I dont like those millions of slugs feeding on it
        – because it takes forever to disapear in the ground
        Even if my dog does business only once a day… it is still to many for me to leave it there
        I rather like dandelions that dogs gifts.
        Please pick it up
        Just to be polite for others : not picking up is like doing number 2 in a public washroom and NOT FLUSHING !

      • Megan Love

        I take it you have never been on a farm or ranch. Not cleaning up after livestock causes disease and parasites to spread throughout your herd. Famers and ranchers pick up after there livestock, even if they have thousands. They also administer veterinary medicine to each and EVERY animal! If we let the earth run its course we would have no clean food, or places because of humans and the amount of trash we produce just by living. We breed dogs and animals to such an extent that the earth can’t keep up. If we didn’t clean up after animals everyone would get sick from eating contaminated food and water!!!!!

      • KariAnn Ryan

        I hope you are not serious. What people did before discovering toxins
        and cleaning them up was die from disease spread by simple everyday
        crap, literally. People got sick and died from improper hygiene in the
        past, in addition to crap in the streets. It’s the reason waste removal
        began in the first place because so many people died from not properly
        disposed of waste.

    • MzThycke SazzyLady’z

      I’ve always thought picking up dog poop is like picking up human poop from the toilet. Dogs, cats, birds & all other animals poop freely. An humans have survived, I don’t & I won’t pick up dog poop. Its not going to kill you or your lawn as it decomposes

      • Coleblue

        My lawn/property is not your toilet. The fact you think it is proves that your mind is shithouse. I dont disagree that it won’t destroy the earth but if im not a pet owner and don’t expect or plan for my property to be a toilet for the neighborhood then you shouldn’t use it as such. What a disgusting human…

    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agnosticism Skeeter

      Dogs (and bears and many other animals) have dumped in the woods for a very long time…mostly without any massive ecological incidents. While it may be rude, it isn’t likely to kill you.

      • andrea mauck

        I agree,people also poop in woods,like hunters…………..

    • Linda Marie Bradley

      This says all dog owners should pick up after their dogs even in their own yard due to water pollution. Just a silly scheme to sell dog poop bags… I bet the deer and turkeys and rabbits and foxes and coyotes I see all the time in my yard carry their own poop bags to pick up after themselves to not pollute the water systems too.

    • Tiffany Lee Wu

      Dog owners are so fucking lazy. Just bend over and pick up the shit, for god sakes. Who cares about the toxic waste affecting our water, this is a matter of being a decent human being.

      • Raymond Davis

        And since YOU are not lazy I’ll give you a HEFTY bag and you can be a decent human being by tromping around the woods and bend over and clean up after the bears.
        BY the way ” Just bend over…” are you trying to be publicly ridiculed. It’s like you are a professional straightman!

        • Nicole

          Why should she be expected to clean up after your lazy ass? Bend over and clean up after yourself. Are you trying to be a professional prick?

        • Geoff

          That’s a terrible analogy.bears subsist in limited numbers on an almost completely natural diet (except maybe the ones that raid out trash or get fed by foolish tourists)
          A dog’s domesticated diet is full of hormones, antibiotics and a wide variety of things they wouldn’t encounter in the wild (which makes them live longer)
          It’s this simple, if you accept the responsibility of being a pet owner, then you are obliged to clean up after them in public spaces. Period
          I can say that I don’t ALWAYS do this, but higher than 90%.I do this disgusting thing, that shows I care about my pet, myself and my neighbors.

      • andrea mauck

        I agree with you,I clean up after my dogs all the time…………

    • Helen_Mich

      Bring your dog’s poop to my yard, I’m NOT afraid of it. However, leave your nasty kids at home…

      • Ca77andra

        Thanks for the chuckle….depending on the kids…I’ll take the poo too!!

    • zane

      My thoughts on this is that it’s the same as any other animal poop on this planet what’s the difference the only thing it’s going to do is make stuff grow better

    • Mom Jonz

      I just hate stepping in the poop. We recently rehomed a little poodle and now that we have a dog I notice poop everywhere. YUCK! The worse is stepping in it and then stepping into my nice clean house and then start thinking my dog pooped because I smell poop to only go back to my shoes at the door way and find it at on my soles.

    • Raymond Davis

      Let me get this clear-If I don’t pick up my dog’s sh*t and tie it up in plastic to prevent it’s decomposition in some landfill , even though the majority of potential diseases in a canine system are NOT those communicable to humans , some how THAT will be the source of water pollution.
      On the other hand , every dumpster , public trash can and public restroom pass by has wadded up ” disposable ” diapers from human children who are HIGHLY likely to be carrying diseases which the human population is susceptible to -up to and including actual death and plague producing pathogens and we deal with these by just tossing them on top of that same pile in volumes that would make all the dog shit in the country seem like a decorative sprinkling on top of it AND this same human fecal matter would get adult humans put in jail for endangering the public health if they were deciding to treat their OWN feces in this manner.
      YET THIS WASTE is OKAY and unlike dog poop is NOT a major cause of water pollution .

      I smell something and it ‘s a lot more bovine than canine !!

    • Teresa

      What bollox..excuse my language..BUT I own a boarding kennels and cattery, we have up to 40 dogs in summer pooping on my walking area, we pick up with a dustpan/spade because it all goes in a septic tank along with waste water, and guess where that goes? Yes it filters through, down into the ground many feet below, which then guess what? As we are remote, we are not on mains water supply, we have a borehole pumping it up from under us, yes that same water that filters down the poop etc, and even better, it gets tested every year, and its actually purer and better than any water from the mains supplier! THEN…When the tank is full of solids we get a local farmer who pumps it all out into his tanker, and he then sprays it on his crops, YES the barley and wheat etc….so I say again..what bollox. It IS polite to pick it up to stop people treading in it though, that I agree with.

    • Raymond Davis

      After reading some of these comments It reminds me of a recent incident I had in a store with my Bichon who is training to be a therapy dog.
      I entered a second hand store with my Bichon Frise’ in the front seat of a carriage and immediately noticed a putrid smell, much worse than a septic system or even an animal carcass in the sun .I looked around and traced it to a large unkempt and slovenly dressed woman. In her carriage was a small child in a disposable diaper filled at least twice capacity with a runny green liquid that was making a sucking noise as he flailed his arms and legs and every now and then it dripped out his leg and down I couldn’t tell where. It’s Mother chose to remain blissfully unaware not only of the infants’ situation but also of another child two or three I’m guessing hanging from her right arm, who was wearing clothing covered in a number of substances some non identifiable but also a large fresh wet urine stain at his crotch. His skin and hair seemed to be covered in lollipop and lint and her moaned loudly keeping time by kicking the ground with his left foot, ” Mah-ah-ah-ah-ah may. Mah-ah-ah-ah-ah may!’
      They scared my dog and I knew immediately I also wanted to avoid them at all cost and headed to the opposite side of the store.
      To no avail- she suddenly snapped her attention away from the second hand ball gown and got a look like a hound who has just found scent. Dragging the two year old by his wrist and letting the infant bobble in the carriage as he marked a green trail behind him MOM rushed across the store toward me. I started to move elsewhere when she double her efforts and began yelling ” OOOH NO! OOOOH NO! SIR ! SIR STOP SIR!”
      When she got near me ( about three minutes after the REAL body of her scent cloud. ) I asked, ( hoping to keep her conversing at the distance she was at ), Yes, What is your problem ?”
      ” You can’t have your dog ride in that seat like that ! You need to put your coat under her!” she scolded
      “It’s okay she’s perfectly comfortable ,she’s being trained to be accustomed to the public and rides in there all the time. ” I said turning my face trying to be polite and not betray my reaction to the assault I was enduring as she drew closer.
      “NO, that’s not what I mean she said grabbing my sleeve, ” My babies might SIT in thjat seat ! ” she, said incredulously.
      ” Lady !” , I said< " I certainly hope you are referring to the fact that my freshly bathed and groomed Bichon could very likely catch a disease from your unwashed snot nosed bags of disease you call children !!!!"
      The rest of the store applauded me for the next five minutes.

      • Just Cass

        Those “bags of disease” weren’t given a choice about their cleanliness or smell.

      • Donna Wolf

        Grrrrate story, Raymond Davis! Phew…I really felt like I was there. Now I gotta go wash my hands for half an hour, at least.

    • Right is Wrong

      I live in a gated community which leaves its gates open to neighboring communities (we get police and fire protection from the city, that’s why). One of our neighbors walks his beautiful standard poodle in our greens, and when another neighbor noticed him leaving behind a present (where the kids play), he chastised the dog walker. After receiving a reportedly profane reply, the second neighbor lay in wait to ambush the dog walker with a paintball gun. I have seen the lavender jacket since, but the poop has been picked up and placed in one of the handy dumpsters nearby. Just sayin’.

    • Debby Kelly

      I just ask them very nicely if they need a bag?

    • David Comer

      man that is complete booooshit!! i bet these researchers are part of the group stranded in the “global warming” sheets of ice in antarctica…..

      “systems not designed to filtrate animal poop” huh?? what?? if your buying into this shit your lost as a bastard child on fathers day….

      people will buy into anything….

      water treatment plants pull in the surrounding cities “RAW SEWAGE”…..recycled shit…piss…blood & everything else you could imagine….all mixed up in huge pools….& then chemically treated…along with other purifying processes….

      get informed….educate yourself…quit listening to these idiotic liberal fools….

    • K Stoley

      If your dog shits on my lawn the right thing to do is pick it up…..common courtesy not because its going to harm anything except you if you don’t.

    • Sharon Evans-Putney

      So did anyone see the pie-chart??? 40% & 60% and a small sliver of people are lying…. because that’s more than 100% and you can’t have over 100% in a pie chart! Pretty pathetic attempt to sensationalize fecal matter. Dog poodie is #3 cause of water pollution?? What about our bovine and swine friends, how about goose poodie?? They hang out around water, you need to tell geese to stop crapping everywhere they walk…. are we supposed to bag that and send it to the landfill too?? There is no credibility in this article.

    • Mike Usa

      yeah lets all fill up our landfills with more plastic for the .003 percent of all animals out there poooping. who is picking up the wild animals out there????

    • Chris

      I agree that dog crap should be picked up in urban areas, paths and what not as I don’t want to step in it and definitely don’t want my kids stepping all falling in it, however iv never experienced a dog other than my own crapping on my garden….only cats, why is no one making an issue about this, and more so why is it seen as normal/acceptable for cats to shit anywhere and everywhere? Why aren’t cat owners gripped about this matter the same as dog owners are???

    • Emily Hegerfeld

      If you are walking in populated areas where others will walk YES pick it up so the rest of us dont step in it. If left on someone elses front yard it will cause the grass to die. What you do in your own yard or out in the woods is your business.

    • Kathy Wiseman Meek

      My late father-in-law solved the problem of his neighbor letting his dog leave his poop in his yard. My father-in-law had enough one day. He took a shovel, scooped the poop, went to his neighbor’s house, and flung it, SPLAT, on his garage door. You can bet his neighbor never let his dog shit in my father-in-law’s lawn again!

    • http://about.me/zztwp1/ zztwp

      We have a leash law in the town where I live, the morons who live next door let there dogs run free all over the block and they go and crap in my yard ! the morons will not pick up after there dogs !

    • LookSheeple

      So according to the EPA dog poop is as toxic as OIL AND CHEMICAL SPILLS?! Really? A chemical spill? No wonder people are not fond of the EPA. Talk about propaganda.

    • B-Mac

      Well if our water supply is in jeopardy, I guess we better start picking up all the wild animal poop too! I’ll handle the squirrels, who wants to volunteer to get the bear poop?

    • Sandy Moore

      Ok so if dog waste can make another dog sick why not clean it up? Or do you only care about yourself and your dog? Its just common decency so no one steps in it and no other dog gets sick.

    • Carl McClain

      For tens of thousands of years humans, animals and eventually dogs have been pooping all over the environment without any deleterious effects on our health. Nobody can convince me that dog poop is anymore harmful to us than cat poop, squirrel poop, bird poop, or even rat poop and God knows we’ve been walking around with that for eons! I collect my dogs doo doo out of respect for my neighbor, not because I think it’s going to give me a disease!

    • Sandy Moore

      This is getting so off track, just clean up after your dog to be a good neighbor. Is it that hard?

      • Cathy Spade

        Better yet, train the dog to use *only* their own yard as its toilet. Once one dog messes on a neighbor’s yard/plants/wall/pathway/etc, even if picked-up, the scent left behind encourages every other dog passing by to do it there too. And urine can’t even be picked up, so after 25+ dogs have pissed/pooped on the same neighbor’s property evening after evening it kills the plants or just stinks something awful. Why does anyone think a neighbor’s property, or a public park where kids play, or a trail with hundreds of hikers/bikers/joggers, is their toilet?

    • yourmom69

      150 years ago there weren’t the millions of dogs that there are today. dog feces does not turn into mulch the way feces from ruminants does. cows eat grass, not processed meat by-products and garbage like dogs do. this info graphic is actually correct. modern landfills have measures in place to prevent toxins from getting into the aquifer. a book on soil science might help some of the ignorant people posting here to understand all this.

    • Gale Lett

      As far as being a health risk, it is minimal at best. What we should really be concerned about is that years ago doctors told their elderly patients that it was ok to flush their old medications down the toilet. Water treatment plants can filter our most things just fine, but not chemicals, those require an osmosis machine, which is very expensive. So, that means each and every one of us are drinking a pharmaceutical soup. It is especially profound in areas with high populations of elderly people such as Florida. Perhaps that explains all the weird news we hear coming from there?

    • Niki Zickefoose

      Havent amimals been doing there business on the ground since before we were born and your just now worried about it. Honestly i dont care where they poop as long as i dont step in it.

    • Juli Adcock

      For me, the issue is not whether dog poop will cause another black plague epidemic. The bottom line is that many people are not very good at keeping up with worming and vaccinating their dogs or cats, hence the spread of disease and parasites, some of which can be transmitted to humans. The fundamental issue for me is basic respect for other people and their property. Those people who fail to clean up after themselves, their kids and their pets whether they are in a big city or not, are low class, lazy and immature. I dearly love my dogs and keep them cleaned up after. I did NOT sign up to clean up after everyone else’s dogs and have warned some that I will follow them home to return the favor with interest!

    • slnelson

      I live in a rural area and it infuriates me when loose dogs poop in my yard. I have two dogs of my own that have had to be treated for parasites they would not have been exposed to if not for these dogs. Please, even if you live in the country, keep your dog and it’s poop in your own yard!

      • Cathy Spade

        and even if you live in the suburbs, keep your dog and it’s poop/pee in your own yard!

    • Jim Becker

      This is about the stupidest thing I have ever seen online. 1st of all we have the ability to reprocess and filter all kinds of things out of water then why can’t we filter out these 6 bad things. Keep in mind that there are thousands of animals that crap in our water every day and we can filter that out. 2nd If dog crap is a problem then why isn’t cat crap or 1 of those thousands of animals that crap directly into fresh water supply. I find it funny that our closest companions crap is more deadly then all of those other animals. When i go to the park with my dog i clean up after him but when he goes in my back yard i don’t even look for it

    • Lee Georgeson

      Its a problem with dog food apparently… Why aren’t other animals or Humans for that matter so toxic?

    • Pete Carr

      All the people talking about cleaning up after dogs are the same idiots I see throwing tissues, mcdonalds wrappers, cigarette butts, and pop bottles out their eco terrorist Prius at 80 miles an hour. Do us favor while your disrespectful and undisciplined children make the evening news,look back and realize they were more important than your lame illogical attempt to the save the planet.

    • ChrisB

      Dog shit gives me thick, green grass. i call it return on investment.

    • Robert Beard

      What about the decomposition of that plastic bag? When does that occur?

    • Todd Vohs

      Agriculture manure, whether beef or swine, is regulated by the DNR, at least in Iowa. There are label instructions on all chemicals for proper use, rates and disposal. Soil test are done by farmers to know how much fertilizer can be applied to a field whether it be manure or commercial fertilizer. Granted, not all farmers follow these but a vast majority are scrutinized by the Iowa DNR, the EPA and Corps of Enginners.

      If “city” folks had to abide by these regulations, they would cry foul. If you are not picking up your dog poop, you are probably over applying manure on your yard. Have you sent in a sample to a lab to have its fertility analyzed? What about the fertilizer you or your contractor are applying to your lawn to keep the grass green and the weeds out? This runoff goes directly into streams and waterways. Where does the water in the gutter end up? Oh wait, they are specifically designed to get rid of the water as fast as they can to keep your streets from flooding and prevent water in your basement.

      Farmers work with all kinds of Federal, State and County entities to prevent as much runoff as possible. There are highly engineered terraces, waterways, picket fences, filter strips, buffer strips, etc to avoid any contamination of the “city” water supply. Where are the regulations for the “city” to prevent their own contamination? How do we know they aren’t the ones contaminating their own supply when they have no checks and it is just as easy to blame it on the farmer/rural population?

    • Justin Credible Love

      Haha Trololol

    • Kelly Mann

      Ok, I read several of the comments below. If you have a bag handy pick it up so no one steps in it. It is part of the responsibility of the pet owner. It is a courtesy!

    • http://www.katrinawalker.com Katrina Walker

      One problem with allowing dog poop in urban areas to accumulate is the fact that it attracts rats. Because dogs are such inefficient digesters, their poop still contains enough nutrients to attract rodents. And other dogs who are so inclined (our Lab once managed to find a way to gorge on dog poop – and later vomited it all over the floor).

      I once lived in a town next to neighbors whose two large dogs were kept in the small backyard. They were fed and watered but otherwise totally neglected and needless to say the poop was never scooped. We had the worst rat problem, in spite of doing everything we could on our side of the fence to combat it. I did some research and found out that it was likely the dog poop feast across the fence that was responsible. The neighbors couldn’t be bothered to do anything about it.

      So those using the bubonic plague as a scare tactic aren’t completely wrong – rats and their parasites are a health problem.

    • Amber Berg

      This is my biggest pet peeve. .. literally I hate dog poop it haunts me in my dreams. .. I don’t even want to walk around the block for fear of seeing nasty dog poop

    • Brenda Santos

      This makes no sense to me…It’s not like we all go around picking up coyote poop or raccoon, fox or rat feces for that matter which is probably far worse then Fido’s fecal matter. Not to mention the plastic bags that we would be putting it in which are far worse sitting around and not decomposing in the landfill. Anything that ends up at the wastewater facility gets treated with so much chlorine and other chemicals that it wouldn’t matter if a little of Fido’s stuff were in there. In my opinion people are far too uptight these days about everything except what is really important in life. Maybe they need to get a life and that’s the real problem!!

    • carloman

      This is the EPA talking…enough said.

    • Hammerhil

      I do clean up after my dogs regularly and always whenever I am out hiking or walking them and hate it when others don’t do the same. However, that infographic is advertising for a company selling treats and clean up products so I would take what they are saying with a huge grain of salt. I want to see evidence that proves Dogs are the #3 polluter of water. That sounds so exaggerated it’s ridiculous. Dog poop is classified by the EPA as being toxic as chemical spills? Which chemicals? I can name 25 chemicals off the top of my head that would be magnitudes worse than dog poop.

    • Laurence Gurney

      If your going to wipe off both sides of each piece of grass and leave my lawn in the same state in which you found it I might let you walk away unharmed! Otherwise I suggest you find a park to drain your dog! Have some respect for other people. I have cedar trees that don’t take well to dog piss let alone anything else. To many stupid people walking around time to thin the herd I think. And I don’t care if you pick it up or not. Try to remember what side of the leash your on too, the dog isn’t the boss the owner is. So Im not going to hate the dog for having a stupid owner!!! Its not your grass you don’t have any right to be there at all. I chase people up the street yelling at them hoping to embarrass them. And most never return. I did say to one lady if she didn’t pick it up I was going to rub her face in it. Its a major heath issue but beyond that it comes down to who is right. I don’t believe owning an animal gives you right to willful damage of other peoples property or the right to trespass even if your dog is six inches over the line. The dog is an extension of you. There for making you the person responsible for all damages done. Im not going to call the police but I promise one run in with me and you will walk your dog down the other side of the street.

    • Karol Mooney

      For the people that are unconcerned about the dog waste absorbing into your ground water: As a public health nurse there is a very real danger in this practice. The very reason for some of these diseases going away in the first place is that we have learned and practiced sanitary procedures that have basically eradicated them. To become complacent and to go back now can see a reemergance of some of these diseases. There are plenty of instances where farmers have poised their own water wells with cow feces. Yes having bacteria in your life is a “natural” occurance. That doesn’t mean we need to flood ourselves in it.

      In your thinking, we should just get rid of toilets and indoor plumbing and go outside. Why? Well, mother earth will take care of it. Let’s face it folks, we have overpopulated mother earth with ourselves and our pets. We all have more than enough. I am not trying to say that everything needs to be bagged up and sent to a landfill. Dog waste can be flushed down a toilet…. there is no difference in human waste and dog waste unless you are feeding that animal highly unsual food. No one wants to carry dog poop from outside to inside. Here is a pretty nice and cheap alternative to flushing it down the toilet.

      http://www.doggiedoodrain.com/xcart//home.php and http://litterboy.com/Details.cfm?ProdID=558&category=0 You should NOT use this system if you have a septic tank. Unless you plan accordingly to have regular septic service. A dog typically has a BM at lease 2=3 times a day. You must plan to have septic service way more regularly than for a normal household if you do decide to use this system with a septic tank. Landfills have been set up to deal with pet waste as well as diapers etc. For now, that is the best we can offer at this time.

      The physical and mental inconvenience of appropriately handling dog waste is surpassed in importance by the health threats that dog waste can impose on your family, pet, and community. There are several very serious health diseases/infections that can be transmitted to dogs and people via dog feces. These include, but are not limited to, giardiasis, roundworms, hookworms, E. coli, salmonella, and parvovirus

      Dog waste always increases the presence of flies and other pests like fleas and ticks that aid in the transmission of certain diseases. Case in point: Flies will sometimes consume feces and/or lay eggs in it. These are possibly the same flies that can come into you home, pause on you countertops and food, and thereby spread diseases.

      Please for the sake of yourself and others, do NOT become complacent. This can be a very real threat.

    • Chief Poop Ninja

      All – thanks for joining the discussion about this important topic. I’d love to share our knowledge of the problem of dog waste and water pollution. And I’m happy to share my sources so you can find out more if interested. Only after months of research and interviews did we begin to understand the problem. Many of the elements – especially the data – have only recently come together for people to understand the severity of the problem. All of the comments make sense. I mean really who else is going to research dog poop for 6 months? First, I will point you to several blog posts on our site that should help you understand. Then, I will respond to the specific issues mentioned below. I am traveling so my responses may not come quickly. Hopefully once you understand the issue you can spread the word in your communities. I’ve pasted a few links below that might shed some light. The first one is my interview with a senior engineer from the Regional Quality Control Board in SF Bay Area. The other two posts are about the Infographic. I’d love to hear what you all think once you read them. – Marissa Verson Harrison, Co-Founder, PoopBuddy.com


    • Jessica Honeybarbieque Peters

      wtf are they making our dogs food out of that is making their shit toxic?????? think bout that.. shit is dirty plain n simple but it goes back to the earth. smh sum people have too much time n money to produce bullshit videos and fake Do you know ? posts. smh at them. clean up EITHER way but this is a lil too much

      • amar ashworth

        It’s the digestive system of carnivores/omnivores that is the problem… this is also nothing new, why do you think cats,wolves,humans,etc. bury their poo instinctually? dogs don’t do it because we breed them so much they don’t have environmentally derived instincts any more. I like dogs, but seriously dog owners are getting on my last nerve with this poop is natural argument.

    • amar ashworth

      Dog(carnivore) poop is different from cow(herbivore) poop in many many ways. Carnivores and omnivores have toxic poop. We carry far more bacteria/parasites, and toxic chemicals in our fecal matter than herbivores… Even vegetarian herbivores. It has to do with our digestive system, and our natural Ph. Cow poop is next to harmless, you can build a house with it no problem… Dog poop on the other hand is so toxic it will kill your grass(an especially hearty ground cover that is highly resistant to chemical contamination) Dog poop contains enough E.coli to become an airborne threat given warm weather. Dog poop is also highly noxious, and destroys sense of smell over time, so while the dog owner may not smell the problem, there is a very good chance that homes up to 3 blocks away do.

    • Edgar auf dem Graben

      I was taught crap in any shape or form is called “fertilizer”. Get a grip people. Unless you want to bag deer and squirrel dung, I think doggy doo is no less harmful.

    • mark gillono

      “Fecal Contamination
      But the problem with animal agriculture isn’t just wasted water — it’s waste in the water too. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), agriculture is the single largest source of water pollution in rivers and lakes, and the waste from factory farms is a significant partof the problem. American factory farms produce an estimated 788,000
      tons of manure per day — nearly 3 tons of fecal matter each year for every household in the U. S. This is especially troubling considering farm animal waste is much more dangerous than human waste. According to a contamination study conducted by Minnesota agricultural extension engineer, John Chastain, “the pollution strength of raw manure is 160
      times greater than raw municipal sewage.”

      In fact, waste generated by factory farms has already polluted more than 35,000 miles of river in 22 states and has contaminated groundwater in 17 states. Unfortunately, there are no federal regulations governing the disposal of the trillions of pounds of farm animal waste produced each year. Typically, this untreated waste is left to rot in manure lagoons or sprayed over fields where it contaminates soil, crops and groundwater, killing fish and other wildlife and threatening human health. Manure from factory farm operations contains pollutants such as antibiotics, pathogens, heavy metals, nitrogen, and phosphorous, which,
      through manure lagoon leaks or spills, enter into the environment and threaten water quality across the country.

      Often finding its way into the ground water supply, manure can also contaminate and lead to dangerous levels of nitrate in drinking water. Among other serious health complications, high nitrate levels can greatly harm infants by reducing the amount of oxygen carried by their blood. A Scripps Howard synopsis of a Senate Agricultural Committee report on farm pollution issued this warning about animal waste: “[I]t’s untreated and unsanitary, bubbling with chemicals and diseased. … It goes onto the soil and into the water that many people will, ultimately, bathe in and wash their clothes with and drink. It is poisoning rivers and killing fish and making people sick. […]Catastrophic cases of pollution, sickness, and death are occurring in areas where livestock operations are concentrated. […] Every place where the animal factories have located, neighbors have complained of falling sick.”


    • Concerned for Humanity

      How about instead of contributing to the landfill, you remove the problem of toxic poop by feeding your animals better? Domestic dogs and their diseases, genetic issues, and i guess now their poop issues are entirely our fault. And not just because of the whole breeding thing. Feed your dogs better people! Get them off that crap you buy them in the stores and give them real food. Meat, fat, veggies. Not only will they love you for it, but I PROMISE you they will look, feel and live a whole lot better and longer. My pets constantly amaze the vets with how healthy they have been in their old ages (20 yr old doberman that was in supreme health right up until we had to put her down is one example) If you make sure the stuff going in them isn’t toxic crap, the stuff coming out won’t be either 😉

    • flora

      i might be saying something ridiculous but don’t we fertilize our soils whith mulch which is made partly from animal feces??i dunno and fuck it…..everyone here including me is arguing over….POOP.

    • Karen Rome

      Animals have been pooping on this planet long before humans arrived to pick it up – it’s still here…

    • Roy Blizzard III

      Actually, the best thing for the sanitation of dog poo is to spread it out in a Sunny location and allow the Sun’s naturally disinfecting powers clean it. The radiation and other rays from the Sun disinfect your clothes when hung outside and can also disinfect poop. The key is to spread it thin and turn it everyday or so until is composts. Parasites are everywhere and you are not going to get rid of them in the environment. 150 years ago just about everyone took an anti parasitic every six months or so. Are there less parasites now? No, Doctors just don’t test for any of the over 500 of them that infest humans so they ignore them until you are so sick they have to look for why you are dying. Do yourself a favor and take some Old Amish dewormer about once or twice a year and quit worrying about dog poop.

    • curious minion

      I do have question. One year we went to Daytona beach with our hearing guide dog and he went ahead did his duty in ocean. We didnt expect that. I tried grab it with bag but it disolved so quickly. Then years later we had the big oil spill. No one got sick. I was in clear water shortly after that I didnt get sick. So Amazing part what ocean does natually eat up bacteria? Maybe scientist study the ocean bit more. Yesterday was looking for salt rocks for ice outside, at tsrget they had salt rock bag for water softner. I read bag said natural salt drawn from ocean. If in fact dirty water we use is being dumped into ocean for many years, no one ever got sick? Salted ocean mystery. So maybe reproduce ocean water system dump dog mess into it and see what happens to it.

    • Thomas McGregor

      Good Grief. Really? Fear of dog poop? Fecal bacteria is a GOOD thing not a Bad thing. We will be fine with our poop wherever it happens to land in the yard thus contributing to the environment. Dog poop, cat poop, bird poop, wild animal poop, whatever. The cleaner we are and the more hysterical about it, the LESS healthier we are. My immune system is fine, I hope yours is too.

      • imcdto

        Zoos cannot sell the waste of meat eating mammals for fertilizer, but they can that of the herbivores. The common manures used for fertilizing domestically seem to be from grazers or corn eaters also—-cows, horses, chickens.

    • Barbara Horton

      Sorry, but this is nonsense. Using yet another plastic bag to contain dog poo is ridiculous. If you want to do something constructive, add it to a compost pile. Oh, dont have one, you say? Well, create one, and while you are add it, plant some things that will grow into something you can feed your dog as a treat, like carrots.
      And since we are on the poo subject, if you want to talk about nastiness, how about domestic cats, you know, the invasive foreign species that has decimated the wild bird population… the species that humans buy tons of “litter” for, that is dumped unceremoniously down the toilet, or into landfills. You want to solve a problem, lets solve that one.

      • imcdto

        I once read that zoos could sell the manure from vegetable/grass eating mammals for fertilizer, but not that of meat eaters like lions due to the bacteria. I have cats and keep them indoors. I don’t find that their litter is any more burdensome than the myriads of dog waste we shoveled, bagged and put out for the trash to reach a landfill. We always walked our dog for exercise. She did what she had to do in our yard before our walks and we cleaned up after her. I have no idea how the practice of steering dogs onto others yards for bathroom duty ever began.

        • Barbara Horton

          I agree with you and wonder the same thing. I live way out in the country, and we have leash laws just like in town, but people somehow think that its ok to just turn their dogs loose to run. Every day, a dog who lives about a half mile from us comes and leaves a colossal poo near the front porch. The dog weights near 100 pounds… I collect the cow paddies from the field across the hill for the garden, but I dont appreciate scraping up this steaming hell-paste every day. But I do it.

    • sunnyg

      Who says dogs are the only cause. In other reports they say dog poop is great fertilizer n its a while lot cheaper than horse/cow manure. Plus there are a plethora of other animals that release themselves in urban areas ergo the raccoon and possum. But since you want to talk about land fills being filled with fecal matter I’m surprised that nobody has found a better solution to using disposable diapers. Which I’m sure is even harsher on the environment

    • David Michael

      Some asswipe let his dog shit in my driveway and I nearly stepped in the crap. If I catch him I’m going to follow him home and wipe dog shit on his front door.

    • Supertramp

      Aren’t plastic bags toxic and it doesn’t decompose naturally?! Put toxic dog poop in toxic man made plastic bag and place it in land waste where it takes forever to decompose doesn’t help the environment at all. There need to be a better way to ‘dispose’ of dog poops without using plastic bags.

    • Gabe

      I would like to address a few of the comments made.

      1) Worrying about contaminants from dog poop leeching out of a landfill and threaten our water supply is the least of our problems. Landfills contain a vast array of toxic compounds that, if leeched, would cause much more harm than a few types of bacteria. A simple example is a battery. Batteries contain acids, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals. According to the EPA, Americans throw out BILLIONS of batteries every year. So while you are worrying about the poo of 72.8 million dogs potentially going into the landfill, stop and consider the consequence of the leeching of just 1 billion batteries, then multiply that by however many billions of batteries are actually thrown away. The number 1 billion is hard to conceptualize. Here is an attempt: “The height of a stack of 1,000,000,000 (one billion) one dollar bills measures 67.9 miles” (http://www.ehd.org).

      2) The opinion that wild animals drop their blessings all over the planet so dogs should too is just silly. Bears, pelicans, and foxes aren’t prescribed antibiotics, heart-worm medicine, or arthritis pills. They don’t eat a diet that is high in preservatives. So their droppings will break down naturally and we don’t have to worry about it contaminating our watersheds. However, we do have to worry about that with dog waste.

      So while it doesn’t feel good to pick up that poop and use a plastic bag to do it, it is the best option for our planet. Do your best to use bags and plastic that you were going to throw away anyways. Also, spay and neuter your pets.

    • voiceofreason

      If a dog is domesticated, the human is responsible for it. If you can’t be bothered to clean up after your dog, the chances are you are the sort who thinks the world owes you a living and the cleaning fairy exists. Cleaning up after your dog is about having respect for others. It’s the tiresome fluffy bunny brigade who bleat about everything and anything as long as it is animal related who are the biggest culprits too.

    • Davena Gentry

      Reading this infographic and looking at the poop bags you sell I am surprised to not see any that are biodegradable. “eco-chic and eco-friendly” don’t equal biodegradable, tossing these filled bags in the garbage/landfill takes decades to decompose. Can you spell greenwashing?

    • Wickedone1414

      Hows about just don’t be a lazy turd yourself.

    • env_engineer

      there are so many gross assumptions and untruths in this infographic. most notably the EPA does not state “dog is as toxic to the environment as chemical and oil spills.” it is merely labelled as a non-point source pollutant among other things. POTWs do not treat ground water as this article suggests. They treat industrial wastes (non-RCRA), sanitary sewer and stormwater. they are all held to treatment standards under individual NPDES permits prior to discharge to a body of water. yes, fecal coliform is one of those benchmarks. Want something to worry about? Look at all the combined stormwater-sanitary sewer systems around the country. during heavy rainfalls guess what goes into the rivers and streams….human poop…untreated.

    • citizen

      Gosh imagine what all the wild dogs must be doing to the ecosystem… How on earth would this planet survive if humans weren’t out there scooping up all the animal poop…?

    • me

      I heard NYC is starting to install Lamp Posts that can compost the poop and turn it into electricity for the street lights.

    • Enzzzo Amorrre

      Poison the dogs. There shouldn’t be so many dogs anyways.

    • Betterhave

      Talk about promoting a good idea with some rather “iffy” supporting “facts” and somewhat sensationalized conclusions, geesh. Pick up after your dog because you don’t have the right to leave it on someone else’s property, be it public or private. Yes, there is some health risk if a dog carries parasites or certain diseases, primarily to other dogs and some other species who are susceptible to some canine diseases and parasites. But, “as toxic as chemical and oil spills” ? That’s a bit much.
      How do we handle offenders? Well, certain chronic offenders in the neighborhood,failing to respond to polite requests to pick up after their dogs, have, on occasion, been ‘gifted’ with a collection of the waste they left behind, thoughtfully distributed in their own yard.

    • aly

      what about all the other animal poop in the world? lol this is bullshit

    • http://www.bamahuskies.com/ Jim Wood

      We recycle ours for flowerbeds at our kennel.

    • ben

      if i see somebody who does not pick up their dogs turd, i will pick it up myself, follow them home and proceed to shove through their letterbox

    • Flibberti Gibbet

      I live in a suburban area and most of the residents at my apartment building do not pick up after their dogs. It certainly annoys me. I admit I only scoop my dog’s poop if it’s in someone’s lawn or a clearly maintained piece of property. (about 60% of the time) If he goes in a weedy spot I tend to leave it. I always figured it was better to just let it degrade naturally than to clutter landfills with little plastic bags of poo… I stand corrected. I will start picking up all the time now.

    • Cassie Dawn

      Actually, live stock from CAFOs is where most of the water pollution is coming from.

    • Guest

      Thank you so much! this website really helped with a debate. I love the way it is displayed also

    • Bob Roberts

      The fact of the matter is this: everyone is approaching from ‘after the event’ when if the problem was faced ‘before the event’ the crap would never be left in a public place ever. A dog can be trained to defecate in a designated area within 14 days, no dog crap would ever get into public places again. The problem is that dog owners are too lazy to train their dogs or they do not know how too. It can be done if we all done what a cleaner place we would libe in.

    • Jeff

      I am happy to see people are starting to pay attention to
      the dangers of dog poo.

      Think about this, if you walk your dog where other dogs poo
      then guess what? More times than not your dog will step in the left over dog
      poo from other dogs. Then what? You bring your dog inside, they walk on the
      floors, the lay on the couch, they lay on your bed etc. The ONLY way to fix
      this problem is to keep the poo off the ground, period!

      I invented a new device that does exactly that. It’s a light
      weight portable device that catches the poo before it hits the ground. Comes
      with a LED flashlight and 15 bags. Retail price is $19.95. Check it out at:

    • Amanda Caruana Kidd
    • Daniel Williams

      Bullshlt…How many wild animals are crapping everywhere and it their crap picked up? How many plastic bags of crap fill our landfills? I agree that if you live in the city leaving it in a park or street side isn’t right, but anywhere that humans won’t walk on it it should be left to decompose naturally.

    • Sarah

      Humans don’t live in the wild with animal crap either smh! If ya are to dame lazy to pick up your dogs crap after it has taken a dump in someones yard then dont get a dog!!! it comes with the territory of owning a dog!

    • Dom


      • KittySoftpaws

        Amen! I can’t stand how indignant cat owners get when I suggest they keep their cats indoors or otherwise contained in their own yard…. somehow they seem to feel their cat is entitled to use my flower beds as their personal litter box and my front porch rails as their scratching posts.

    • Cathy Spade

      When I had young children it was a hassle changing and washing diapers every day – and who knew my troubles could have been easily solved by just reading the comments here and following the expert advice. When the grand kids arrive now I know all I need to do is “walk” them a few times a day to neighbor’s yards, public parks or public hiking trails – squat them down and let them poohpy/peepee and leave it to fertilize/decay (or the neighbor to clean up). Thanks for the tip.

    • LoriBelle

      I shoved a bag in the losers hand and told him that “it’s people like you that gives all dog owners a bad name. ” He actually went back and picked it up. I never leave the house without potty bags. They’re every where – in my purse, in the car, in pockets. Never leave home without them.

    • J Woods

      this is total bunk!!! Consider feed lots and other livestock operations that until very recently were totally unregulated for infiltration of waste. Even now its a clay liner at best. Second sand filters are what most municipal water supplies use for primary filtration followed by UV sterilization (aka yes the bacteria are killed) those that are small enough to have passed through the soil and sand to recharge the aquifer. The only place that this isnt the case is in a karst aquifer. As to the landfill argument 40 CFR 257 and 258 are so concerned about biologic contamination that there are exactly zero tests required for them in a landfill’s ground water monitoring program. If its your yard let fido’s doo doo lie if you want….

    • Chris

      Here is a legitimate question. Many, many factory farms are now using cow manure and turning it into renewable energy. So much in fact that it produces enough to run the farm and there is plenty left to sell back to the electric companies.
      Why cant the greenies find a way to do this with pet waste to cut back on the “evil coal.”
      we recycle now why cant there be a separate pickup?

    • Elizabeth Anne Hodge

      What about cat, fox, badger, bird poo etc? cant be collecting all that. People round here think its fine to bag the dog poo and throw the bags up into tall hedgerows, electricity cables, and trees, it looks awful and disgusting. Did you know hedgehogs like to eat dog poo, we dont have many hedgehogs about these days. Just flick it out of the way so no one treads on it.

    • Alex Snow

      We just toss it into the nearby church yards or into our disliked neighbours yard…and we have 3 large dogs.

    • Isabelle

      it is disguasting

    • Isabelle


    • Frank Jaeger

      What about wild anamels, especially birds? Are we doomed!!!

    • http://www.casperdog.fi Casperdog 1st in the World

      New idea fo dog owners – Casperdog!


      • Nathan T


    • Terri Bilyeu Limbert

      It’s friggin gross period… I’m gonna set up cameras so I can catch them NOT picking it up.. it’s a bad problem here in my neighborhood… they walk their dogs late at night so no one will see them leaving it there… pisses me off… I ALWAYS pick it up..

    • DD

      I had no idea there were so many canine crapoligist. Personally I think most of you are full of what you claim to know all about.

    • Mila Counihan

      What about cats, squirrels, martens and other animals that live around us :-) I am in favour of cleaning your dog´s stool especially on pavements, but what diseases when your dogs are well looked after and vaccinated … those who don´t care would never clear their dogs´ poops anyway …

    • sdfs

      Well that escalated quickly.

    • Eileen

      I have to pick up after my dog. It’s the law in my county. Not to mention her feces attracts biting flies and I don’t like rolling over it with my lawnmower.

    • Amanda Shroads

      It’s that toxic? Geez, how are any of us still alive after all the amounts of dog crap that’s been left on the ground for the last several thousand years?!

    • DMH

      No matter what science there may be. It is irresponsible, inconsiderate, and just plain lazy to not pickup after your pet. Throw out all the excuses you can and you are still wrong when you don’t pick it up.

    • Koyote Sway

      My dogs a weenie and quite low to the ground and in an apt complex of 250 homes, it gets really poppy fast. Because some just ignore their dogs calling card its become a health issue for my dog. Dogs carry e-coli in their waste and if its left behind we are all tracking it right inside. 2.5yrs at this apt, and my dog is on her 4th urinary tract infection. The vet bills are breaking the bank, not to mention our stress. Is there anything that can be spread to neutralize the bacteria? I don’t want to move!

    • Koyote Sway

      I’ve been told that spreading lye across the lawn will help negate bacteria, does anyone know?

    • Christina

      How is the dog poo any different than the wild rabbit poo, the goose poo, the cat poo? I personally pick up my dog’s because I live in an apartment complex and the mess would be horrid and disgusting without it. But we still have droppings from wild animals everywhere (and the people who don’t clean up), and I cannot imagine that because they are eating our trash instead of dog food that the toxins would be much better.

    • Pat k

      Just puck up after your dog. There is no reason not to. It’s called being a responsible pet owner. No other explanation needed.

    • GazouTG

      I agree about picking up my dog poo, not doing so is just rude. But telling lies is just stupid (WWT will treat bacteria and viruses). It’s true they are not DESIGNED FOR dog wastes but wil work anyway. They’re not designed for a specific polluant, you could say the same lie for anything including pigeon crap ending up in surface water. Don’t mimic PETA don’t spread lies just to reach your goal. I’ve drinked far worse water treated with a handheld filter and chlorine drops or UV lamp, imagine what a WWT can do…And pick up after your dog.

    • Sammi10

      I wonder who cleans up after the bears, big horn sheep, deer, moose, elk,antelope, skunks, gophers, badgers,etc, etc…..

    • Rodney S

      I’m astounded by the insensitivity and irresponsibility of dog owners who don’t scoop. If I had a dog, I would never dream of leaving its crap on my neighbor’s lawns. People that do that are low-class slobs that need to be straightened-out by the local cops. Most communities have ordinances against not cleaning up dog waste.

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