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10 Dogs In A Texas Shelter Were Set To Be Euthanized Until The Public Stepped Up To Save Them All

| Published on December 17, 2019

Colorado City, Texas is one of those places where city laws put stray dogs at risk of euthanasia. This past week, 10 dogs residing at the City Of Colorado City Animal Control were at risk of being put down. This is not an uncommon problem, tragically.

A city ordinance dictates the admitted dogs can stay at the shelter for just 5 days. However, that timeline can be extended if individuals or other rescue organizations express interest in taking the dogs.

Along with photos of the hopeful looking dogs, the City Of Colorado City Animal Control shared a plea on Facebook for able people to save the dogs at risk.

“UPDATE- SHELTER IS FULL. All of these babies have until Monday to find homes, otherwise they will be euthanized. Please consider adopting this holiday season and saving a soul.”

The desperation in these dogs’ eyes is devastating. It’s like they know.

This particular shelter only has room to house 10 dogs total. That’s not much.

In an interview with KTXS, city Police Chief Charles Rice conceded the dogs probably could use more than 5 days to find their forever homes. It doesn’t seem fair.

Whether it was the Facebook post, the giving nature of the season, or the cameras depicting sad pups, all the dogs were rescued in time.

“According to Police Chief Charles Rice, all of the remaining dogs now have foster homes or are schedule to be adopted. The last dog is schedule to leave Friday morning. We appreciate everyone helping us to clean out the shelter and find forever homes for these babies.”

Still, people do wonder why this situation must continue to happen. Facebook user Shannon Buswell responded to the shelter’s update with a desire for change.

“I would hope that Colorado City would consider changing their policies regarding euthanization, and be receptive going forward to the support that has been offered by all the kind folks posting here, so maybe this situation doesn’t have to happen again.”

Another commenter, Cheryl Remington, echoed Buswell’s sentiment.

“Is there any chance that the city ordinance can be changed? 5 days isn’t much time and we all can agree that animals aren’t disposable. I’m so happy that they are all safe now.”

Will There Be An End To Animal Euthanasia?

Even though stories like this can be kind of a downer, it helps to know that in general the trend of euthanasia is in decline.

According to The New York Times, this is due in part to the success of the growing no-kill movement.

“Shelters increasingly use data to direct their resources, and they collaborate with a growing network of rescue groups and volunteers to fill in the gaps.”

Spaying and neutering also cuts down on kill rates.

To learn more about how you can get involved, check out The Humane Society’s page or the No Kill Advocacy Center for more information.


Featured Image: @City-of-Colorado-City-Animal-Control/Facebook

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