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10 Dogs In A Texas Shelter Were Set To Be Euthanized Until The Public Stepped Up To Save Them All

Colorado City, Texas is one of those places where city laws put stray dogs at risk of euthanasia. This past week, 10 dogs residing at the City Of Colorado City Animal Control were at risk of being put down. This is not an uncommon problem, tragically. A city ordinance dictates the admitted dogs can stay at the shelter for just 5 days. However, that timeline can be extended if individuals or other rescue organizations express interest in taking the dogs. … Read more

New Jersey Shelter Ignores Major Law In Treatment Of These Helpless Pups

Charges of animal cruelty and official mismanagement have been filed against two men for violations against state laws governing euthanasia at animal shelters in New Jersey. A total of 236 cats and 93 dogs were killed at Hamilton Township Animal Shelter prior to the required 7-day holding period. What the State Law Requires The laws regarding animal adoption and euthanasia in New Jersey are very clear. You don’t need a law degree to interpret the very simple and straight forward … Read more

UPDATE: Charges Brought Against Woman Who Kept “Euthanized” Dog For 5 Months

Updated 10/30/17: The Monmouth County, NJ branch of the SPCA has brought charges of animal cruelty against former veterinary technician, Andrea Oliveira. She is accused of taking a 15-year-old Miniature Pinscher named Caesar from Briarwood Veterinary Hospital where she worked and keeping him for 5 months. During that time, the dog’s owner, Keri Levy, believed he was deceased.   In May, Levy and Briarwood veterinarian, Dr. Menez came to the decision to euthanize Caesar due to his declining health and a … Read more

What Every Pet Parent Should Know Before Making This Heart-Wrenching Decision

The death of a pet is an incredibly painful experience and though it may not be socially acceptable to admit, it can hurt worse than losing a human friend. Few things ever hurt more than when decision to bring them to the end rests on your shoulders. If you see that your dog is in pain and your veterinarian cannot offer you any other options, it isn’t cruel to help your pet pass. In fact, we may feel selfish for … Read more

Family Spots Their Dog Online 6 Months After They Thought She Was Euthanized

2016 was a difficult year for Tawny Coates and her family. Tawny’s husband was sent to prison, they lost their home, and the family dog Zoey fell ill. The 10-year-old Boxer was suffering from seizures and had developed a tumor on her side that Tawny feared was cancerous. In November, the mother of three made the heart-wrenching decision to put Zoey to sleep. Too devastated to drive her to the vet, Tawny asked her father, Larry Coates to perform the … Read more

Family Spends Final Day With The Dog They’ll Never Forget

GIR came into AngryKitten66‘s life without warning. The Imgur user’s sister “got him as a fat puppy” and recruited her to help convince their parents to keep him. The siblings must have done a good job, because GIR – named for the robot dog in Invader ZIM –  spent 14 well-loved years with their family. Knowing that he was in pain, they decided to help their beloved companion cross the Rainbow Bridge. Today the time came to say goodbye, but not before … Read more

Rescuers Swoop In To Save Shelter Dog As He’s Being Euthanized

A big-eared pooch named Tiny reached the conclusion of his harrowing rescue story just one week after he narrowly avoided euthanasia at a Philadelphia shelter. A couple read his incredible story and were reminded of their previous dog who was also rescued just before being put to sleep. They fell in love with Tiny’s goofy face, and together the three of them have embarked on their new lives together. It’s a heartwarming happy ending that almost never happened. Tiny found … Read more

The End-Of-Life Option That All Pet Parents Should Consider

Helping your pet cross the Rainbow Bridge is an excruciating experience that many people cannot even bear to think about until the moment arrives. Although it hurts, planning ahead can help alleviate some of the stress and allow you to make an informed decision when your head is clear. One important option to consider is whether you would like to schedule a home euthanasia. Some veterinarians offer house calls for their patients, but appointments can be hard to come by due to … Read more

“Dangerous” Dog’s Death Sentence Stands Despite Pardon From Governor

An unprecedented case is making headlines and raising questions about dangerous dog laws. The fate of a 4-year-old Husky named Dakota remains undetermined as officials grapple with how to handle a gubernatorial pardon. Legal experts view the struggle as a sign that dogs are beginning to be treated less like property – as they are largely seen in the eyes of the law – and more like the sentient beings science has proven them to be. Many factors have stalled … Read more

Loyal Dog Found Guarding His Dead Owner Was Going To Be Put Down — Until Someone Stepped In

William still isn’t over what he’s been through. Just a day after being rescued from a Los Angeles shelter, he’s still glaring and growling at every hand that gets too close.   But can you blame this little dog? He was found still guarding his owner who had passed away. William may have been keeping that heartbreaking vigil for a week. When he was finally discovered and taken to the shelter, things managed to get even darker. Staff there deemed … Read more

Why Losing A Dog Can Be Even More Painful Than The Death Of A Loved One

Has a friend ever confided in you that the loss of their dog caused more grief than the death of a close relative? Have you ever felt this way yourself? Society has conditioned us to feel ashamed of such emotions, but research suggests we are more than justified when we deeply mourn the loss of a furry friend. When our first family dog, Spike passed away, my father suffered terribly. He would come home from work and just sit in … Read more

Vet Mistakenly Euthanizes Dog, But She Fights To Survive Against All Odds

Brittany Turnbill took her 8-year-old Shih Tzu, Sugar – whom she lovingly refers to as her “daughter” – to her local vet for a simple ear infection. But what began as a routine visit became a life or death emergency when an egregious mistake occurred. Instead of receiving medication for her ear infection, Sugar was somehow accidentally injected with a euthanasia drug. The veterinarian broke the horrifying news, telling Turnbill to take Sugar to an emergency clinic in Columbus, Ohio … Read more

Senator Pushes New Bill To Drastically Reduce The Number Of Shelter Animals Euthanized Each Year

Senator Kevin J. Rader of Florida certainly had the best of intentions when he proposed Senate Bill 1162. The Companion Animal Protection Act would require shelters to exhaust all possible alternatives before euthanizing any dog or cat. Roughly 3 million pets are put down in shelters each year. While we all want to see that number decrease, many critics fear the bill will create a whole new set of problems. MEET HARLEY! share the love Life is good…enjoy the ride! That … Read more

Couple Spreads The Word About This Accidental Poisoning After Tragically Losing Their Two Dogs

A Utah family wants pet owners to be aware of a winter hazard far more deadly than frostbite. Katrina Burrell and her husband said goodbye to their 2 dogs Monday morning after they were diagnosed with Ethylene glycol poisoning. The chemical is most commonly found in antifreeze and has a naturally sweet taste that attracts animals. It started last Saturday night when the couple noticed 9-year-old Pit Bull mix, Marley, and 1 1/2-year-old Terrier, Autumn acting drunk. They were stumbling, … Read more

Innocent Service Dog Avoids The “Death Penalty” Thanks To DNA Evidence

It’s a story perfectly suited for Law & Order: Canine Unit. Jeb, a 2-year-old Belgian Malinois, acts as a service dog to an elderly veteran, Kenneth Job. He was accused of killing a neighbor’s dog and sentenced to death by a St. Clair, Michigan judge. The Job family demanded a DNA test of the evidence and after 9 weeks in a tiny cage, Jeb was exonerated. The ordeal began on August 24, 2016, when Christopher Sawa found his 14-pound … Read more

Pilot Flies The East Coast Skies Rescuing Dogs From Kill Shelters

Jack Merritt describes his life’s passion as a sort of “underground railroad for dogs.” Along with his partner, Julie Altman, Merritt volunteers his time, money and talent to rescuing homeless pups in danger of euthanasia. He pilots his own aircraft to areas along the east coast where shelters are overcrowded and transports dogs back to Altman’s 6-acre Greenmore Animal Rescue in PA. Merritt and Altman recently hit the landmark of 1,000 dogs saved since beginning their mission in 2010. The … Read more

Land Swap With Former Marine Base Is Helping This County’s Animal Shelter Get A Fresh Start

Orange County, California will be getting a much needed and long overdue shelter revamp thanks to a county land swap agreement settled this week. Construction is set to begin in June 2017 on a brand new $25 million animal care facility. It will sit on 10 acres of land at the site of the former Tustin Marine Corps Air Station. The current OC Animal Care facility, constructed in 1941, has received public backlash for its rundown structure, overcrowding, inadequate staffing, … Read more