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Family Spends Final Day With The Dog They’ll Never Forget

Written by: Dina Fantegrossi
Dina Fantegrossi is the Assistant Editor and Head Writer for HomeLife Media. Before her career in writing, Dina was a veterinary technician for more than 15 years.Read more
| Published on June 11, 2017

GIR came into AngryKitten66‘s life without warning. The Imgur user’s sister “got him as a fat puppy” and recruited her to help convince their parents to keep him. The siblings must have done a good job, because GIR – named for the robot dog in Invader ZIM –  spent 14 well-loved years with their family. Knowing that he was in pain, they decided to help their beloved companion cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Today the time came to say goodbye, but not before GIR’s family gave their beloved pet a proper sendoff.

Image Credit: Imgur/AngryKitten66


Yesterday was devoted to honoring GIR. The original poster (OP) explained that the loss is especially hard for her father, who forged a tight bond with the little terrier over the past several years.

Image Credit: Imgur/AngryKitten66


The two best buds shared a final game of tug…

Image Credit: Imgur/AngryKitten66


And plenty of quiet moments reflecting on their time together.

Image Credit: Imgur/AngryKitten66


The OP’s nieces and nephews – who have all grown up with GIR – came over to share a final snuggle.

Image Credit: Imgur/AngryKitten66


The family shared some favorite memories, like GIR’s hatred for snow…

Image Credit: Imgur/AngryKitten66


And love of space heaters!

Image Credit: Imgur/AngryKitten66


To top off the evening, they treated GIR to one of his favorite snacks – bacon!

Image Credit: Imgur/AngryKitten66


Dog lovers all over the world can relate to what the OP and her family are going through today, making this simple story and tender photos all the more touching.

Image Credit: Imgur/AngryKitten66


How many of us have brought home a backyard puppy or a stray dog and begged our parents to accept him or her into our family?

Image Credit: Imgur/AngryKitten66


How many have gone off to college and entrusted our beloved companions to our parents, then watched as they developed a beautiful friendship in our absence?

Image Credit: Imgur/AngryKitten66


This story is everyone’s story, because it has an ending we will all one day face. But, the sorrow is worth it for all the love and joy they bring us.

And according to the OP, GIR “lived a long spoiled life.”

Image Credit: Imgur/AngryKitten66


Now that their time has come to an end, she had these final words to say:

“All of our hearts are breaking but we know that he’ll finally be pain free and will wait for us on the other side of the rainbow bridge. Rest in peace old man.”


H/T & All Images via Imgur/AngryKitten66

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