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10 Must Have Items When Traveling With Your Dog

More and more places are becoming dog-friendly, which is great for us. That means we can take our beloved pooches with us pretty much wherever we go! Not only can boarding and pet sitting be very expensive, we often hear horror stories about things gone wrong with people we don’t know taking care of our dogs. While this isn’t usually the case, it is something to keep in mind. Besides, how often do we just want to take our dogs with us? Pretty much always. Whether you’re going on a day hike or flying into another country, there are some must-have items we think are important to take along. So if you’re planning on traveling with your dogs, take a look at our list below!

#1 – Collar & ID Tags/Microchip


Proper identification is essential even at home, but it’s especially important when you’re traveling. You never know if your dog is going to get loose, and the last thing you want is your pup in a foreign place without any identification. If your pup goes missing, your chances of getting him back are quite slim. Collars with updated dog ID tags are a great idea, but don’t forget that they can often slip off your dog’s neck. Microchips are an excellent way to ensure your dog has proper ID on him all day, every day. In fact, since we’re extra cautious, we recommend both the tags and the microchip. Just make sure to keep your information up to date!

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