14 Before & After Photos Of Dogs And Their Best Friends Growing Up Together

You probably have photos of yourself with your childhood friends and enjoy looking at the difference between then and now. It’s really amazing to see how we grow and change, but also how we stay the same! Humans aren’t the only creatures capable of making and keeping lifelong friends. In fact, many owners are sharing before and after photos of their pets growing up together. They’re too precious not to show the world, so we’ve compiled an adorable list for you!


Hi friends We have some news to share Mom’s work will be moving us back to Los Angeles come the new year. It’s been exactly a year since we moved to NYC and boy will we miss you This year was more special than we could have dreamed, the most special being Rue. We were able to find & adopt a baby girl that fits so perfectly in our little family that sometimes I believe that’s why we were brought here. So, although we will be sad to leave this beautiful city, we are so excited for warm sunny California! Onto the next adventure! #easttowest #turningrueintoawestsidegirl #bubbalovesrue #animaloftheday #thedailykitten #kitten #kittensofinstagram #catsofinstagram #pitbull #pitbullsofinstagram #pitbulladvocate #dontbullymybreed #dogsofinstagram #petsofinstagram #thedailydose #barkpost #thedodo #bestcats_oftheworld #furrendsupclose #bestmeow #meowbox #gingerkitty #interspeciesfriendship #videobyanimals #pawpack #bullymake #bullymatrix #sniffandbarkens @the_bubbstagram

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Image source: Bored Panda
Image source: Bored Panda


Three months later.


Just Add Water


Still Best Friends


It’s not a tumor… it’s a #GuineaPig # #

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The night mum knew Philly and I would be best friends and the night I knew I’d protect him and love him forever.

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Saying goodbye to our babies for three whole weeks For some of you that already follow me on @jennifer__jane you will know we are off to New York! Which is SO amazing and we are so excited! (It was a surprise birthday present from my husband) But I haaattteee leaving the boys! I’m dying to meet my first ever Pitbull in NYC though!! I’m going to be stalking allllll the parks trying to find some! So now, we’ve decided to hand our @the_blueboys Instagram entirely over to the boys and let them take it from here. (I’m just about to hand Dazzy the phone) So for the next three weeks you will get to see what they get up to direct from the horses mouth! Hopefully they act responsibly whilst home alone….. (obvs they aren’t really home alone but we are pretending they are just run with it ) See our goodbyes on snapchat this morning the_blueboys and my dear mother will be snapping them daily for you all.

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Osiris adores Pocket. #osiristhedog #pockettherat

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Happy Monday!

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Friends forever


Cuddle sesh?

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“And we’ll always be friends forever. Won’t we?”

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Careful what you wish for… #motherducker

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Remember when this was just an average Sunday? Now before you ask for “any updates” on the ducklings I can tell you that they are doing marvellously in their forever home down in Berry. They are now fully grown, big black beautiful ducks with real wings that carry them into flight now and then. They spend their days with their feathered, canine, goat & human family either waddling around the property or swimming on the dam annnnnnnd they even lay the occasional egg or two! Like real ducks! No, Fatty & I have not had time to go visit and no we don’t have any update photos to share with you right now. While the idea for us to visit is still possibly on the cards it is going to be tricky because lets face it, two grown big black duckers may not make for the most ideal reunion with two city furry bros. And as we’re a very busy pack here at HQ, timing for catch ups with ex-foster sibs is a hard thing to juggle and usually only happens when our ex-foster sibs can come to us. Not sure that Peg & Pop are up for a 6 hour there and back road or air trip. #flashbackmotherduckers

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