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21 Dog Breeds That Will Chew On Everything You Hold Dear


Any dog might decide to chew up your favorite shoes if he gets bored, but some breeds are notorious chewers. If you already have one of the breeds on this list, you might be familiar with their tendencies to chew. If you’re deciding what breed would best suit your family, keep in mind that the dogs on this list may need a little bit more attention, exercise, or training to avoid chewing things they shouldn’t. With that in mind, here are 21 dog breeds that love to chew.

#1 – Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds were bred to spend all day in the fields herding sheep. They have endless amounts of energy, and if you don’t give them enough exercise, they may decide to expend that energy chewing on things they shouldn’t. A tired Aussie is less likely to have enough energy to chew on things they shouldn’t. If your Aussie is prone to chewing, try giving them more exercise and see if it helps.

#2 – Basset Hound

Basset Hounds are a breed prone to separation anxiety, and they are likely to act out their anxiety by chewing on anything in sight. Try leaving them with a Comfort Cuddler or working with a professional trainer to reduce their anxiety. That just may be enough to stop your Basset from eating your favorite pair of panties.

#3 – Beagle

Beagles LOVE to eat. Left to their own devices, they will follow their nose to anything they perceive to be edible. Try leaving them with a toy stuffed with peanut butter and frozen or a puzzle toy that they have to roll around to release treats or kibble so they have something appropriate to much on when you’re gone.

#4 – Border Collie

Another herding dog, Border Collies not only have a neverending supply of energy, but they’re also one of the smartest dog breeds. Without enough exercise or mental stimulation, they might decide to find out what the inside of your sofa looks like. Border Collies excel at dog sports like FlyBall and Agility.

#5 – Boxer

The clowns of the dog world, Boxers have a high energy level and are also prone to separation anxiety. It’s a recipe for disaster to leave an under-exercised Boxer home alone all day while you work. If you work long hours, consider taking your Boxer to doggie daycare a few days a week to help him burn off some energy and be kept busy instead of bored and lonely.

#6 – Bulldog

Bulldogs love their families so much that they tend to suffer from separation anxiety. An anxious Bulldog may take his frustration out on your decorative pillows while you’re gone. Try tiring your Bulldog out with an extra long walk before you leave him alone for the day.

#7 – Chihuahua

People often underestimate how much exercise and attention small dogs like Chihuahuas actually need. Chihuahuas are prone to lack of exercise, boredom, separation anxiety, and nervousness, and they can relieve all of those by nibbling on the shoelaces of your favorite pair of running shoes. Try doubling the length of your walks and see if they extra exercise helps reduce your Chihuahua’s destructiveness.

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