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22 Super-Duper Border Collies We’re Excited To Share


Big Thanks to the I Love My Border Collie Community on FB for sending us their pics.

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Ahmo by Melina S.
Photo credit: “Ahmo” by Melinda S.


Bow and Belle by June T.
Photo credit: “Bow and Belle” by June T.


Bruce by Chris O.
Photo credit: “Bruce” by Chris O.


Buck by Kacy P.
Photo credit: “Buck” by Kacy P.


Copper by Kara D.
Photo credit: “Copper” by Kara D.


Dash by Renae W.
Photo credit: “Dash” by Renae W.


Doreen S.
Photo credit: Doreen S.


Guess by Aure L.
Photo credit: “Guess” by Aure L.


Gypsy by Kate O.
Photo credit: “Gypsy” by Kate O.


Hadjy by Letou H.
Photo credit: “Hadjy” by Letou H.


Harley by Teuf C.
Photo credit: “Harley” by Teuf C.


Heath by Paul W.
Photo credit: “Heath” by Paul W.


Jazz by Mathilde M.
Photo credit: “Jazz” by Mathilde M.


Kira by Maike B.
Photo credit: “Kira” by Maike B.


Leelu by Katherine N.
Photo credit: “Leelu” by Katherine N.


Mario B.
Photo credit: Mario B.


Marley by Ted M.
Photo credit: “Marley” by Ted M.


Ringo by Joe R.
Photo credit: “Ringo” by Joe R.


Saara A.
Photo credit: Saara A.


Sampson by Valerie M.
Photo credit: “Sampson” by Valerie M.


Shellie C. 2
Photo credit: Shellie C.


Shellie C.
Photo credit: Shellie C.

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Written by Katie Finlay
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