3 Ways To Spoil Your Dog On National Dog Day

August 26 is National Dog Day! We here at iHeartDogs believe that every day is a good day to celebrate your dog, and since Americans spend more than $60 billion a year on their pets, we think most people agree with us. Still, spoiling your dog too much every day can lead to health and behavioral problems, so it’s never a bad idea to pull back on extra snacks and toys on most days, then splurge a little extra each August.

Here are some great ways to spoil your dog today:

#1 – Try some new treats

Too many treats every day can cause a lot of health problems for your dog. Today, why don’t you take the opportunity to let your dog try several new treats so you can pick something they love to spoil them in smaller amounts every day? If you usually give your dog dry biscuit treats, they might love sweet potato and cranberry or bacon and liver treats. Dogs that are used to rawhide might love a switch to safer, healthier bully sticks. Dogs that hate having their teeth brushed can be spoiled with dental treats. And dogs that balk at their kibble might love tasty, nutritious food topper the iHeartDogs pups go crazy for!

#2 – Buy them some new toys

Dogs can get bored with the same toys after a while. Boredom can lead to destructive behavior, weight problems from not exercising enough, and depression. If your dog loves to fetch, try giving them a different type of ball to add to their enjoyment. If they usually don’t like to play by themselves, you can join playtime with a rope toy for tug-of-war. If your dog loves squeaky toys, why not consider buying one that also donates one to a shelter dog?

#3 – Do something exciting with them

Take them to the dog park – or any park. Take them on a road trip. Give them ice cream – or better yet, frozen yogurt since it’s easier on their digestion. Give them a doggy massage. Take them to their favorite dog-friendly store. There are plenty of things you can do with your dog that are outside of her daily routine!

You know you don’t need an excuse to spoil your dog, but why not use National Spoil Your Dog Day to shower your dog with over-the-top love and affection?

(H/T: Fox11 News, National Today)

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