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5 Stocking Stuffers To Delight Your Pup & Brighten A Shelter Dog’s Holiday

‘Tis the season for giving, and your furry best friend deserves a top spot on your shopping list.

Our noble pups ask nothing more from us than our love and affection – that’s why they deserve so much more. These 5 stocking stuffers will show your pooch how much you care and spread some joy to shelter dogs in need!

For every toy you purchase from iHeartDogs, a durable toy – perfect for all sizes and breed mixes – will be donated to a shelter dog awaiting its forever home through our Project Play™ program.

Why are toys so important to pups in shelters? The sad fact is that shelter dogs often become depressed and despondent, and their melancholy demeanor prevents them from being chosen by potential adopters.

Providing toys allows families to see the true, playful nature buried inside these beautiful animals and imagine the fun they will have sharing their lives together. In a nutshell, play changes everything!

1. Bully Sticks, $14.99

Every dog craves the healthy & protein packed flavor of bully sticks!

2. Brite Bite Brushing Stick, $16.99

Your pooch will have no idea his teeth are getting cleaner as he chews! The innovative design and rigid rubber bristles massage the gums, grind away plaque and loosen tartar. The Brite Bite Brushing Stick is also perfect for scrubbing those tough-to-reach back molars.

Give it to your dog as-is and allow the peppermint scent to naturally freshen away puppy breath or insert pet-safe toothpaste along the side grooves and watch as your buddy happily gnaws his way to a healthier mouth!


3. iHeart My Dog Stuffable Treat Toy, $12.99

Made from pet-safe, natural rubber, this adorable heart-shaped toy is perfect for tossing, gnawing or filling with your pup’s favorite snack. The iHeartDogs logo will remind you of the life-changing contribution your purchase provided to a deserving shelter dog.

The iHeart My Dog Stuffable Treat Toy pairs perfectly with our Grain Free Triple Enzyme Dental Sticks and Pure Antarctic Krill Sticks.


4. PAWtomic™ Unpredictable Bouncing Ball, $12.99

The Pawtomic™ ball was designed based on the needs of both small and large breed dogs. It is made to endure powerful jaws and keeps pups engaged with its unpredictable bounce patterns. The ball comes in a variety of colors!


5. Doggie Dice™, $14.99

Once we learned about the bonding power of play from our shelter partners, it was only natural to create a toy that helps strengthen the relationship between human and dog. The squeaky Doggy Dice™ features six activities to enjoy with your favorite pooch – Hugs, Kisses, #Selfie, Belly Rub, Treat, and Toss Again.

Simply toss the dice and follow the instructions on the top side. If your pooch is too excited to let his new toy fall, reward him with what the dice reads when he brings it back instead!

Doggie Dice™ are perfect for indoor entertainment on snowy days and teaching the “drop it” command.

Check out the entire line of Project Play™ toys here!



Featured Image via Flickr/Alexander Day

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Written by Dina Fantegrossi
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