Paralyzed Dog Abandoned by Her Family Miraculously Learns to Love and Walk Again

This is the story of one dog, two bum legs, one chance taken, and one bona fide miracle. And a lot—I mean, a lot—of love. Her hind legs dragged the ground behind her, matted with excrement, mud, urine. She crawled from person to person in the room as they struggled to find something to do with her, her movements looking more like a seal than a dog. Her tail lay under her, a filthy, useless appendage. The smile never left … Read more

Daughter Continues To Care For Stray Her Father Loved Before He Died

On April 16, Johnny the stray lost his best friend in the world. But the love and kindness that existed between the two lives on. From the beginning, the two had seemed a pair. When the stray first showed up in the neighborhood, Nurul Ain and her father named him Johnny and began leaving him food. “A few years ago, this dog appeared in front of our house. At first we were just feeding him because he was so thin,” … Read more

Rescue Dog Adopted After 2,381 Days in Shelter – Sometimes Dreams Do Come True

The 22-year-old man stepped inside the shelter and looked around. “I’m here to take Higgins home,” he said. Higgins had been waiting over six and a half years for someone to say that. To put it in perspective, six and a half years is roughly 2,381 days. It’s 57,144 hours. It’s 3,428,460 minutes. For Higgins, who had once thought he’d found his forever home and been cruelly deceived, it was a lifetime. Higgins was only a year old when he … Read more

Cupid, Draw Back Your Bow: Boy and Rescue Pup Adopted on Same Day

After seven years of being a stepfather, the day had finally arrived. Thomas Banzhof was able to officially adopt his stepson, Gabe, 10. “From the start he [Thomas] and Gabe instantly bonded,” Jessica, Gabe’s mother, said. “That was his son…the adoption just sealed the deal.” “I was just thinking, ‘Wow, he’s officially my father,’” Gabe said. “The judge asked my son, ‘Is this what you want?’ And he said, ‘Absolutely,’” Jessica stated. “Then she asked him why and he said, … Read more

Dog Finds New Life After Abusers Do The Unthinkable

There is evil in this world. No one will ever know who ripped Da Hei’s paws completely off. No one will ever know how it was done, or most bewilderingly, why. The 7-year-old Siberian Husky would not understand even if he were given these answers. He would only know, then as he does now, that someone hurt him, excruciatingly, and that he could not make it stop. That it seemed to go on forever, and that his only choice was … Read more

Man Willing to Sell Car and Lose Job to Save His Canine Friend

R&B musician Randy Etter knew something was wrong with his dog, Gemini, when the pup began vomiting. Also concerning was the rapid weight loss—from 95 to 70lbs—Gemini had experienced over a very short period of time. The culprit? An intestinal blockage caused by swallowing a plastic bottle top three weeks earlier while playing. The verdict? Dire. Gemini is going to die today if he doesn’t have surgery, the vet told Etter as they sat in the exam room. The price? … Read more

Cruelty on the Cliffs of Cornwall as Terrified Pup Is Thrown into the Sea

From the ancient Romans to modern vacationers seeking relaxation in a quiet corner of rural Britain, the mist-wreathed cliffs of Cornwall have always possessed a certain allure. It seems difficult to imagine such a beautiful setting the scene of anything needlessly mean or abusive. But looks can be deceiving. On this day, near the coastal town of Falmouth, there is no mist. Only a clear view far out across the English Channel and a young man perched on a rocky … Read more

Adorable New Puppy Helps Mend Hearts Broken by Tragedy

When Miguel and Ada Rojas stepped out into the warmth of a South Florida morning, they had no idea what lay in store for them. Both nearing 90, the West Miami couple expected a slow, relaxing walk with their 3-year-old Chihuahua, Gucci. Beneath the rustling palms shading their path, cooled by a breeze fresh off the Atlantic, they had no reason to suspect that danger prowled nearby. But prowl it did, in the form of two stray dogs. There was … Read more

Nebraska Cellist Gets Surprising Reaction From Shelter Dogs

When Johann Bach composed his famous Cello Suites in the 18th century, he probably never anticipated that one day, thanks to the musical ability and caring heart of Cheryl Wallace, some of his most attentive fans would be dogs. As Wallace takes the stage—a simple chair in the center of the kennel—at the Town and Country Humane Society in Papillion, the barking swells to its crescendo. The arrival of a new person, after all, is cause for celebration. But after … Read more