Cruelty on the Cliffs of Cornwall as Terrified Pup Is Thrown into the Sea

From the ancient Romans to modern vacationers seeking relaxation in a quiet corner of rural Britain, the mist-wreathed cliffs of Cornwall have always possessed a certain allure. It seems difficult to imagine such a beautiful setting the scene of anything needlessly mean or abusive. But looks can be deceiving.

On this day, near the coastal town of Falmouth, there is no mist. Only a clear view far out across the English Channel and a young man perched on a rocky outcropping above the water. He grips a squirming black and white dog tightly in his arms. But this is not an embrace born of love or affection.


His friend films it all.

The boy steadies his footing. He’s careful not to lose his balance.

The dog’s trembling legs flail to no effect as it’s hoisted high into the air. The low chuckles of the cameraman, reminiscent of a schoolyard bully, seem especially cruel in the presence of such helplessness.

And then, without ceremony, the boy hurls the dog into the sea.

Another shriek of laughter can be heard from the person behind the camera.


The pup is thankfully thrown clear of the cliffside, splashing down instead into the cold water far below. The camera zooms in as he struggles toward shore, drenched, frightened, but most importantly, alive. The cameraman giggles at the scene as the video comes to an end.


But the search for justice has just begun.

Concerned dog-lovers have taken to the Internet to voice their anger. Falmouth police, however, urge caution.

“This matter is being investigated but please appreciate that we need to do this effectively without intrusion or inappropriate comments. The investigation is ongoing and enquiries are continuing.”

When asked about the well-being of the dog, police responded:

“The dog has been checked over and is uninjured.”

A spokesperson for the RSCPA has also spoken out about the shocking incident. “We are very concerned about this…and would like to reassure people we are looking into it.”

H/T: Daily Mail
Featured photo: screenshot/YouTube

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