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Five Puppies Jumped Around Excitedly, Tipping The Box Next To Busy Road

Written by: Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt is an avid dog lover and writer for, and has a background as a veterinary technician. She rescued a beautiful former bait dog named Rory.Read more
| Published on April 26, 2024

With so many sad and unresolved stories plastered on social media and news outlets, it’s a relief to read something that has a happy ending. We know that animal abandonment is cruel. However, for some dog owners, they feel they have no other choice. Shelters are overwhelmed, often turning dogs away in need. Rehoming is also difficult. There is NO excuse to abandon an animal, but sometimes people feel they have no other choice. With the cost of living going up and homeowners being displaced, we are seeing a rise in animal abandonment. It is our job to support local rescues and foster animals so this act of cruelty doesn’t happen… EVER!


A litter of Border Collie mix puppies was left in a cardboard box beside a busy road, unaware of the peril they were in. They were dangerously close to tipping the box over, and if that were to happen, they could’ve been hit by a car. As they played, their rambunctious activity drew the attention of a concerned passerby who recognized the danger due to the proximity of the traffic. He immediately contacted the ISPCA, prompting a swift rescue operation.

Upon arrival, the ISPCA team, led by Trish Spargo, quickly transported the puppies to the ISPCA Animal Care Center. Trish condemned the abandonment, labeling it as “extremely irresponsible and cowardly,” and called for the public to report any related information. At the vet, the puppies were diagnosed with parasites but were otherwise healthy. They were bathed and treated for their condition by the ISPCA volunteers, who took delight in watching them play and explore their new environment at the center. The puppies, named Sean, Stephanie, Michelle, Brendan, and Gaza, enjoyed their time at the facility, especially playing with the variety of dog toys available.


After recovering and receiving their initial vaccinations, the puppies were ready to be adopted. They quickly found loving homes, where they were embraced with affection and began thriving in their new lives. These fortunate puppies found their forever homes, but the story highlights a broader issue. Many animals aren’t as lucky, and with shelters facing an influx of abandoned and surrendered animals, the need for community support is greater than ever.

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