Dog Waited Seven Days At Side Of Road Because His Owner Said ‘Stay’

Few words mean more to a faithful dog than ‘stay.’ It is, in many ways, the ultimate test of a dog’s devotion. And the depths of their love. Luke had all of those things in spades. Pity his owner didn’t. People at a restaurant in Moscow, Russia saw the German shepherd get dropped off along the road. With a simple, curt command, the owner told the dog to stay. Then he drove away. The owner never came back.   “A … Read more

Sweetest Senior Golden Saved From Dog Meat Festival

Ahead of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China, dozens of dogs are safe now due to one rescue organization’s hard work — including the sweetest senior golden retriever. Every June in China, thousands of innocent dogs are sent to slaughter because people consume dog meat to mark the summer solstice. Before they are killed for food, dogs are kept in tiny wire cages and transported without food or water for days. Sadly, some don’t even survive the trip to … Read more

Man Rescues Severely Matted Dogs Thought To Be A Pile Of Rags

In Winchester in Hampshire County, UK, a construction worker named Matt Southcott was walking by a street when he saw a pile of rags. He didn’t pay much attention to it, because hey, why would anyone bother with a pile of rags on the side of the road? But what shocked him was when he saw the rags move. At first he thought they were sheep since their hair were so matted that they were unrecognizable. It turns out, what … Read more

Dog Left For Dead Leaps Into The Arms Of The Man Who Saved Him

You would be hard-pressed to catch anyone leaving Super Bowl LI early. Last February’s football matchup was an eyes-glued-to-the-TV kind of game: The New England Patriots were making an unprecedented last-minute comeback. And Mike Diesel was as big a fan as anyone. “It was the fourth quarter,” he tells iHeartDogs. “And Brady had just made his first touchdown for the comeback and I was at a party watching the game.” Then he saw something on Facebook and left the party … Read more

Firefighters Rescue Two Puppies Trapped In Underground Tortoise Den

On Monday, firefighters in Yucca Valley, California, responded to a distress call of two puppies trapped inside a tortoise den. For those of us who are unfamiliar with these archaic desert creatures, tortoises dig their burrows in the dirt and sand. And while generally shallow, they can occasionally tunnel upwards of thirty feet in length. One such burrow that exists just outside of a Yucca Valley home is occupied by a one-hundred-pound tortoise named Oscar. This particular tortoise is looked … Read more

United States Shelters Fill Up With Beagles From Testing Facilities

Beagles rescued from testing facility

In a matter of days, several humane societies across the United States received a large transport of Beagles from a testing facility. The Beagles were bred specifically for testing, so the groups included many puppies and adult females. Now, these dogs will receive love for the first time in their lives. It’s unclear if all these Beagles are from the same testing facility, but it seems like an unusual coincidence if they’re not. Due to ongoing investigations, none of the … Read more

Rescuers Discover 16 Dogs Chained Deep In The Woods Without Food, Water Or Shelter

When rescuers arrived on scene and saw that 16 dogs were inhumanly chained up in the woods and living in horrific conditions, they knew exactly what they needed to do.  Being left alone without any food, water, or proper shelter motivated Kansas Animal Services to prioritize doing whatever it took to free every pup from their heavy chains and get them to safety. After obtaining a search warrant, investigators were finally able to inspect the location where the pups were … Read more

Rescuers Offer $2500 Reward In Horrific Case Of Memphis Dog Burned Alive

Earlier this week, members of a Memphis, Tennessee, neighborhood ran out into the streets to find an absolutely harrowing scene: a young dog, screaming in agony, running full-speed down the road on fire. Burning flames floating atop her body, neighbors ran to her rescue with garden hoses and buckets of pool water, attempting to put out the roaring blaze. The Memphis Police Department was immediately called to the scene, and the injured pup, since named Riona, was taken to Bluff … Read more

Dog Trapped In Outdoor Pen For Weeks After Owner’s Death

Dog's owner died suddenly

Most dogs love being outside, but not when they have no choice but to stay put. A German Shepherd named Gunner was enclosed in a pen in his human’s yard, but then, his 64-year-old owner died suddenly when no one was around. Gunner was trapped outside with no one to give him his basic needs. Gunner’s dad was dead for close to a month by the time someone found him. The exhausted dog miraculously survived that whole time, but he … Read more

Lost Dog Held Hostage By Suspicious Elderly Women

Lost Chihuahua

Finding a lost dog is tricky. After all, a dog on the run can make a lot of distance on foot. Many lost dogs are also too scared to let humans help them. But with Taco the Chihuahua mix, that wasn’t the case at all. When Taco ran off, he didn’t make it far from home. Yet, it still took his mom nearly two weeks to find him. That’s because, along the way, a group of elderly women decided to … Read more

“Fun Size” Rescue Dog Beats The Odds Thanks To Her Devoted Foster Mom

On June 22,  Onslow County Animal Services (OCAS) in Jackson, North Carolina picked up an emaciated, nearly-hairless stray dog with a severe case of Demodectic mange. Adoption First Animal Rescue specializes in saving death row dogs from euthanasia. They pulled the pitiful pup out of the shelter and placed her with one of their seasoned foster moms, Heather Corradino-Llantada.   The moment she took the dog in her arms, Heather knew something more serious than skin mites was wrong. The poor pup … Read more

‘Skeleton’ Dog Found Locked Inside Cage At Abandoned Doggy Daycare Is So Glad To Be Safe

Local authorities are investigating the mysterious circumstances surrounding a starving dog who was found locked inside a kennel at an abandoned doggy daycare center in Vancouver, British Columbia.  The staff at the British Columbia SPCA was shocked to see the nearly skeletal dog when he was brought into the shelter. His hair was so overgrown, and upon shaving his matted fur, they could see nearly every bone in his body.  It’s not clear how or why the dog, now named … Read more

Lucky Pup Survives Vicious Attack by Cowardly Bullies

Golden Retriever Bobby with sliced face

Trigger warning: a pup was harmed in this story. If you can’t stand the thought of a dog in pain, skip to the end of this story to see a thriving pooch. A Golden Retriever overcame the odds after sick pranksters sliced the puppy’s mouth to look like The Joker from the film Batman: The Dark Knight.  The six-month-old dog, named Bobby, was left in dire straits. Rescuers in South Korea found the dog with her mouth tied with rope and wounds … Read more

Old Dog Survived On Rocks And Bones For 15 Days Waiting For Someone To Save Him

Despite being an old dog, Tony always seemed a little at odds with the world. He was afraid of grass. He walked as if on tip toes. He forgot things. Maybe that’s because Tony grew up in a world that he would sooner like to forget — a crumbling shelter in Israel, sharing a kennel with rocks and knee-deep mud.   But that all changed when a Canadian rescue group, Dog Tales Rescue and Sanctuary, decided to fly these ailing … Read more

After 11 Years In A Puppy Mill, Rescued Senior Dog Finally Rests In A Bed

When greed and selfish motives overcome love and compassion, the result is almost always tragic. Puppy mills are one such tragic result of this corruption of mankind. These are horrible places where dogs are forced to breed over and over again. Many of these poor dogs are kept in wire cages for their entire lives, so they don’t even know what it feels like to be a dog – to feel loved. Their health and wellbeing is sadly not maintained, so … Read more

Disabled Dog Is Cruelly Abandoned On The Street Twice In One Day

A CCTV camera in  Sao Leopoldo in the southern Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul captured heartbreaking footage of a disabled dog being cruelly abandoned by his owner. Sadly, it was only the first of two such incidents that occurred that same day. The dog, dubbed TinTin by rescuers, was found by a good Samaritan and returned to his family, only to be dumped in another location hours later. A Double Abandonment The video shows a woman in a … Read more

Dog Thrown Over Rescue’s Fence Suffered Years Of Abuse & Neglect

Neglected Shih Tzu thrown over fence

After only a few days, a Shih Tzu named Parker is unrecognizable. When rescuers found her, she was severely matted to the point where it was unclear what kind of dog she was. It looked like someone had neglected her for years and then tossed her over the fence of a local animal rescue. Veterinarians say that Parker is one of the most extreme neglect cases they’ve ever seen. She might have never had a loving home before, so the … Read more

Update: Mastiff With Terminal Cancer Is Adopted During Her Final Days

Mae the French Mastiff was found as a stray in Indiana. She was incredibly skinny with all her rib bones clearly visible. When Southern Indiana Animal Rescue came to pick her up, they found that she was only 70 pounds when she should’ve been about 140. However, the rescue later learned that her weight wasn’t even her worst problem. Poor Mae was diagnosed with terminal cancer, given between 2 weeks and 2 months to live. The rescue knew that Mae … Read more

Terrified Puppy Found Abandoned On Bench With Heartbreaking Note

Dog abandoned on bench

A helpless puppy was found tied to a bench in Mexico, unable to move. He had no food and no water, but he was too terrified to let anyone approach him. The only explanation of his heartbreaking past was a note in Spanish, which seemed to be written by a child. This poor puppy thought his life was coming to an end that day, but animal rescuers refused to give up on him. They helped show him how amazing life … Read more

Puppy Recovers From Cuts To The Bone After Someone Hair-Tied Her Muzzle Shut

Puppy with hair tie around muzzle

Some kind strangers found a puppy with a hair tie so tight around her muzzle that her face was incredibly swollen. They rushed her to Cincinnati Animal CARE, where they removed the hair tie and gave her a health checkup. Underneath the hair tie, the puppy had a nasty gash that went all the way down to the bone. The shelter posted graphic photos of the puppy’s snout but assured their followers that she will be fine. Animal lovers are … Read more

Pittie Found In Ditch Missing Ears Thanks The Rescuers Who Saved His Life

In January of 2020, York County Animal Control in South Carolina received a call about a dog abandoned by the side of a dirt road. Right away it was clear this poor dog had been through a lot. Scooter, as he would soon be called, was used as a bait dog. He’d been tied up by his back legs and hung from a tree so fighting dogs could learn how to fight by attacking him. As a result of this … Read more

Mechanic Pulls Backpack Out Of Dumpster And Finds Abused Puppy

Mechanic saves puppy from dumpster

A mechanic known as R.J. recently saved a life on a typical workday. While working at a Midas auto shop in Shakopee, Minnesota, he heard a thumping sound coming from the dumpster. At first, he assumed it was a raccoon searching for a snack, but something compelled him to check. R.J.’s curiosity ended up saving the life of an innocent puppy, who had been abused before winding up in the trash bin. If R.J. hadn’t been so observant, the puppy … Read more

Two-Legged Puppy Brings Excitement To Senior Dog Sanctuary

Two-legged puppy with senior dogs

A puppy named Joey was born without any front legs, but he doesn’t realize he’s different. He still has just as much love and energy as any other young pup. Yet, since his needs are a little more complex than the average puppy, he needed a special place to call home. So, Joey is currently staying at a senior dog sanctuary, where he’s bringing “new life” to the elderly and terminally ill residents. The organization named him Joey because he … Read more

Meet The Underdogs & Wonderdogs Of This Year’s “American Rescue Dog Show”

On Wednesday, May 25th, rescue dogs from across the country gathered to compete in one of the world’s most prestigious (and adorable) dog show competitions: The Fifth Annual American Rescue Dog Show. And while the competition categories for this show may be slightly different than those of, say, the famous Westminster Dog Show, the competition is equally “ruff.”  Competitors of all shapes and sizes gathered on stage Wednesday to battle for one of seven titles. Categories included Best in Snoring, Best in … Read more

Strangers Step In To Save Dog Intentionally Dragged Behind Car

Pit Bull dragged behind car

When some people spotted a Pit Bull mix being dragged behind a moving vehicle in Ohio, they knew they had to act fast. There was no doubt in their minds that the act was blatant animal abuse. If those good Samaritans hadn’t witnessed the horrific event and reported it, the dog would’ve died from severe injuries. The dog is currently on the road to recovery, but she’s very friendly and optimistic, considering everything she’s been through. No dog should have … Read more

Stray Puppy With Natural Human-Like Eyebrows Finds A Forever Home

Some humans spend a lot of time making sure they have perfectly shaped eyebrows. However, for Betty the rescue dog, her beautiful eyebrows aren’t high-maintenance at all. At first glance, they might appear fake, but she was actually born that way. Sadly, she was rejected by her first parents due to her unusual appearance, but she has grown so much since then and she’s embraced her beautiful coloring. When she was only five months old, Betty was found wandering the … Read more

Breeder Surrenders Playful Dachshund With Five Legs To Shelter

HeartDogs works closely with to donate a portion of sales to their various charity efforts. Through the Rescue Bank program, thousands of shelter dogs and cats each year are able to have food, provided by Greater Good Charities. Thanks to the support of customers like you, happy endings like the one below are made possible. Cinco means five in Spanish — and that’s just how many legs this unique Dachshund pup has.  That also happens to be his name. … Read more

UPDATE: Formerly Neglected Dog Overcomes Challenges In Loving Home

Ethan is doing well

Ethan the rescue dog has become a social media star after enduring a painful past and making a miraculous recovery. When the Kentucky Humane Society first found him, he was abandoned in a parking lot and 50 pounds underweight. But after reaching a healthy weight and maintaining a positive attitude, Ethan was adopted by the facilities director of the shelter. Ethan has had many challenges even after getting adopted, but his loving family has helped him through them. He will … Read more

Scared, Abandoned Pittie Wouldn’t Leave The Cardboard Box He Was Found In

Usually, it’s an adorable photo op when our dogs climb into packaging. This story of an abandoned Pit Bull and the cardboard plum box he slept in has a bit of a sadder explanation. Officers for DeKalb County Animal Services found the scrawny dog lying in an empty plum box outside the shelter one morning. The poor thing was too scared to come out of his makeshift bed, so the folks at LifeLine Animal Project let him hold onto his … Read more

Dog Dumped By Owner Is Adopted 30 Minutes After Rescue

A man was caught on camera pushing a dog out of a car, leaving the dog behind as the car sped away. The dog was then discovered by a Kansas City Codes Enforcement Officer who was monitoring a camera on an illegal dumping site. What he saw in the footage was just heartbreaking. The poor dog was tossed out of the car allegedly by his owner.   The footage even shows the poor dog running after the speeding car. The … Read more