Desperate Dog Relentlessly Chases Car To Beg For A Forever Home

Stray dog chasing car

Martina Russo and her partner Fil regularly travel in their van, but they don’t come across stray dogs very often. Yet, when they drove in the Spanish countryside, they spotted a tiny dog chasing their car. At first, they thought the pooch was just playing a game. But the longer the dog ran, the more distressed she seemed. So, the couple let her inside and searched for her owners. Now, the Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix is named Moxie, and she’s here … Read more

Woman Risks Her Own Life To Stop Two Men From Drowning A Dog

Dog saved from drowning

A woman was going for a casual bike ride in Thomasville, Georgia, when she witnessed a horrific scene. She spotted two men holding something under the water of a creek. As she got closer, she realized that they were holding a dog. In a panic, she scared them off, risking her own life in the process. But luckily, the woman was safe, and she saved the dog’s life too. The Pit Bull, now known as Miss Hicks, is doing much … Read more

UPDATE: Abandoned Dog Who Chewed Off Own Leg Is Now Recovering

Dog chews off leg

Update 10/5/2021 – In mid-August, a Pit Bull was found abandoned. She chewed off her leg in a failed attempt to free herself, but now, she’s doing much better. Saginaw County Animal Care and Control is caring for her, and they named her Bella. Staying at the shelter is probably the first time in Bella’s life that she experienced real love. She’s doing really well physically, but the staff members are concerned about her mental health. While she’s loving and … Read more

Permanently Smiling Dog Needs Massive Donation To Save His Life

Smiling Dog Needs Donations

When people meet Jasper, the 8-pound Chihuahua mix, the first thing they notice is his charming smile. Jasper has a permanent smile, so he always looks like the happiest pup in the world. But sadly, Jasper’s signature grin is a neurological condition that likely causes him pain. Finding the cause and cure for his condition certainly isn’t cheap either. So, Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento, California is asking for donations to help with sweet Jasper’s medical needs. Right now, … Read more

Two Fire Departments Join Forces To Rescue Dog From 40-Foot Well

An adventurous pooch named Rico is safe at home with his family after a freak accident almost claimed his life. Out on his own one evening, Rico was walking to a neighbor’s house in the small community of Prairietown, Illinois, when he fell into a 40-foot well. The local fire rescue reached out to the Edwardsville Fire Department, which has a specialized team for technical rescues in confined spaces. The two groups of heroes came together, working in the dark … Read more

Rescue Saves Massive Group Of Dogs From Horrific Puppy Farm

Dogs saved from puppy farm

After seven months of investigations, animal advocates have saved the lives of hundreds of dogs. They discovered an unlicensed breeder in Carmarthenshire, Wales, who kept the breeding dogs in horrific conditions. Many of the dogs had to be rushed to emergency medical care, but now, they’ve made their way to loving foster homes. Puppy farms, also known as puppy mills, aren’t rare by any means. Many inhumane breeders breed dogs excessively to prepare for the Christmas puppy demand. Hope Rescue … Read more

Emaciated Puppy Found Outside Shelter In Box That Says “Help Me”

Emaciated puppy in box

A tiny dog shivered in fear when staff at the Kentucky Humane Society found him. He had been shoved into a box, which was taped shut with small holes poked in the top. Then, he was left outside the shelter on the verge of death. As soon as someone found him, shelter staff and volunteers rushed to get him medical care. They weren’t sure if he’d even survive the weekend, but he’s still fighting for his life. Followers pointed out … Read more

National Guardsman Adopts Dog He Saved From Hurricane Ida Flooding

On August 29, Hurricane Ida clobbered Louisiana with 150 mph winds and torrential rains. Nearly three weeks later, residents are still dealing with massive flooding and widespread power loss. But for one storm victim—and his rescuer—something positive has emerged from the wreckage. Louisiana Air National Guard Captain Ryan Mitchell was searching Lower Plaquemines Parish for survivors two days after the storm made landfall when he and his crew came across a dog in need. The German Shepherd had climbed onto … Read more

Breeder Discarded Puppy Born Without Front Legs But Now She’s Thriving

A tiny puppy named Olivia was born with front paws but no front legs to support them. So, a teacup dog breeder saw no use for her and dropped her off at Fayette County Animal Control in West Virginia, asking them to euthanize her. But the staff took one look at the puppy and knew they couldn’t end her life. Olivia deserved a fighting chance. With the help of Homeward Trails Animal Rescue, Olivia is feeling confident and joyful. While … Read more

Dog Tied To A Pole & Left To Die Reaches Paw Out To Officer For Help

Pit Bull tied to pole

Liam’s story leaves all animal lovers wondering why. Why would anyone purposely hurt a dog? Of course, there’s no good explanation for it, and it feels impossible to forgive someone for such a cruel act. The malnourished Pit Bull named Liam was tied so tightly to a pole that he couldn’t move. When an officer came to save him, he extended his paw as a plea for help. While the person responsible for Liam’s misfortune hasn’t been found, Liam is … Read more

Dog Who Faced Death Watches His Siblings Get Adopted Without Him

Dog Overlooked for 7 Years

In 2014, Peter and his four puppy siblings were on the verge of death. They were trapped in an overcrowded Bosnian shelter, where their chance of survival was close to zero. So, Saving Suffering Strays scooped up the puppies and gave them a second chance at adoption. All the puppies quickly found homes except for Peter. Peter is a sweet and well-behaved dog, but the longer he sat at the rescue, the less socialized he became. He waited for seven … Read more

Obese, Elderly Dog Dumped On Interstate Gets A Life Of Pampering

Belky senior dog

In early 2021, someone abandoned a 15-year-old Australian Shepherd on the side of the interstate. The poor senior dog was severely overweight and covered in maggots. She didn’t understand why she was alone, but she had such a strong will to live. So, animal rescue organizations worked together to bring her in and nurse her back to health. While many adopters overlooked her for her age, one kind human saw her for her true personality. Now, the once sickly dog … Read more

Emaciated Dog Recovers In Loving Foster Home As Her Abusers Face Justice

WARNING: Images may be disturbing to some readers. An abandoned, malnourished dog named Khaleesi was near death when someone rescued her. She was so emaciated that her ribs protruded out of her body, and she couldn’t support her own weight. Her condition is very similar to the formerly malnourished rescue dog named Ethan. Mutty Paws Rescue is working hard to save Khaleesi. Every day she has small improvements, but she still has a long way to go. Luckily, she has … Read more

UK’s “Unluckiest” Dog Returns To Shelter 14 Years After Being Adopted

After 14 years, a Spaniel named Tandie is back at the same rescue she was originally adopted from in the UK. She’s now being dubbed the UK’s “unluckiest” dog — but it’s actually a blessing in disguise that she ended up back in the same shelter.  In 2007, Tandie, her mom, and her seven siblings were brought to the UK’s RSPCA when they were found as strays. They all went off to loving homes — but now, after her owner … Read more

“Sargent” Only Has 1 Day Left To Find A Home, And He’s Not Alone

Sargent Euthanasia List

On the morning of August 24th, 2021, shelter staff sent out final pleas for Sargent, who is a 7-year-old German Shepherd at risk of euthanasia. His human surrendered him to Fort Worth Animal Care and Control due to “health concerns.” Yet, he also has some aggression toward dogs, cats, and strangers. For three days, Sargent sat in his kennel terrified and confused. He trembled and refused to eat. The shelter believes he only had one human his whole life, so … Read more

UPDATE: Buddy, The Dog Set On Fire By A Child, Finally Gets His Bandages Off!

Buddy the dog has seen unthinkable cruelty — but the light at the end of the tunnel is finally here.  After being found set on fire by a child this April in Mississippi, Buddy was forced to live covered in bandages to help heal his painful burn wounds. Now, Buddy is bandage-free and continuing his recovery journey at the Mississippi State Veterinary Hospital.  Without the bandages covering his eyes, Buddy can now see to play with toys and wander around … Read more

Tiny Puppy Covered In Cactus Prickles Finds Love & Comfort For The First Time

A Chihuahua puppy named Charlie has one of the best transformation stories yet. The 5-month-old pup arrived at animal control with cactus prickles from head to toe, especially on his face. He was likely in immense pain, but kindness was on his side. Vets and rescue organizations stepped up to end his discomfort. Now, Charlie looks better than ever! He’s ready for a fresh start in life, and he hopes his new family will provide him with that. It’s amazing … Read more

Paralyzed Pup From Iran Searches For Loving Home In His New Wheelchair

Teddy paralyzed dog

Teddy came from Iran to the United States just before the CDC’s pet travel ban took place. He used to be able to walk, but he was severely injured after being abused by his previous human’s boyfriend. It didn’t sound like a one-time incident either. So, Teddy was transported to PAWS New England in Boston, where they discovered that he had a severe spinal injury. Poor Teddy is paralyzed in his back legs, but he doesn’t let that hold him … Read more

Senior Dog Still Looking For Home Two Years After All Her Puppies Were Adopted

When 12-year-old Annalize arrived at Many Tears Animal Rescue in Pembrokeshire, Wales two years ago, she was in horrible condition.  The skin around her neck was raw from being chained. Her fur was completely matted and pulling at her skin. She was completely blind — and she was also pregnant.  She had been kept by a breeder to produce litter after litter of puppies, but finally, thanks to the rescue, she was safe. When Annalize gave birth to her final … Read more

UPDATE: Formerly Neglected Dog Overcomes Challenges In Loving Home

Ethan is doing well

Ethan the rescue dog has become a social media star after enduring a painful past and making a miraculous recovery. When the Kentucky Humane Society first found him, he was abandoned in a parking lot and 50 pounds underweight. But after reaching a healthy weight and maintaining a positive attitude, Ethan was adopted by the facilities director of the shelter. Ethan has had many challenges even after getting adopted, but his loving family has helped him through them. He will … Read more

Nearly 90 Dogs Rescued From Vicious Interstate Dog Fighting Ring

The largest-ever dog fighting ring in Suffolk County, Long Island history has been busted this week — and now nearly 90 dogs will hopefully be going on to find the loving homes they deserve.  The interstate operation spanned throughout Long Island, New York City, Connecticut, and Massachusetts and involved 89 dogs. Detectives infiltrated the ring and worked from the inside to bring it down.  According to Suffolk County district attorney Tim Sini, the suspects involved talked about how they would … Read more

Is Fostering Dogs Right For You? Here’s What You Need To Know!

Fostering dogs

“Wow, I could never do that,” is one of the most frequent responses foster dog parents hear when they mention that they foster dogs. It’s common for people to applaud the selfless efforts of foster parents, and we appreciate the praise. But there’s one thing that’s much more helpful than thanking fosters and volunteers: helping in any way that you can. Fostering isn’t always easy, but it’s more uplifting and fulfilling than anything else. Yet, many families don’t even consider … Read more

New Canine-Themed Coffee Shop Aims To Save Shelter Dogs

Shelter Dog Coffee Shop

Chicago resident Naji Al-Anwar recently quit his job as a freelance sound engineer to open a small coffee shop. But this was no ordinary business. Al-Anwar hoped that his little shop would help make a difference in the world. He and his future wife Lauren adopted their Pit Bull named Cora in 2019. They quickly saw that Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control (FCACC) wasn’t receiving the funds or recognition it deserved. So, Al-Anwar decided to make his coffee … Read more

State Trooper Rescues Timid Puppy Dumped On Interstate

State trooper rescues puppy

Indiana State Police trooper Allison Marlowe arrived at a traffic jam on the interstate. She assumed it was caused by an accident, so she started looking for the aftermath. But then, she received a call about a puppy instead. The innocent dog had been dumped on the busy road, and many cars stopped to rescue her. Yet, she found a hiding spot under a truck and was too scared to move. Luckily, Marlowe is experienced in dog rescues, so she … Read more

Dog Burnt With Chemicals And Thrown From Truck Is Now Living His Best Life

No one knows just where Beanz the Pit Bull mix came from — but it was clear he’d been through more than any dog ever should.  In June, the poor dog was brought to a veterinarian with road rash and chemical burns all across his back. He was doused with chemicals and then thrown from a truck, veterinarians and an eyewitness said.  “She said that a dog was brought to their facility, and it was in a bad shape, he … Read more

Sweetest Dog Who Was Set On Fire To Receive Hero Animal Award

The road to recovery has been a long one for Buddy the Labrador Retriever mix.  Buddy is getting a new lease on life after being intentionally set on fire by a 12-year-old boy while living on the streets as a stray. No one knows why the child decided to do this — but it resulted in terrible wounds and pain for the poor dog, who was found wandering the streets of Mississippi on April 22 with an extension cord wrapped … Read more

UPDATE: A Senior Poodle Named Petal Is Clinging To Life After Horrific Abuse

petal rescue cover

A team of dedicated animal rescuers is working around the clock to care for a senior poodle that was a victim of unimaginable abuse. After being found in a desperate state by a good Samaritan, Petal is now at a local animal hospital, fighting for her life. The good Samaritan was driving down the road when she passed what looked like a stuffed animal coming out of a clear plastic bag. After pulling over to investigate further, she was horrified … Read more

Paralyzed Pit Bull Lands Special Spot At Handicapped Sanctuary

Paralyzed Pit Bull puppy gets adopted

Promise the young Pit Bull was paralyzed as a puppy after a car door slammed on her leg. Now she uses a wheelchair to get around, and it doesn’t hold her back one bit. She has so much love to give, and she always approaches life with the cutest puppy smile. After spending the first year of her life in a shelter, she has finally been adopted by a sanctuary for special needs dogs like her. She’s even Instagram famous … Read more

Dog Abandoned In Viral Video Gets Adopted Within A Day

Husky being abandoned

A viral video showed the heartbreaking moment that a Husky realized he was being abandoned. He tried to chase after his family, but the human drove off without him. The poor pup was left alone on the side of the road, wondering what he did wrong. Yet, it didn’t take him long to finally get the love he deserves. In less than 24 hours, a new family adopted the Husky. He’s likely still a little confused and heartbroken, but now … Read more

Support Dog Travels From Oregon To Texas After Her Human Dies Suddenly

Support dog loses human

Cami, an emotional support dog, had a chaotic week after her human suddenly passed away. She was by his side for his final breath, but then she was taken to an Oregon animal shelter. Cami’s other family members were in Texas, and she had no way of traveling that far to be with them. But luckily, an animal rescue had a dog transport going from Texas to Cami’s location. So, they kindly offered to go out of their way to … Read more