Perilous Mud Flats & Flying Sausages Make For One Exciting Dog Rescue

Drones as mainstream toys are a source of controversy, but no one can deny their lifesaving benefits in the hands of rescue workers. On Thursday, January 13, a pooch named Millie became stranded on the Hampshire, England mudflats amid the rising tides. Police, firefighters, and coastguards tried everything they could think of to extract the Jack Russell/Whippet mix, but she continuously evaded their efforts. Until that is, they brought in a drone and a package of sausage from Aldi. It … Read more

Long-Term Shelter Dog Heartbroken After Adopters Don’t Show

Shelter dog gets stood up

It’s hard not to get your hopes up when someone wants to meet a long-term shelter resident. Many wonderful dogs have been adoptable for months or even years. But even when people consider adopting them, it doesn’t always go through. Hendrix from the Kentucky Humane Society has been looking for a home for a long time. So, when a potential adopter requested to meet him, everyone was ecstatic for him. Yet, the adopters stood Hendrix up with no explanation. Not … Read more

Stranger Finds Terrified Dog With His Head Wedged In A Cinderblock

Dog with head stuck in wall

A Phoenix resident was walking down the street when they spotted a troubling sight. An American Pit Bull Terrier mix had gotten his head stuck in the hole of a cement block, and he couldn’t pull himself free. The Good Samaritan called for help, so the Arizona Humane Society came to the rescue. Freeing the dog from the cinderblock was no easy task, but animal rescuers took on the challenge. They were determined to keep him healthy and safe while … Read more

Quirky Dog Who Has Had 8 Foster Homes In 3 Years “Just Wants To Feel Included”

Dog in 8 foster homes

A Great Pyrenees named Sasha has had a rough life. Despite being only three years old, she has been in several homes and faced many hardships. Just when she thought she found her happily ever after, her adopter passed away unexpectedly. Now, Great Pyrenees Rescue Montana is doing everything they can to find a forever home for Sasha. The pup has some quirks, but she’s just as charming and lovable as every other adoptable dog. Volunteers hope that Sasha’s next … Read more

Deputies Search For Abuser Who Nearly Killed Dog By Zip-Tying His Neck

Dog neck zip tied

People are enraged after photos of an abused dog took over social media. The Hernando County Sheriff’s Office in Florida posted images of a dog before and after a tight zip tie was removed from his neck. In the first photo, his head is swollen to nearly twice as big as it should be. He likely would’ve suffocated if animal control officers hadn’t retrieved him in time. The pup is on the road to recovery, but people can’t believe someone … Read more

Emaciated Dog Locked In Crate During Frigid Weather Gets Christmas Miracle

Dog Abandoned in Cold Crate

WARNING: Content may be sensitive to some readers. Rosabella never imagined that she’d be in a loving home, but her story is proof that dreams come true. The young Pit Bull mix spent the holidays on the verge of death. A heartless human had locked her in a crate with no blankets and left her alone in below-freezing weather. If Ruff Start Rescue in Minnesota hadn’t come to save her, Rosabella would’ve passed away without knowing what love is like. … Read more

UPDATE: Corgi Sealed In A Box Inside A Porta Potty Finds Home For Christmas

Dog Rescued from Porta Potty

Update 12/22/2021: The Corgi mix rescued from a sealed box in a Porta Potty is doing better than ever! MSPCA-Angell has named her Princess Loo, and since no one claimed her after a week, she went up for adoption. It’s no surprise that this adorable pup found her forever home almost immediately. The shelter said that hundreds of people applied to adopt her, so they were able to carefully assess each applicant to find the perfect fit. “We are so … Read more

Officer Squeezes Under House To Save Terrified Dog Hit By Car

Dog rescued from under home

Animal control officer Patrick Houck faced an unusual situation when he got a call about a dog hiding under someone’s home. Yet, he didn’t think twice about rushing to the rescue. A tiny Pug mix had gotten hit by a car in St. Petersburg. Out of fear, the pup ran off and squeezed into a crawl space under someone’s trailer. The pup was frozen in fear and refusing to come out on his own. But Houck was patient and gentle … Read more

One Brilliant Idea Saved The Lives Of Thousands Of Vulnerable Street Dogs

The city of Soledad de Graciano Sanchez, Mexico is taking steps to ensure the health and wellbeing of it’s animals in 2019. And not just the pets kept in homes, but the strays that wander its streets, too! According to local officials, there are an estimated 300,000 stray dogs roaming the city that are in need of basic care. Instead of looking the other way, the city government is working hand-in-hand with its dog-loving citizens to provide for these homeless … Read more

After Getting Tossed From Home To Home, It Didn’t Look Like This Poor Pup Would Ever Trust Again.

Runaway Dog Swims Across River

After getting adopted from It Takes a Village No-Kill Rescue in Evansville, Indiana, a dog named Allie ran off. She was terrified of all people, even the ones she knew. So, she jumped into the Ohio River to get as far away from humans as possible. She crossed the massive river on her own, refusing to let anyone help her. But animal lovers wanted to show her that humans can be kind. After exiting the river, it took a week … Read more

Kids Abused This Stray Senior Dog But Now Her Life Is Full Of Love

A 10-year-old stray named Porkie was ready to give up. No one was kind to her, and she was often bullied for being too old. So, she hid under a bush as she silently suffered from many horrific health conditions. Even though the local kids weren’t kind to Porkie, rescuers saw her inner beauty. Sidewalk Specials saved the pup from her life of misery and helped her regain strength and confidence. Now, she’s so happy and full of life that … Read more

Woman Abandons Heartbroken Dog At Airport So She Doesn’t Miss Her Flight

Dog abandoned at airport

Small dogs regularly fly on planes with their humans, but it’s important to research the airline rules before bringing them along. One woman at the Tampa International Airport didn’t plan ahead. She wanted to take her elderly Shih Tzu with her on a flight to Miami. But when an employee asked her for the dog’s vaccination records and boarding fee, the woman said she’d make other arrangements instead. Yet, no arrangements were made for the dog. The woman abandoned him … Read more

Terrified Dog Left Chained Up After Owner’s Death Discovers Life Of Cuddles

Dog chained up after owner dies

A pup named Pancake spent her whole life not knowing what love is like. Her human kept her chained up outside most of the time, and after he passed away, she was left alone in the yard with no one to look after her. Even extended family members refused to bring her inside. So, PETA interfered. After lots of persuasion, they took the terrified pup into their custody and found her a loving foster home. Suddenly, Pancake’s life changed for … Read more

UPDATE: Heartbroken Dog Found Tied To Pole Stars In Famous Ballet

Rescue dog at ballet

Update 12/14/2021: Luna, the malnourished dog found tied to a pole, still has a long road to recovery ahead of her. She’s taking antibiotics to treat her Lyme Disease and she’s following a special feeding schedule to help her gain weight. Once she is healthy, she can have a mass removed from her body and get spayed. Despite all those complications, Luna is doing better than ever. She’s walking fine, and she’s happily absorbing love from humans. She usually wears … Read more

Tripod Dog With “Giraffe Neck” Defies Odds After Car Accident

The first thing people notice about Brodie is his long neck. Brodie is a rare breed called an Azawakh, which is a sighthound related to Greyhounds and Whippets. The breed is already known for having a long neck, but after a car accident, Brodie had to get his leg amputated. His missing leg only accents his giraffe neck further. Despite having a rough past, Brodie’s living the dream. He has loving canine siblings, and he’s Instagram-famous for his “giraffe neck.” … Read more

Devoted Volunteer Helps 5 Year Shelter Resident Finally Find The Perfect Home

Volunteer Helps Pit Bull Get Adopted

Doug Sears works right across the street from Animal Charity of Ohio’s shelter. Every day, instead of getting food on his lunch break, he comes to walk a dog. He has been doing it for about five years now, and for over half that time, he focused on one special dog: Ceasar. Ceasar has been at the shelter since 2016, after coming from a rough past. Sears walked Ceasar every day and continuously promoted the adorable senior pup. It took … Read more

Senior Pup Has A Decade Of Pain And Torture Before Finding True Love

Arlo senior dog transformation

Alanna and Neal Flaherty never thought they’d adopt another dog after losing their two beloved dogs at the same time. They were scared to go through such a tremendous loss again, so they didn’t even consider visiting the shelter yet. But when they heard the story of an abused and neglected dog named Arlo, it seemed meant to be. Arlo is a senior dog, estimated to be between 10 and 15 years old. For his whole life, he went through … Read more

Frail Pit Bull Trapped In Abandoned School Peeks Out Window To Find Help

Pit Bull Rescued from Abandoned School

Someone spotted a Pit Bull peeking out of a broken window in an abandoned St. Louis school. The dog seemed calm but didn’t know how to get out of the building. So, the kind strangers called Stray Rescue of St. Louis to notify them of the stranded dog. Since the rescue specializes in saving animals from difficult pasts, they didn’t hesitate to help out a dog in need. However, getting into an abandoned school is no easy task. It was … Read more

Trooper Discovers Trio Of Shivering Puppies & Helps Them Find Homes

Trooper saves Lab puppies

It’s unclear how three tiny Lab puppies ended up hiding under a Florida porch, but they seemed scared and confused. They’re only about two months old, with one boy and two girls. So, they were definitely too small to be out in the world fending for themselves. Luckily, Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Susan Barge spotted the puppies under the porch and knew she had to do something. After a little investigating, she decided to take matters into her own hands. … Read more

Puppy With Two Broken Paws Pleads For Help Overcoming Trauma

Puppy with broken paws

The Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) can never say no to helping a dog with a tragic story. They’re the well-known organization that saved Ethan, the severely malnourished dog. Now, they’re taking on a new challenge, and they need all the help they can get. The humane society found a traumatized puppy named MacGregor. Somehow, both of the 5-month-old pup’s front paws were broken in unusual ways. Surgery for those injuries will cost more than KHS’ budget for outside medical care, … Read more

Stars Align In Unusual Way For Homeless Dog With Two Broken Legs

Dog with broken legs

A tiny dog called Radar got his name because of his large ears. Yet, that adorable name helped him find a home that was “meant to be.” While it’s likely just a coincidence, many animal lovers like to think of it as fate. Radar arrived at Mississippi Animal Rescue League with two broken legs. The rescue didn’t know anything about his past or how his legs were injured, but they knew he must’ve been in a lot of pain. Luckily, … Read more

Mangey Puppy Bunny-Hops Her Way Into Foster Mom’s Heart

When a tiny puppy known as Chicken arrived at her foster home, her foster mom was shocked. Not only was the pup much tinier than expected, but she had the worst case of mange they’d ever seen. Chicken had to be wrapped in a cozy towel since most of her fur was gone. Courtney Davis welcomed the trembling puppy into her home without a second thought. Chicken went from being a sick, terrified puppy who could barely move to an … Read more

Traumatized Puppies Trapped In Tar Let Out Heartbreaking Screams For Help

Puppies in tar

Animal Aid Unlimited in India responded to the most heartbreaking puppy screams they’ve ever heard. As they got closer, they discovered three tiny pups stuck in rock-solid tar. The dogs couldn’t move any of their legs, so all they could do was cry. One puppy’s mouth was even stuck open because of the tar. Those poor babies were likely stuck in tar for hours, terrified for their lives. Even when rescuers tried to save them, they still screamed in agony … Read more

Heroes Work Together To Save Terrified Dog Stranded On Buoy

Dog trapped on buoy

Several people spotted a Shih Tzu mix wandering around Alamitos Beach in Long Beach, California. However, when they approached the dog, she ran off and jumped into the water. People tried to swim after her, but the pup was determined to get as far away from humans as possible. When she couldn’t swim anymore, she climbed onto a buoy and clung to it for dear life. Luckily, there were many dog lovers on the shore who couldn’t leave the dog … Read more

Tortured Dog With Eyes Super Glued Shut Fights To Keep Her Vision

Dog with eyes glued shut

Vets see a lot of horrific incidents while working, but a recent patient at the Northern Pike Animal Hospital in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, truly shocked them. An 11-pound dog arrived at the vet with her eyes sealed shut with super glue. Vets feared that the pup would lose her eyesight, but they didn’t give up hope. Now, the tiny pup is free of glue, but she suffered many consequences as a result of the abuse. Yet, she’s expected to make a … Read more

Heartbroken Dog Found With Metal Wire Clamping Her Mouth Shut

Dog mouth tied shut

WARNING: Images may be sensitive to some readers. The Kansas Humane Society (KHS) recently witnessed one of the most heartbreaking stories. A kind stranger came across a dog whose mouth was tied shut with a metal wire, so they rushed her to Wichita Animal Services. The wiring had been there so long that it caused deep lacerations, which exposed the dog’s bones and tissue on her nose. This dog deserved a second chance at life, so the humane society stepped in … Read more

Dog Abused & Left To Starve In An Abandoned Attic Falls In Love With Her Rescuer

Jami Lassell and her friend arrived at an abandoned house in Pennsylvania to clean out an attic. Little did they know, that moment would save a life. The attic had a foul smell of urine and feces. Then, they spotted a Pit Bull trapped up there who was nothing but skin and bones. It’s unclear how long the dog was stranded in the attic, but somehow she survived with no food or water. Despite the harsh situation, she was incredibly … Read more

Quirky Dog Abandoned For Being “Too Old” Now Educates Others

Abandoned Pekingese Adopted

Rex, the 14-year-old Pekingese mix, is adorable in his own unique way. He has an extreme underbite and a tongue that hangs out on one side. It’s hard to imagine how anyone could resist his sweet face, but he was once abandoned only because of his age. His family gave him up because he wasn’t a tiny puppy anymore, which is incredibly unfair. Senior dogs are some of the most loving companions you can have. So, there were plenty of … Read more

Desperate Dog Relentlessly Chases Car To Beg For A Forever Home

Stray dog chasing car

Martina Russo and her partner Fil regularly travel in their van, but they don’t come across stray dogs very often. Yet, when they drove in the Spanish countryside, they spotted a tiny dog chasing their car. At first, they thought the pooch was just playing a game. But the longer the dog ran, the more distressed she seemed. So, the couple let her inside and searched for her owners. Now, the Shih Tzu/Yorkie mix is named Moxie, and she’s here … Read more

Woman Risks Her Own Life To Stop Two Men From Drowning A Dog

Dog saved from drowning

A woman was going for a casual bike ride in Thomasville, Georgia, when she witnessed a horrific scene. She spotted two men holding something under the water of a creek. As she got closer, she realized that they were holding a dog. In a panic, she scared them off, risking her own life in the process. But luckily, the woman was safe, and she saved the dog’s life too. The Pit Bull, now known as Miss Hicks, is doing much … Read more