A Senior Poodle Named Petal Is Clinging To Life After Horrific Abuse

petal rescue cover

A team of dedicated animal rescuers is working around the clock to care for a senior poodle that was a victim of unimaginable abuse. After being found in a desperate state by a good Samaritan, Petal is now at a local animal hospital, fighting for her life. The good Samaritan was driving down the road when she passed what looked like a stuffed animal coming out of a clear plastic bag. After pulling over to investigate further, she was horrified … Read more

Paralyzed Pit Bull Lands Special Spot At Handicapped Sanctuary

Paralyzed Pit Bull puppy gets adopted

Promise the young Pit Bull was paralyzed as a puppy after a car door slammed on her leg. Now she uses a wheelchair to get around, and it doesn’t hold her back one bit. She has so much love to give, and she always approaches life with the cutest puppy smile. After spending the first year of her life in a shelter, she has finally been adopted by a sanctuary for special needs dogs like her. She’s even Instagram famous … Read more

Dog Abandoned In Viral Video Gets Adopted Within A Day

Husky being abandoned

A viral video showed the heartbreaking moment that a Husky realized he was being abandoned. He tried to chase after his family, but the human drove off without him. The poor pup was left alone on the side of the road, wondering what he did wrong. Yet, it didn’t take him long to finally get the love he deserves. In less than 24 hours, a new family adopted the Husky. He’s likely still a little confused and heartbroken, but now … Read more

Support Dog Travels From Oregon To Texas After Her Human Dies Suddenly

Support dog loses human

Cami, an emotional support dog, had a chaotic week after her human suddenly passed away. She was by his side for his final breath, but then she was taken to an Oregon animal shelter. Cami’s other family members were in Texas, and she had no way of traveling that far to be with them. But luckily, an animal rescue had a dog transport going from Texas to Cami’s location. So, they kindly offered to go out of their way to … Read more

Abused Dog Left In Gym Parking Lot Gets Leg Amputated

Abused Dog Leg Amputation

When working the night shift at a gym in Randolph, Massachusetts, Eric Weloth never expected to save a dog’s life. Yet, at 1 am, he found a Chihuahua mix abandoned and abused in a parking lot. When officials took the small dog in, they realized they’d have to amputate his back leg. It was a serious and scary procedure for the pup, but he’s lucky someone found him in time. Otherwise, he might not have survived. Officers are on the … Read more

‘Skeleton’ Dog Found Locked Inside Cage At Abandoned Doggy Daycare Is So Glad To Be Safe

Local authorities are investigating the mysterious circumstances surrounding a starving dog who was found locked inside a kennel at an abandoned doggy daycare center in Vancouver, British Columbia.  The staff at the British Columbia SPCA was shocked to see the nearly skeletal dog when he was brought into the shelter. His hair was so overgrown, and upon shaving his matted fur, they could see nearly every bone in his body.  It’s not clear how or why the dog, now named … Read more

Little Girl Can’t Stop Crying Tears Of Joy When Her Lost Dog Is Finally Found

For almost two months, Max the dog couldn’t seem to find his way home.  He went missing in May in San Antonio, Texas and his family was afraid that they would never see him again. That was until Deputy Perez of the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office received a call about a dog found wandering a local neighborhood.  Perez remembered a lost dog flyer that had been up at the substation looking for Max. When Perez arrived at the scene where … Read more

Stolen Puppy’s Miraculous Return Home Made Possible Thanks To Social Media

Yorkie thrown into puddle

Korben the Yorkie puppy is only six months old, but he has already been through a lot. He receives plenty of love at home, but he recently met someone who wasn’t so kind to him. One morning, Brandi Major’s daughter let the pup out into the yard instead of taking him on a morning walk. It seemed harmless at the time, but he vanished when her back was turned. When Major arrived home later, Korben was nowhere to be seen. … Read more

Tiny Rescue Puppy Was Born Without Eyes Due To Irresponsible Breeding

teacup cover

The Big Fluffy Dog Rescue is searching for the perfect home for a special needs pup named Teacup. As a victim of cruel breeding practices, Teacup needs a family that is dedicated to giving her the beautiful life she deserves. The 5-month-old Miniature Schnauzer and Wheaten Terrier mix has a heartbreaking past. She was born without eyes due to irresponsible breeding practices, leading her to the rescue’s doorstep just weeks into her life. Not only was Teacup born without eyes, … Read more

Rescue Wants Answers After Finding Severely Malnourished Puppy

Severely malnourished dog

Unfortunately, it’s common for rescues to find dogs abandoned in critical condition. Fort Wayne Animal Care & Control only added to that number after finding a severely malnourished puppy. The pup was so emaciated that he couldn’t walk on his own. So, it’s clear that someone dumped him all alone. The rescue is taking his recovery a day at a time. Luckily, the puppy is making improvements every day, but he’s not out of the woods yet. The shelter is … Read more

Woman Finds Helpless Puppy Trapped In Her Hot Mailbox

Puppy in mailbox

Sometimes we get mail that we don’t expect, but it’s usually not living and breathing. Otilia Gaona and her dog Biscuit check their mailbox every afternoon during their walk. Yet, one day they found a delivery that they certainly weren’t expecting. A tiny puppy was trapped in the mailbox, barely able to breathe! Gaona has never seen anything like it, and she’s still trying to figure out why someone would do this to a living creature. But most importantly, she’s … Read more

Volunteer Honored For Fostering 300 Dogs And Counting!

Volunteer fosters 300 dogs

Every dog fostered saves lives. So, imagine how many dogs are saved if 300 dogs are fostered! Volunteer Claudia Buckmaster has fostered 300 dogs in the course of just six years, and she’s not stopping anytime soon. Buckmaster knows that there are millions of dogs out there who need a second chance at life. Plus, she loves surrounding herself with loving canines. She hopes that her story encourages more people to foster and adopt. Not everyone can take in 300 … Read more

A Human Cut Out His Tongue, But This Adoptable Pup Still Gives Kisses

Pit Bull missing tongue

Heart the Pit Bull got his name for his lovely, kind-hearted demeanor. He adores every human he meets, but as it turns out, humans weren’t always nice to him. Someone found the innocent Pit Bull wandering the streets of Philadelphia. They said he was disoriented, covered in puncture wounds, and missing his tongue. So, the kind soul rushed the ill canine to ACCT Philly, which is the only open-admission shelter in the city. Now, Heart has recovered and is looking … Read more

Huskies Chained Outside To Metal Cages In 115 Degree Heat

The weather in Cedar City, Utah has been exceptionally hot throughout the last couple of weeks. Many pet owners recognize the dangers that extreme temperatures can pose to dogs. However, one Cedar City family is choosing to ignore them. Kim Phifer is a Cedar City resident who noticed three Huskies that were left outside during the recent heatwave where temperatures spiked to 115 degrees. Chained to metal cages and laying on unshaded concrete, these Huskies spent multiple recent days suffering … Read more

68 Dogs Saved From Horrific Death Before Yulin Meat Festival

68 Dogs Rescued from Yulin Meat Festival

The horrific Yulin Dog Meat Festival continues despite the hard work of animal welfare organizations. In 2020, progress toward ending dog meat consumption was made, but that hasn’t stopped this event from occurring. This year, a truck loaded with 68 innocent dogs was stopped, and rescue officials were able to save the dogs in time. While the people responsible claim that all the dogs were bred for meat consumption, the dog behaviors suggest that they were pets stolen from families. … Read more

Miracle Dog Found In Plastic Bag With Broken Legs And Bullet Wounds

Rescue dog with broken legs

Sadie the German Shepherd mix has one of the strongest wills to live that Dogwood Animal Rescue has ever seen. She was shot and left in a garbage bag with several broken legs. Most dogs would’ve given up at that point, but Sadie kept going strong. When some kind humans came to the rescue, Sadie wagged her tail and showed them lots of love. Now, Sadie is at the vet getting some long-overdue medical attention. Through every step of the … Read more

Matted Shih Tzu Is Unrecognizable After Being Freed From 6 Pounds Of Hair

Matted Shih Tzu

Simon the Shih Tzu didn’t even look like a dog on the day he was rescued. The poor pup weighed 20 pounds, and about 6 and a half of it was severely matted hair. It must’ve taken years for it to get that bad, but now, he finally gets to feel free. KC Pet Project took in the neglected dog and helped him feel healthy again. Along the way, Simon has also become a social media star! People are lining … Read more

91 Dogs And 21 Cats Rescued From Filthy, Neglectful Household

WARNING: Images and videos might be disturbing to some readers.  The Humane Society of Washington County in Maryland took in around 817 pets in 2020. Now, in only one day, they brought in about 12% of that number. They rescued 112 dogs and cats from an unsanitary household where their grooming needs were clearly neglected. Thanks to the kind donations of supportive dog lovers, all these scared pets are finally getting the care they need. It has been a difficult … Read more

171 Dogs Rescued From South Korea’s Meat Trade Arrive In U.S. To Find Homes

171 dogs on track to eventually be eaten by humans in South Korea have been saved and brought to the United States as part of a rescue operation coordinated by Humane Society International. The dogs had been raised as commodities in the South Korean meat trade—meat that humans would eventually consume. The Animal And Dog Meat Trade Experts estimate that over 2 million dogs are raised to be eaten on thousands of dog meat farms across South Korea. This lucky … Read more

Homeless Labrador Becomes Superstar Search And Rescue Dog

Just last year, Forrest the labrador retriever was homeless. But now, thanks to the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation and Farmers Insurance, he’s a dog with a job.  Last August, Forrest began training to become a certified search and rescue dog. After months and months of hard work, he graduated from his program this past weekend alongside four other talented pups.  He also found a forever home in the process. Forrest will be living with first responder Tom Simons of … Read more

Sweetest Senior Golden Saved From Dog Meat Festival

Ahead of the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China, dozens of dogs are safe now due to one rescue organization’s hard work — including the sweetest senior golden retriever. Every June in China, thousands of innocent dogs are sent to slaughter because people consume dog meat to mark the summer solstice. Before they are killed for food, dogs are kept in tiny wire cages and transported without food or water for days. Sadly, some don’t even survive the trip to … Read more

Mama Dog Abandoned Outside Shelter With Chain Embedded In Her Neck

An animal shelter in Alabama is searching for whoever left a dog tied up to the door outside their shelter in the middle of the night.  On the night of May 10, at around 9 p.m. local time, the Tuscaloosa Metro Animal Shelter was dark and quiet. That’s when two people in a car drove up in the parking lot and abandoned a dog there. If that wasn’t bad enough, the sweet mama dog was left in horrible condition with … Read more

Lab Abandoned In Desert Is One Of Many Unlucky Pandemic Pups

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, dog adoptions increased. Many shelters were emptied due to so many people working from home. But now that many families are returning to their regular jobs, the pandemic pups are suffering. Colby the two-year-old Labrador Retriever is one of the many dogs left behind as restrictions are lifted. And while some families do the responsible thing by taking their dog to a rescue or shelter, Colby’s family did not. They left him alone … Read more

Pit Bulls Take Over Instagram To Reclaim Their Image

Pit Bull influencers

Pit Bulls are some of the sweetest, most charming creatures you’ll ever meet. But sadly, not everyone sees them that way. For decades, Pit Bull type dogs have been known as “mean,” “aggressive,” and “scary.” Yet, anyone who’s lived with a Pit Bull knows this couldn’t be further from the truth. So, Pit Bull influencers are turning to Instagram to change the way the world sees these dogs. With one cute post at a time, these social media famous pups … Read more

Overlooked Shelter Dog Becomes Police Department’s First K9 In Decades

Arrow the Belgian Malinois waited at the Burlington County Animal Shelter for eight months. His temperament made him difficult in a home setting and not suitable to become a service dog or emotional support dog. But as it turns out, he has the perfect personality for a police dog. So, the shelter matched Arrow with Southhampton’s Police Department. They hadn’t had a police K9 for 50 or 60 years, but they’re overjoyed to have one now. Arrow quickly adjusted to … Read more

Sweetest Senior Dog Has Been Waiting 7 Years For His Forever Home

Think about how much has happened in your life in the past seven years. That’s how long one dog at League for Animal Welfare in Ohio has been living in a shelter, longing for his forever home.  Mica is a 10-year-old pointer and labrador mix — and he has been in the care of the shelter since November 30, 2014. As countless other dogs have left the shelter and gone onto their forever homes, poor Mica has just watched the … Read more

Maternity Ward For Rescue Dogs Saves Thousands Of Moms And Pups

Maternity ward for dogs

No one can resist the sweet faces of a puppy litter! But sadly, many rescue puppies never get the chance to feel the love. Many kill shelters are forced to euthanize pregnant dogs due to a lack of funding and space. Yet, many people keep avoiding spaying and neutering their own pets, which only adds to the overpopulation problem. Luckily, one kind dog lover decided to do her part to help with these issues. She created a rescue specifically for … Read more

Severely Neglected Dog Finally Experiences Life Without Chains

WARNING: Images might be sensitive to some readers. The Animal Welfare Society of South Africa (AWS) recently came across one of the worst neglect cases they’ve ever seen. Someone called to report a sick dog on a short chain outside someone’s house. The woman who owned the dog showed no concern for the pup’s rough state and didn’t have an interest in helping her heal. So, AWS had no choice but to issue a final warning to the woman and … Read more

“Smiley” Rescue Dog Survives Getting Shot And Hit By A Car

Smiley rescue dog

Smiley the rescue dog has had a rough past, but she’s stayed true to her name. She arrived at an animal shelter after getting shot and hit by a car. Despite the pain and fear she must’ve felt, she stayed positive and continued to “smile” at her rescuers. Every step of the way, she remained so upbeat and full of life. This happy dog still has a lot of healing to do, but she’s expected to make a full recovery. … Read more

Longest Shelter Resident “Roofus Floofus” Has Adorable Birthday Pawty

Roofus Floofus Birthday Pawty

Roofus Floofus has an unforgettable name, but he has been waiting for a forever family for far too long. He’s fluffy, smiley, and sweet. Yet, he’s been sitting at Lifeline Animal Project in Georgia for over two years now! He gets lots of love at the shelter, but it’s no match for a real home. Roofus Floofus wants a family that can love him for who he is. To help this sweet pup get adopted, shelter staff threw him a … Read more