Jack Russell Terrier Has A Special Talent For Detecting Ghosts

It is time to meet Pixie, another small dog with a big job. A Jack Russel Terrier belonging to Peggy Schmidt of Pennsylvania, whose job is to detect paranormal activity, otherwise known as ghosts! Peggy and Pixie belong to a research team of the Ghost Tour of America and they go around and tell true stories about their area and with Pixie along, she is able to confirm if their is paranormal activity on the site. They conduct tours at the Pickering Creek Inn, Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, a place that is considered the most haunted borough in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Are you ready for some ghosts? The general manager of Pickering Creek Inn, Phil Maniscalco, describes the Inn as being built in the 1830s and there have been many reported sightings at the inn. So how can Peggy tell if her dog has detected some ghosts? Well, Pixie is able to detect paranormal activity when she would suddenly stop and sniff the air and then proceed to bark with her ears and hair standing or she would start acting agitated at things we cannot see. Peggy believes that Jack Russell Terriers have heightened senses and are actually used to hunt foxes but her Pixie prefers to hunt for ghosts!

Have you ever seen your dog bark or start acting agitated at something close by that you can’t see? Maybe it’s because your dog is sensing paranormal activity; it can see ghosts…awooooooh! Okay, just kidding but if you think there’s something strange in your neighborhood, you know who to call!!! 😀

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