Nosy Frenchies Get Into Food Coloring & Accidentally Dye Themselves Green

If you have ever known a French Bulldog you know they are willful, mischievous, and incredibly nosy. A pair of white Frenchies in northern Thailand recently learned the error of their ways when they got into a kitchen cabinet in the dead of night.

In search of snacks, they came across a bag of green food coloring instead.

Their owner, Yada Ornsomjit was understandably perturbed when she discovered her emerald-colored pups the following morning! Not only did Dam-nam and Sai-Aua dye themselves green, they also managed to track food coloring all over the house with the help of their two other Frenchie siblings.

“I forgot to shut the kitchen door the night before. But I couldn’t believe they went inside and made everything green,” Ornsomjit told the Daily Mail. ”My husband and I spent half a day washing them about three times, but some parts of their bodies were still green. We were really tired but they seemed not to know what they had done wrong.”

Aside from their chartreuse coloring, Dam-nam and Sai-Aua suffered no ill effects!


H/T & Featured Screenshot via Daily Mail

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