Puppy Miraculously Survives 65 Days In The Desert After A Terrible Car Crash

Rose and her dog Ily were in a terrible car accident where both of them were thrown out of the car. When Rose came to, Ily was nowhere to be found. She had disappeared and Rose was so worried for her beloved companion- especially in the heat. One-year-old Ily was missing for over two months and Rose was convinced she would not see her pup again.

For the past two months, an army of volunteers looked for Ily. They placed a baited cage in the desert and inside it, a baby monitor so that they could listen for any signs of the missing puppy. Finally after 65 days, Ily wandered over the cage and was finally reunited with Rose. Absolutely amazing!

In case you’re all wondering how Ily survived in the desert, it’s because she teamed up with another stray whom the volunteers named Buddy. He is now being cared for and is up for adoption. Rose and Ily are truly grateful to all the volunteers who never gave up on Ily returning to Rose. I guess she is aptly named because Ily stands for I Love You and that is certainly true in this case! Share this story of love and hope and of never giving up on anyone you care about to inspire others! 🙂

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