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Senior Stray Dog Finally Finds Forever Home To Live Out Her Final Days


Bianca is a survivor. She lived on the streets in Athens, Greece for 7 long years. She is a beautiful dog and had a good life for a stray. She had a shelter built for her and was fed by various people, but never offered a home she could call her own outside of her cardboard and wood dog house. Her favorite place was outside of the public swimming pool where she could watch people come and go all day long. Unfortunately, she began losing function in her hind legs. What started as a small struggle became full paralysis, where Bianca would drag herself around using only her front legs.

Rescuers at SPAZ, the Society for the Protection of Stray Animals, heard about Bianca and knew they had to rush in immediately. This sweet girl was still dragging herself around outside the swimming pool to say hello to those that came by. Her rear end was matted and covered with urine, feces and blood from her inability to use her rear end. She was taken in, bathed, loved and diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy – a progressive, incurable condition that would require her to be in a special home. Despite the odds against her, Bianca was able to find the perfect human companion. We will let the story speak for itself, as no one can tell it any better than Bianca and those that took care of her. This video may be a little long, but it’s well worth watching until the end.



Although her days are numbered, Bianca is now in a loving, forever home. She is able to experience all of the things that make dogs happy. She has outstanding care, unending love from her humans and gets to live a comfortable, safe life. It’s a wonder why no one ever adopted Bianca, but all we can do now is be thankful that she’s finally found the love she deserves. If there were ever a story about love and devotion, Bianca is the one to show us.

Written by Katie Finlay
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