Stray Mother Dog With Broken Leg Leads Vet To Her Puppies


A psychologist, Lianne Powell, noticed an injured Greyhound on the streets. She took the dog in and to the veterinarian, where it was determined she had a broken leg. They treated the dog, now named Vera, but discovered she was still producing milk after likely just giving birth to a litter of puppies. Of course, the humans had no idea where to find these lost babies. But Vera knew. In fact, she wasn’t about to give up on her pups.

Dr. Ellen Sobry, the veterinarian, along with Powell, attached a collar and long leash to Vera and let her outside. To her surprise, Vera instantly began leading the way to her litter. “Limping and at times dragging her cast, she led us along the backstreets and main roads over the fields and along muddy tracks… There in the back were 10 beautiful, fat little healthy puppies,” Powell told the Daily Mail.

Sure enough, they reached the puppies and brought them back to Dr. Sobry’s clinic where they are all recovering, Vera included. They’ve been taken over by the Ibizan Hound Rescue and will be available for adoption once they’re healthy and old enough to go into new homes. Vera herself deserves an incredible forever home, so we hope she finds one as well as her adorable babies.

Written by Katie Finlay
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