Dog Grooming: Everything You Need To Know From Puppies To Adults

Every dog requires at least some grooming to maintain their health and happiness. Grooming shouldn’t be a negative experience for your dog, whether you take them to a groomer or do it yourself. Do you know how to set your puppy up for a lifetime of dog grooming success? Are you aware of how your dog’s grooming should change as he ages? Do you know how to find a groomer who will be a great fit for your dog’s needs? … Read more

SC Groomer Offers Free Services To Dogs Displaced By Hurricane Florence

Jennifer Ward is the owner and operator of RiverPaws Pet Spa in historic downtown Conway, SC. The beautiful, riverside city is one of many in the Carolinas devastated by Hurricane Florence. In order to lighten the load on local pet parents, Ward and her team are offering free grooming services for dogs displaced from their homes. The kindhearted business owner created a Facebook Fundraiser to help defray costs. At the time of this publishing, the fundraiser has collected $200 of … Read more

10 Ways To Ensure Your Dog Stays Safe During A Grooming Session

All dogs need at least a little bit of grooming over the course of their lifetime, even if it’s only regular nail trims and the occasional bath. Whether you groom your dog yourself or take them to a groomer, it should be a positive experience for your dog. Unfortunately, things can go wrong and accidents can happen. Luckily, there are things you can do to help ensure your dog stays safe during a grooming session. Tips for grooming your dog … Read more

Should Dog Grooming Facilities Be Required To Have Video Cameras?

El Paso, Texas wants to see some changes coming to grooming salons in the city. The City Council unanimously voted to implement changes to the way that dog groomers operate businesses within the city. After discovering that groomers are not required to be licensed by any federal, state, or local authority, El Paso has decided that it wants to implement certification rules for groomers in the city. They also plan to require all dog grooming businesses to keep video surveillance cameras … Read more

Groomer Opens Shop At Midnight To Care For Severely Matted Stray

Dog groomer Kari Falla knows just how much suffering a severely matted dog experiences, so when she saw photos of a desperate stray on a Facebook page for lost pets, she immediately volunteered to help. A woman had discovered the dog on the side of the road and saved him from being hit by a car. Although it was midnight, Falla opened up her Oviedo, Florida shop, BGE Grooming to tend to the neglected pup. Rather than placing him in … Read more

Groomer Refuses To Give Dogs Back To Non-Paying Customer, Gets Window Smashed

Oklahoma City dog groomer Norma Poe, who owns All Paws Grooming by Norma, just wants to be paid for the work she did grooming 2 Schnauzers. The owner of Lola and Max has written bad checks to several other groomers in the area, and Poe didn’t want to be the next victim. When Poe refused to hand over Lola and Max to their owner until she paid the $170 owed for the current grooming and a past due balance, the … Read more

Pros And Cons Of Being A Dog Groomer

A new report released by The Conference Board and reported on by Bloomberg and indicates that pet-related careers will grow faster than teaching positions in the next ten years. If you’ve considered being a dog groomer, now is a great time to get into the profession. How do you know if it’s right for you? Directly from groomers Eika S.R. Haas with Purrrfect Paws, LLC; Cindy Disiena at Day in the life of a groomer and animal lover; and Corrie Mae … Read more

Dog Mom Hopes Her Personal Heartbreak Will Raise Awareness About Groomer Safety

Jayme Buck dropped her 3 Shih Tzus, Brewsky, Guinness and Tashi off to be groomed on September 27, 2016 just as she had on dozens of other mornings. Less than 2 hours later she received a call telling her to get back to the office right away. She was told “the little brown one” had collapsed and they could not resuscitate him. Jayme rushed to the grooming salon in a panic. She had no idea which of her 3 dogs … Read more

Study Finds That Pet Care Professionals Will Be More In Demand Than Teachers In The Next Decade

A report by New York-based business research organization, The Conference Board on the changing composition of consumer demand in the upcoming decade predicts that the amount of money Americans spend on pet care services like dog walking will be on the rise – making it a great time to follow that dream of working with dogs and cats! On the other hand, the number of school-age children will be low, affecting jobs in the education sector. The study essentially broke … Read more

Special Look At Groomer Who Made A Name For Herself Showcasing Dog’s Inner Beauty

Have you ever wondered what a career as a dog groomer is really like? The new Mashable series, How She Works gives an intimate glimpse at the highlights and challenges for one young groomer. Jess Rona has been beautifying other people’s pups for 16 years and says a successful groom is about far more than just cutting hair. It’s about respecting the dogs’ feelings with a dose of artistic talent thrown in. A photo posted by JessRonaGrooming (@jessronagrooming) on Nov 18, … Read more

Ask A Groomer: Can Grooming Improve My Dog’s Health?

Did you know infrequent grooming can affect your dog’s health? If you thought grooming was just about making your dog look nice, read on! Overgrown nails can change your dog’s gait, leading to arthritis, injuries, and other problems. They can curl all the way around into the foot pads, causing pain. Longer nails are at higher risk of being torn off, which can be a painful, bloody mess. Even if your dog hates nail trims, wouldn’t you rather upset them … Read more