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Actress Angie Harmon Sues Instacart Driver After Her Dog Got Shot

Angie Harmon has sued an Instacart driver named Christopher Reid and Instacart itself, claiming the driver shot and killed her dog. The incident happened after a delivery at her home in late March, as stated in court documents from Fox News Digital. Harmon wants a jury trial and is asking for damages over $25,000. She described the tragic event on Instagram, saying it occurred right after Reid delivered to her home during Easter weekend. “He got out of his car, … Read more

Brave Dog, Eva Saves Owner from Mountain Lion Attack

Belgian Malinois dogs are renowned for their bravery, intelligence, and loyalty. Eva, a two-year-old dog of this breed, demonstrated her incredible courage in a remarkable way. During a hike, Eva protected her owner from a mountain lion. As the fierce predator approached, Eva sprang into action, fearlessly confronting the mountain lion to keep her owner safe. Her quick thinking and valiant effort ensured her owner’s survival in a perilous situation. This is the story of Eva’s extraordinary bravery and the … Read more

Woman Mourns After Dog Died Of Stray Bullet

In the quiet of night, a Howard Beach family’s life was shattered by a sudden, terrifying sound: a gunshot. The unexpected blast not only fractured the peace but also struck at the heart of a home, leaving a beloved Pomeranian-Husky mix named Aria fighting for her life. Here’s what happened. Midnight Terror The ordeal began unexpectedly in the middle of the night, around 1:30 AM on a Monday, when a stray bullet shattered the peace of her family’s home. This … Read more

Real Housewives Of Dallas Star, D’Andra Simmons, Mourns Loss Of Beloved Dog, Dixie

One of the most painful experiences one can endure is the loss of their fur baby. While hard, it is often comforting to be able to spend your fur child’s last moments with them – being there for them as they were always there for you. Unfortunately, we aren’t always that lucky. Real Housewives of Dallas star D’Andra Simmons is experiencing this firsthand. The reality star and businesswoman lost her baby of 12 years, and the most heartbreaking part about … Read more

Chloe, Former WWE Star Dog, Dies At 17

Longtime WWE fans probably already know all about Torrie Wilson’s relationship with her little white dog Chloe. The Hall Of Fame former wrestler and fitness model more than fawned over that pup. In essence, they were co-stars. Chloe has been a major part of every aspect of Wilson’s life for the past 17 years. The dog appeared in the ring with her frequently, and could often be found tucked under her arm (usually in costume.) Since then, we’ve seen her … Read more

Grieving Dad Takes Senior Dog With Cancer On One Last Walk To Vet

No one ever wants to have to say goodbye forever to their best friend. But when given the chance, many would prefer to let their beloved dogs go peacefully instead of painfully succumbing to disease. That dreaded moment of acceptance is one that sticks with you for a long time. On Twitter, Toronto resident Dale Thompson shared a glimpse of his own heartbreaking farewell moment with his 14-year-old dog Murphy. Murphy had been battling cancer for a while now. “This … Read more

Families Buried Their Animals In a Cemetery. Now They’re Being Asked to Dig Them Up.

Saying goodbye to our furry friends is a devastating but inevitable part of life. The most we can do for our departed good boys and girls is to send them off properly with love and care. That’s why so many people choose to have their animals buried in a cemetery. We want to be able to visit and remember them when they’re gone. Families living near Livingston County in Michigan thought they were honoring their beloved fur babies by burying … Read more

Families Are Having Their Pups Cross the Rainbow Bridge at Home for the Best Reasons

The end is never easy. The thought of losing your friend is painful beyond description. Being faced with the decision of having to euthanized your dog is devastatingly difficult. During a time like this, anything that can be done to make it more bearable, more comfortable, and more peaceful – not just for you, but also your pup – is worth consideration. When the time comes for you to gently ease your best friend from this life, consider having it done … Read more

Grieving Family Warns The Public After Dog Dies From Eating Chewing Gum

Canon was a gorgeous 3-year-old Husky that loved to eat, chase cats, and snuggle. His owner, Christy Figlio of Nashville, Tennessee, says he was perfectly healthy until Saturday night when he stopped eating and began drinking excessively. By Sunday afternoon, Canon was vomiting and unable to walk. Figlio rushed him to the local vet. “He started vomiting the water, and so, that kind of was the red flag that made us decide to take him to the hospital,” the dog … Read more

Dog’s Beach Day Turns Deadly When He Ingests Too Much Saltwater

A heartbroken Florida dog dad hopes his tragic story can help raise awareness to the risks of saltwater poisoning. This lesser-known summer hazard claimed the life of Chris Taylor’s beloved pooch, “O.G.” after a fun-filled day at a local dog beach. Last Monday, Taylor and the 7-year-old water-loving Labrador spent hours romping on the beach. Later that evening, O.G. began vomiting and suffering from diarrhea. He was lethargic on Tuesday, but drinking water and eating some of the chicken and rice Taylor … Read more

Bucket List Buddies Are Making Their Last Days On Earth Worth Every Second

Hearing bad news is devastating, but it always helps to have a friend by your side. Two dogs, a Golden Retriever named Buckeye and a Bulldog named Harley Bruiser, both received the worst news possible; they only had a few months to live. Cancer is quickly taking over their bodies, but their respective families are determined to make their last months at home the best they’ve ever had. They’ve put together bucket lists for the dogs, and the two buddies … Read more

A Guide To Creating The Ultimate Bucket List For Your Aging Senior Dog

Facing the mortality of our senior dogs is a heartbreaking reality that inspires many loving paw-rents to create bucket lists on their behalf. While embarking on a final journey with your gray-muzzled best friend is a beautiful sentiment, be careful not to confuse the experiences you want to give your dog with the experiences your dog wants to have with you. When planning the perfect doggy bucket list, it’s normal to imagine grand adventures and wish for limitless possibilities, but … Read more

The Ugly Truth About Cloning Your Dog

The first successful dog cloning took place in 2005 when Snuppy, an Afghan Hound puppy, was created from the ear skin of a dog named Tai. The pup was named one of the most amazing “inventions” of the year by Time Magazine. Due to differences in their reproductive process, dogs are more difficult to clone than other mammals, but the science has progressed considerably since Snuppy came into the world. However, this remarkable technology comes at a price, one that extends … Read more

Boy Pens The Sweetest Sympathy Card To Teacher Mourning The Loss Of Her Dog

Mrs. Dunne, a teacher in Glasgow, Scotland, often shared photos and stories of her beloved Golden Retriever, Charlie with her young students. When the dog unexpectedly passed away due to an inoperable tumor pressing on his heart, she dreaded telling the children. Dunne decided to share the heartbreaking news first thing in the morning. At the end of the day, a compassionate little boy named Callum presented her with the sweetest sympathy card to show his support. “Callum had asked … Read more

Grieving Pet Parents Start Group To Provide Support Before, During, And After Pet Loss

In February of 2012, Kathryn Jennings and her family were becoming overwhelmed by the stress of managing the chronic or terminal health conditions of their 3 Miniature Schnauzers: Pookie Poo, Hallie Boo, and Sallie Lou. Kathryn knew her family needed emotional support during this trying time as they continued to make difficult decisions regarding their beloved pets’ care and found that nothing appropriate existed. Kathryn decided she needed to create a place where families like hers could get the support they … Read more

Woman Posts Heartbreaking Tribute To Her Dying Dog On Twitter

When 21-year-old Amy Thompson found out her family’s beloved Golden Retriever, Archie, was losing his life to cancer, she started posting a touching tribute to him on her Twitter feed. Soon, people around the world were tuning in to see Thompson’s love for Archie and to give her their condolences. Over the course of several days, Thompson posted 19 tweets in a thread about Archie.     Hello everyone my dog has cancer and doesn’t have very long left so … Read more

Dog Mom’s Heart Literally Breaks After Losing Her Beloved Pup

For Texas dog lover Joanie Simpson, the loss of her beloved Yorkie Meha was almost more than she could bear. She suffered what doctors at first believed to be a heart attack, but later determined was a rare condition known as Takotsubo cardiomyopathy – or broken-heart syndrome. The phenomenon, which mimics the symptoms of a heart attack, usually occurs in the wake of an extreme emotional event such as the loss of a child or spouse. A study published in the New … Read more

What Every Pet Parent Should Know Before Making This Heart-Wrenching Decision

The death of a pet is an incredibly painful experience and though it may not be socially acceptable to admit, it can hurt worse than losing a human friend. Few things ever hurt more than when decision to bring them to the end rests on your shoulders. If you see that your dog is in pain and your veterinarian cannot offer you any other options, it isn’t cruel to help your pet pass. In fact, we may feel selfish for … Read more

Selma Blair Posts Heartbroken Farewell After The Unexpected Death Of Her Rescue Dog

According to actress Selma Blair’s Instagram, a “terrible accident” led to the unexpected death of her 13-year-old Chihuahua/Pug named Ducky. PEOPLE explains that the family had adopted the pup in 2015 from Best Friend Animal Shelter, a no-kill facility. In an interview from earlier this year, Blair expressed the close bond shared by the pooch and her 6-year-old son, Arthur. She’d said: “They love each other very much, but it’s very much brother and sister. My boy just wants to squeeze her as tight … Read more

PetSmart Groomer Acquitted In Dog’s Brutal Death

39-year-old Juan Zarate was found not-guilty on one count of felony animal abuse Friday in the case of Henry, a one-year-old long haired Dachshund who died last year after going to a San Mateo, CA PetSmart for a simple nail trim. Henry was taken to a back room by Zarate who rushed back out minutes later carrying the unresponsive dog. Blood was foaming from his mouth. An on-site veterinarian pronounced Henry dead after attempts to revive him failed. A necropsy … Read more

Country Crooner Says Goodbye To His Beloved Senior Dog

“If my dear ol’ dog never got old, if my family farm never got sold, if another bad joke never got told…” So goes Alan Jackson’s 2002 hit, “That’d Be Alright.” Although the country star did not write the song, the lyrics proved fitting this past week as Jackson and his family said goodbye to their dog, Opie – a 15 1/2-year-old Westie. The singer posted a tribute to Facebook on Friday with a photo of Opie riding in a … Read more

Tom Hardy Grieves For His Dog Best Friend In Touching Tribute

Tom Hardy and his dog, Woodstock, have been best buddies since the day the English actor found the 10-week-old puppy terrified on the side of a highway. That dramatic rescue eventually turned into a life-long bond. Hardy and Woodstock’s relationship has been a well-documented love story, with the dog frequently showing up on the red carpet and on film sets to keep his best friend company. Woodstock was named TIME Magazine’s #73 most influential animal, and the public has loved … Read more

7 Things Your Deceased Pet Would Want You To Know

At iHeartDogs and iHeartCats we often write about coping with the loss of a beloved pet. We do this because we understand that saying goodbye is one of the hardest things you will ever have to do, and we hope that somehow our words can provide a bit of comfort. Having experienced the love and compassion of dogs and cats all my life, I believe they would want us to keep these 7 important messages close to our hearts after … Read more

Why Losing A Dog Can Be Even More Painful Than The Death Of A Loved One

Has a friend ever confided in you that the loss of their dog caused more grief than the death of a close relative? Have you ever felt this way yourself? Society has conditioned us to feel ashamed of such emotions, but research suggests we are more than justified when we deeply mourn the loss of a furry friend. When our first family dog, Spike passed away, my father suffered terribly. He would come home from work and just sit in … Read more