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Real Housewives Of Dallas Star, D’Andra Simmons, Mourns Loss Of Beloved Dog, Dixie

| Published on October 19, 2020

One of the most painful experiences one can endure is the loss of their fur baby. While hard, it is often comforting to be able to spend your fur child’s last moments with them – being there for them as they were always there for you. Unfortunately, we aren’t always that lucky. Real Housewives of Dallas star D’Andra Simmons is experiencing this firsthand. The reality star and businesswoman lost her baby of 12 years, and the most heartbreaking part about it, she wasn’t able to be there in sweet Dixie’s last moments.

In a tribute posted to the star’s Instagram, Simmons explained, “unfortunately, we were unable to be here when she passed, due to being stuck in the hurricane in Mexico. We could not get a plane back early, and we arrived home just a few hours after she passed on the same day.” She goes on to express how this deeply affects her, expressing, “this broke my heart as Dixie was my loyal companion and truly Mommy’s little dog.”


Dixie was truly Simmons’ baby

Simmons and Dixie spent 12 years together, after the star adopted her and her sister, Gypsy, in 2008. The Brussels Griffon littermates led a happy life with Simmons, and unfortunately, both passed away this year, with Gypsy passing in late February.

Simmons gushed about Dixie’s loyalty and love for her, writing, “she loved me and she was constantly by my side. Dixie was always at the back door to greet me when I came home from work with her tail wagging and at the front door if we went out to dinner. She slept next to me for almost 13 years right next to my ribs, and she was always in the chair with me in my home salon when I was getting my hair and makeup done.”


Dixie was there for Simmons through the highs and lows

“She comforted me through tragedies and triumphs,” Simmons continued in her tribute post. She explained how Dixie was there for her through the death of her father, and likewise, was there for her when she had a new love interest. The constant companionship and unconditional love and support we receive from our fur children are unmatched, and Dixie’s was no different.

Dixie will always live on in Simmons’ heart and through cherished memories


“I will cherish the memories I have with Dixie and I will always love her unconditionally as she loved me,” Simmons expressed. “The memories of her special grunting noises, her incessant barking from the front window and her excitement when it came to spending time with me, and helping me taste the delicious recipes I made in the kitchen, will always stir my heart and my tears. I miss her terribly and I will for the rest of my life.”

Love and support go out to Simmons through this tough time. As always, let’s be sure to hug our fur babies extra tight and cherish every moment with them.

Featured Image: D’Andra Simmons/Instagram

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