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Breeder Passed Off ‘Odd Puppy’ That Won’t Grow, Her New Mom Investigates

Written by: Dee Michaels
Dee Michaels is a passionate and accomplished writer, renowned for his heartwarming and engaging stories on more
| Published on April 23, 2024

When Casey brought her diminutive dog Dottie to the veterinarian, the vet was taken aback by her exceptionally small size. Dottie, a charming Brussels Griffon, captivated everyone with her unique blend of qualities. While she is extremely loving and affectionate on her terms, she also boasts a strong streak of independence that defines her personality.

Despite her small stature, Dottie carries herself with the confidence of a much larger dog, seemingly unaware of her diminutive size compared to her canine counterparts. This lack of self-consciousness about her size adds an endearing layer to her character, making her all the more lovable. Her independence and boldness ensure that she navigates the world without any perceived limitations, charming those she meets with her spirited demeanor and proving that size is truly just a number when it comes to personality and heart.


Casey and her partner run a dog rescue in New Zealand. The breeder who had Dottie approached them, knowing they might be open to having a special needs dog in their care. He wanted them to take Dottie and give her a good life. They talked about it and knew they could provide a safe, loving home for however long she needed.

When they first got Dottie, she was even smaller than she is now. Casey thought Dottie would grow into an adult dog, but she never did. Dottie never really changed in size or weight; she essentially looks like a four-month-old puppy even though she’s now two years old. This fact left everyone, including the veterinarian, pretty shocked. He eventually diagnosed her with dwarfism, which explained everything.


Pepper, one of the other dogs in the rescue, has taken on a motherly role for Dottie. She grooms her every morning and plays with her. Many dogs at the rescue treat Dottie quite motherly, perhaps because she appears to be a vulnerable puppy.

A couple of weeks ago, Casey and her partner got word that Dottie’s biological mother was done with breeding and needed a home. They decided to adopt her, and Dottie immediately recognized her mom. Their reunion was incredible! Casey knew she made the right decision to bring the two pups back together.

Dottie has a way of charming everyone she encounters, whether they like dogs or not. She’s super close to both Casey and her partner, especially because she’s different. They always have one eye on her, making sure she’s okay.


Dottie’s resilience and adaptability are inspiring. Her independent spirit, through her unique challenges, proves that dogs are amazing creatures. We are so lucky to have our pups in our lives and will cherish them always!

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