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A Dog Wandered Into Walmart. He’d Been Missing 6 Years.

Yes, a dog wandering into a Walmart and hanging out by the carts is amusing on its own. But it turns out that little shopping trip would also become a miracle. It happened just a few weeks ago in Oklahoma. When Walmart employees noticed the dog, the store’s manager Sandy snapped a picture of him in a shopping cart. She then shared the photo of the sweet dog on Facebook, hoping his family would see and come get him. The post … Read more

COVID-19 Survivor Finally Reunited With Dog After 22 Days

When you’re suffering from a life-threatening disease, the last thing you need is more worries on your plate. Big worries, like “who will take care of my dog while I’m in the hospital?” Unfortunately, that’s exactly the predicament Oahu resident Glenda Tucker found herself in. Tucker recently spent 22 days in the hospital recovering from a coronavirus infection. Her dog, 5-year-old Mana, would be left without a caretaker in her absence. Tucker, too, missed having her best friend at her … Read more

Car Jacked Dog Reunited With Dog Dad Thanks To GPS And Police Force

Mike Reed popped into a convenience store in East Cleveland the night before Thanksgiving. His ever-present side kick, a Miniature Schnauzer named Franz, waited inside the car. When Mike came out, he was faced with a terrifying situation. A man standing next to Mike’s car demanded the keys. At gunpoint. What unfolded over the next few days was a holiday drama that no one should have to endure. Mike informed the armed man that his dog was inside the car … Read more

Woman Unknowingly Rescues Senior Dog She Lost 11 Years Prior

Children bond with their childhood pets in such a strong way. We never forget our first puppy love and will always hold them close in our hearts. For Nicole Grimes of Pennsylvania, the pup that first made that kind of mark was a small black and gray girl named Chloe. Image Nicole Grimes Facebook A Gift from Nana Nicole’s grandmother gifted her the puppy when Nicole was 10 years old. Dressed in a pink bow, Nicole was immediately infatuated with … Read more

Army Veteran Reunited With His Retired Bomb-Sniffing Dog After 6 Months Of Separation

When Ali, a bomb-sniffing Dutch Shepherd, was forced to retire due to his age back in December, his handler, Troy Sutton, was still in Iraq and worried that he would never see Ali again. Luckily, K-9 Hero Haven stepped in and helped Ali transition into retired life while Sutton finished his time in Iraq. Sutton had served in the United States Army for 24 years but now works for American K-9 Detection Services, where he works with dogs to sniff out bombs … Read more

Facebook Message From A Stranger Returns Stolen Husky To Rightful Home

6 months after Feather the Siberian Husky was stolen right out of her own backyard in Moline, Illinois, her mom, Briana Martin, received a Facebook message from a stranger. The stranger said that he had just found out from his cousin that his parents – whom he is estranged from – had stolen Feather and taken her to live with them in Cedar Rapids, Iowa – nearly 90 miles away from where they had stolen her. Martin passed along … Read more

Man Keeps Promise By Re-Adopting The Dog He Was Forced To Surrender 4 Months Ago

Lewis Jiminez adopted Titus as an 8-month-old puppy from the Austin Animal Center in 2013, never imagining that fate would force him to return the pup in November of 2017 over a dispute with a landlord. On February 25, Jiminez finally found new housing that allowed Pit Bulls and he was able to adopt Titus again. Thankfully, he hadn’t been adopted by anybody else while Jiminez searched for affordable housing that would allow Titus to come home again. Shelter staff, who … Read more

Dog Sisters Unexpectedly Reunite & Their Reaction Is Priceless

These two Golden Retrievers were from the same litter and had shared a flight as puppies from Russia to Seattle, WA in order to be adopted last May – and hadn’t seen each other since. But they noticed each other across the crowded Pike Place Market and played as if not a day had passed since their separation. Pam Corwin caught their adorable reunion on video and posted it to Facebook. In her post, she said: “O.M.G.!!!! I witnessed the … Read more

Veteran Gets His Christmas Wish When He’s Reunited With Stolen Service Dog

When Army veteran Geoff Hoffman came home from work on Wednesday, December 20, he was alarmed to see his front gate and front door wide open. While he had been at work, robbers had entered his home, apparently interested in his valuables at first; but in the end, all they took was his 3-year-old pit bull, Bridget. In an interview with KFOR that Hoffman did in his house, he said: “I just want her back. I put a sign here. Take … Read more

Beautiful Reunion For Man And His Dog Who Were Hit By A Drunk Driver

Chance Patterson had just picked up his dogs from Vail Doggie Day Spa & Lodging in Vail, Colorado after working a double shift at Larkburger when he was struck head-on by a drunk driver. Carlitos, a German Shepherd, was killed instantly. Izzy, a Pit Bull, ran away from the accident site in terror and confusion. Patterson was severely injured and was in the hospital for about a week. Meanwhile, Izzy was missing for 5 days. Every day, people tried to find and … Read more

Twitter Users Help Find Lost Dog’s Owner During Hurricane Harvey

Storm chaser, Aaron Jayjack got more than just a fill-up when he stopped at a gas station in Runge, Texas Saturday. A soaking wet pooch began following him, eventually seeking refuge from Hurricane Harvey on the back seat of Jayjack’s Jeep! A loving dog dad himself, Jayjack posted a plea to Twitter asking viewers to reshare the dog’s image across social media in the hopes of locating his owner. Displaced dog jumped into my jeep. Please share to help find owner! … Read more

Dog Lost After Traumatic Car Accident Finally Reunites With Her Humans

On Tuesday, July 11, Erica Cruz and Trenton Ray were involved in a serious car crash in Plano, TX. They were both knocked unconscious and suffered injuries. Daisy Mae, a Labrador Retriever mix, was either ejected from the car during the accident or ran away immediately afterward and couldn’t be found. Mutts and Mayhem Animal Rescue organized a search for Daisy on Sunday, July 16 since she still hadn’t been found and her owners were unable to search for her … Read more

Missing Dog Returns Home As Reporter Is Interviewing Family

A Georgia family got an unexpected, but very welcome surprise while local news cameras rolled this Fourth of July. Will Rumley was discussing the family’s missing dog, Judo with a reporter when the pooch reappeared at the door! Rumley recently lost his wife and the mother of his two young sons to a brain tumor. Judo’s return marked a much-needed moment of joy for the grieving family. “The dog wasn’t scratching at the door or anything like that… And there he is!” … Read more

City Bands Together To Reunite Homeless Man With His Dog

Brett Nicholls became homeless 18 months ago. He suffers from spinal nerve disc compression and has been unable to hold a job. His 15-year-old dog, Molly is his constant companion, remaining faithfully by his side through thick and thin ever since she was a tiny puppy. But in the late hours of Saturday night, Molly went missing. With the help of Nicholls’ community members – both online and off – the two “best mates” have not only been reunited, they … Read more

Police “Sting Operation” Reunites Woman With Her Dog

Seven weeks after his incredible escape from a Las Vegas doggy daycare, a handsome Husky named Loki is home safe. It turns out Melissa Nelson’s service-dog-in-training was not lost in the desert, he was picked up by a couple who refused to give him back – even after Loki appeared on local news. Thanks to a tip from the mother of his captor and a successful police sting at a local liquor store, Loki was finally reunited with his rightful … Read more

US Airman Reunites With His Canine Partner After 3 Years

Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. The images of US Air Force Staff Sgt. Adam Wylie reuniting with his canine partner convey such overwhelming emotion, it’s difficult not to tear up when viewing them. Wylie and Belgian Malinois, Emra developed an unbreakable bond while working together in South Korea from 2012 to 2014. But when Wylie’s deployment ended, Emra – owned by the Air Force – had to stay and continue her service. US News: Ohio Air Force Sgt. … Read more

Canine Custody Battles Emphasize The Importance Of Microchipping Your Pets

Two cases involving legal ownership of missing dogs – one with a microchip and one without – have been settled this month. Although both dogs are now back in the arms of their original owners, their situations could have been resolved faster and without messy custody battles, had all the parties involved understood the importance and correct usage of pet microchips. A post shared by Elita (@elita_the_malinois) on Mar 10, 2017 at 9:15am PST Rosemary, a tiny Chihuahua mix, went … Read more

Domestic Abuse Survivor Reunites With Her Dog Just In Time For Christmas

Fear of leaving their pets behind is one of the most common reasons victims of domestic abuse cite for remaining with their abusers. Many shelters are working to alleviate this stress by creating pet-friendly facilities, but unfortunately, the woman we will call “Nicole” in this post did not have that option when she needed it.   Thanks to the generosity of the Lincoln County Humane Society and several online donors, Nicole has been reunited with her little dog just in … Read more

Missing Dog Returns To Family 4lbs Heavier: “He Was Obviously Living The Life Of A Lord”

The Gallagher family of Lougher, Duleek in Ireland are speaking out about the importance of microchipping your pets after receiving a holiday surprise that made them “happier than any lottery winners.” After 6 long months, they were reunited with their missing dog Spot. If not for his microchip, that joyous day may never have come. Spot was welcomed into the Gallagher family 6 years ago as a companion to their 10-year-old German Shepherd, Dora. As is common in the Irish countryside, … Read more

Dog Missing Since 2013 Is Found 1200 Miles Away In New Jersey

When a dirty, matted dog arrived at an animal shelter in Paterson, New Jersey the staff checked her for a microchip. They discovered that the Maltese-Pomeranian mix had been missing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida since 2013. The chip led back to Bill Gerstein who had held onto hope that his dog, Bella would one day be found. Now, after 3 years and 1200 miles, they have finally been reunited. Bella went missing on Friday December 13, 2013. She had accompanied … Read more

WWII Veteran Is Miraculously Reunited With His Senior Dog After She Was Stolen

This is the heartbreaking story of 93-year-old World War II veteran Roger LeClair and his stolen dog Lola. The tiny senior Chihuahua was snatched right from the man’s front yard. Not long after Lola was taken, Mr. LeClair has been joyously reunited with the dog he calls his “best friend,” and we could not be more ecstatic to share their wonderful story with you!   On November 9th 2016, a woman approached Mr. LeClair’s home and told him that she … Read more

Police Officer Reunited With His Dog Who Was Shot & Fled During Home Robbery

Thankfully, there is a happy ending to what could have been a tragic story! When Officer Paul Shaw returned to his Jacksonville, Florida home on Tuesday, he discovered someone had broken in. His pickup truck, guns, and some jewelry were missing, but worse, so was his 8-year-old Pit Bull, Hemingway. Shaw was even more terrified for his pup when he saw a pool of blood that was left on the floor. The community rallied to support the officer and help … Read more