When They Let Their Dog Out At A Party, This Happened… For Hours…

“There’s a party at our place today with games and cakes and balloons and..Balloons? Yippee! That means I get to play ‘Keep the balloon off the floor!’ I love that game and I’m the best at it too!!” 😀

If Einar the Frenchie could talk, I’m sure that’s what he would say! Did you see how happy he was playing with the balloon, doing everything he can to keep it from hitting the floor? I still play that game every time there’s a balloon and I always have fun too, just like Einar. It’s nice how he interacted with humans and how they had so much fun watching him and playing WITH him too! Did you see how high he jumped? Amazing dog, a real pro!

Dogs. Aside from being our best companions, they are the best entertainers around! Share this and bring some laughter in someone’s life! 🙂

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