• GONE VIRAL: A truckload of dogs has the time of their life at the beach!

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    When you lookup “happiness” in the dictionary, there will now be a reference to THIS video! Posted 5 days ago on YouTube, this video is taking the internet by storm. The story behind it is totally awesome! Apparently the Malibu Dog Training Company takes it’s students from their “off leash” program to the beach after graduation. Afterwards they clean them up, trim their nails, and bring them back to their owners! Sign me up, like yesterday!

    The sole cat that accompanied them is the well known Didga, aka the world’s best skateboarding cat. What an awesome group this is!

    Tell us in the comments below: What makes your dog happier than anything else in the world?

    • Manisha Nandy Mazumder

      every one of them is an angel – and I hope they are this happy always – god bless those people who gave them this piece of heaven :)

      • MsPhillyG

        What a sweet comment..

    • wisepati

      Did the cat go into the water on its own then? So cute!

    • Gayle L Pfeiffer

      My dogs are all happy because they where RESCUED! I love this video beautiful and heartwarming beyond words. <3 Gayle of Big And Small Animal Rescue of New Mexico.

    • skyatimus

      I wish I was there.

      • MsPhillyG

        me too….

    • Eleanore

      so great to see something good happened to our fur babies.

    • Jacque Ring

      Instant mood changer…thank you that was awesome ..my dogs & cats are all rescues & I love everyone of them

    • evaweiss

      I am crying tears of happiness …

    • Scare Crow

      which beach is this? I bring my dog all the way to Long Beach to get her some ocean… would love to bring her to that one!

      • chris

        Palm Beach and Currumbin in Australia

    • Renee B

      LOVED IT! I have HAPPY tears.

    • Suomen

      The cat is what stands out here.

    • MsPhillyG

      OMGOSH!!! I absolutely love this video….seeing all of those different breeds and sizes of dogs all playing together on the beach …and the cat…in the water too. This is awesome…

    • Whitney Lee Cook

      uhg. gave me goosebumps! those are the luckiest, happiest pupperonis! and the cat is swimming! awesome.

    • http://www.EatStylePlay.com/ Eat.Style.Play

      I love that there is a cat chilling in the middle of all of this! Too cute

    • Dwan Suggs Buddin

      I’d give my eye teeth to be able to train my dogs this well! I also love watching the cat! I am amazed at how well they all behave together!

    • Wendy Legerton

      Amazing video! Love it! #MavTheLab is happiest when mom works from home and taking long walks to the beach!

    • Gabriel Biase

      I had to give my dog away when I got deployed and there isn’t a day that goes by that I dont miss him. I would give up my career to get him back. Wish I could see him again. I guess some people are blessed to have these precious animals. As for me, When I get out the service I will rescue a few.

      • Robin Brownley

        DOGS ON DEPLOYMENT: Support your troops by boarding their pets! It’s a website that matches soldiers pets with foster families who open their home for as long as six months to a year.

        SHARE to support your troops & their pets –> http://bit.ly/Shx5rV
        PHOTOS–> http://bit.ly/1i6kg8N…It may be to late for you to do this, and that saddens me, But I hope it brings you comfort knowing someone else being deployed has a chance to get their pet back. And thank you for serving.

        • michelledownstaylor

          I was going to say that. I saw it on Queen Latifah’s show. It was a real tear jerker and such an incredible program!

          • sue smith

            Great organization,,wish Gabriel had been able to hook up with them

      • lyone

        Thank you so much for your service to our country. Your sacrifices mean so much to all the rest of us. My husband and I wish you and your fellow troop mates all the success and safety. We are thinking of you.

        • Sowhat?

          I was thinking the same…. God Bless our Soldiers …..


        I’m sure you will and they’ll be very lucky dog’s

      • yolla

        Thank you for your Service Gabriel!

        • Gabriel Biase

          There’s no need to thank me. I thank this great country that has given me every chance in the world to be someone. The upbringing I had and where I lived before would have never given me the change “our” great country gave me. I thank you all for being the most humble and accepting people in the world. I say “our’ because I was raised in Brazil until the age of 6. I have been in America for the past 24 years and 4 years ago I became a citizen. It took me a while to do so because I didn’t want to intrude in someones culture. I felt that I needed to earn the right to become an American. I love to say I am an American now. I love America and everything it stand for. When someone asks me what I am, I at first I hesitated when answering, but now I finally felt like I am an American. Thank you all for being so great! I am so proud to serve each and every one of you. Lastly, I know one day Zeus (My dog) and I will meet again. I just know it. Wherever he lives know I know he is happy and safe.

          • Dale Damewood

            He will be waiting at The Rainbow Bridge for you.

            • Gabriel Biase

              I hope the gods hear you Dale. Thank you for the kind words.

          • Deb Fox

            Gabriel. We’re not perfect,, but, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

            • Gabriel Biase


            • sue smith

              Gabriel, if you got a dog and were deployed again, I bet anyone on this board including my family, would keep your dog for you!!!

            • Bunny

              she means America isn’t perfect.

          • Cheryl Eaton-Belli

            Gabriel, it’s an honor and privilege to have you as a citizen of our amazing country!! Thank you for loving it, and thank you for defending it.

          • Helene Sibley

            God Bless and take care of you!!!!!

          • Patti

            Gabriel: As a veteran, I want to say I’m happy to congratulate you on achieving citizenship….we have a lot of citizens who were born here that don’t appreciate our country and even hate this country….may we always have the liberty we hold so dearly and may the red, white and blue ever wave. Also: thank you for your service!

            • Marisol

              Hmmmmmmmm, Patti…I guess the slaves that hated this country had absolutely no right to feel that way,huh? One man’s liberty was another man’s enslavement…So don’t go there

            • mooncusser99

              Stupid remark. That woman wasn’t talking about slavery. Don’t be so friggin defensive.

            • Marisol

              How do you know what or who she was talking about? Are you a friggN psychic…shaddup

            • Mary Diane

              who the heck was talking about slavery ?? boy, you must throw out that ” race card ” at the drop of a hat, huh ? and many, many slaves did not hate this country, they hated the slavery and all that went with it. However, there are some people in our country today, born here, who would rather set themselves apart and be called ( blah blah blah American )……and if you are born in the US, regardless of your ancestry, you ARE AN AMERICAN. aren’t you a nit picking jerk !

            • Marisol

              Diane who the fugg are you to speak to the thoughts of slaves?. You devils probably thought that they were happy to be slaves. You need to stay in your paleass lane.

            • Mary Diane

              Guess you can’t read or even understand English. # 1, were YOU a slave ?? Was your mama or daddy a slave ?? was your grandma or grandpa a slave. can you be HONEST when answering those questions ?? Will you even address those questions ? And saying they hated slavery does NOTinclude America. THEY WERE BROUGHT HERE BY SLAVERS…..and that was dispicable and horrible…..and they hated them, they hated owners who were mean and vicious and curl. .but all owners were not that way. ..and slaves became Americans when slavery was over, and they didn’t return to Africa because they didn’t want to, even though it was offered by many. Many slaves stayed on with their ” masters ” because many were, in fact, treated well. Some were actually treated almost like family. If you read or studied history, history written by slaves, by other black men and women, you would be knowledgeable and informed about this . Are you a black American ?? I am. And guess what ? I can trace my black family all the way back to when some were actually slaves. Can you do the same ?? And if you are so riled up about America then why don’t you take your butt back to Africa, if you are a black person. The ” black ” people are of the Negroid race of people having dark brown to black skin. Therefore they are ” people of color. Negros. Black people. Not African American just cause somewhere a hundred or more years ago some one related to them was from Africa. I am an American. You just seem to be a HATER. And I have deep pity for such a shameful person.

            • Marisol

              Yes, my grandfather was born a slave Ms Know-It-All. He was born in SC in
              1863. He was 69 years old when my mother was born in 1933. I was born in
              1973. But since you’re so damn intelligent, I guess that must totally shock
              your dumbass.

              As far as the slaves returning to Africa, why would they do that? For 247
              years they built this country free of charge. Were they supposed to go to a
              country that they knew nothing of and allow the devils that enslaved them to
              have all the glory of living here in America?

              Some stayed on with their masters because they had no place else to go
              stoooopid. The other half of my heritage is Native American. My father’s
              family is 100% Creek. So I probably know more about my heritage than you know about yours ms slave mentality. I seem to be a hater? Lol….You seem to be a dumbasswipe that don’t know jack. And by the way….you’re not black…So take your stupidass back to Europe. This is my land

            • Mary Diane

              My great great grand mother was !00% Choctaw. My great great grandfather was born a slave in NC……they produced 7 children. My grandfather, from Scotland, married one of those girls. On my Scottish grandfathers side his mother was Irish. So, my heritage is quite mixed, but I do wonder how you can say with such certainty that I am not black ?? Because my skin isn’t as dark as some, its actually darker, ? Have you seen me ?? a picture of me ? I am intelligent and well educated, and I don’t usually feel like calling others names…..but you take the prize……Not only are you a human garbage can with a mouth that spews filth….you are a low life, with painfully low intelligence ( probably about 80 IQ ) and someone who more than likely lives in the gutter and collects welfare and food stamps to feed your drug habit. Scum of the earth. The only land that is yours is the gutter.

            • Marisol

              Oh my, did I pluck a nerve? Liar

            • Marisol

              Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, did we pluck a nerve or what?…CTFU. For someone who doesn’t name call, you sure went all out guuuuuuurl. I can’t stop laughing. You just proved my ever thought regarding your lying behind The really funny thing is that you asked if my father or grandfather was a slave. I gave the breakdown, now you’re mad….lol. You had to go all the way back to great-great grandfather to even have an association and I still don’t believe you. You proved my every thoughts…You’re a liar. Have a fantastic day and a good life….liar.

            • Sowhat?

              hahahaha ….. lol big time !!
              About the IQ of Marisol ??
              She does not write as if she has one…..
              80 IQ it’s to high for her….
              She it’s just vulgar and nonsense…….

            • Mary Diane


              *Mary Diane Roberts*

            • Irish78623

              If they hated America then why would they want “all the glory of living here in America” ? Hmm.

            • MacktheKnife

              You know, if you would just stop with the language and the name calling you would sound like a much more intelligent person. You should be ashamed of yourself, if you want to act better then anyone then you should behave better. Treat others the way you want to be treated. And it is extremely ignorant and stupid to assume that all white people came from Europe or that all white Americans are descended from slave holders. Both sets of my great grandparents came over here from Hungary in 1913. No one in my family ever owned anyone. Stop running your ignorant fool little trash mouth at anyone and everyone and become an educated person. Learn how to speak without name calling or swearing so you can sound smart and people might listen to you. You also clearly have no idea what the term slave mentality means, that is evident from the way you throwing it around. Why don’t you try googling that phrase and you would be surprised what comes up.

            • Sowhat?

              Well said !! Great Post !!! I hope that’ hater patrol’ of Marisol understands your message …..Uppps no she does not !!
              Don’t waste your time on her she it’s all over, trying to find some one to fight with…. and see her postings ?? no one likes them !!

            • mary conder

              Marisol, slavery has been gone for a very long time now. I doubt if your great grandmother was even a slave. Honey, if you dont like it here I (along with lots of others) will gladly pay to ship your fat hind end to mother africa!

            • Marisol

              My grandfather was born 1863 and died in 1954 at the age of 91. Why is it so hard for you to understand that he was born into slavery? Are you feeling guilty or something? And by the way, that’s GRAND…not GREATGRAND

            • MacktheKnife

              Check your history sweetheart. Yes if your grandfather was born in 1863, depending on where he was born he most likely was not born into slavery dear. The Emancipation Proclamation was issued in Jan. 1863 and the Civil War was over in 1864. If anything your grandfather was born in the last year of slavery and at the most spend MAYBE a few months as an infant in slavery. He did not live out his whole life as slave as so many did, and to use that as a means to be hateful to people really takes away from the thousands who lived that horrible experience and died as a result. Shame on you. But again if you took more than a minute and stopped with your ignorant and classless name calling and swearing and actually tried to learn something about history you would have known that and wouldn’t have made such a stupid mistake.

            • Marisol

              You are about the most ignorant of all of the airheads that I have dialogued with. I clearly stated that my grandfather was born in South Carolina. Slavery was abolished in 1865 NOT 64. Even if he lived two years of his life as a slave, that was two years more than he should have. Don’t come here minimizing a struggle that you know nothing about. Take your know it all, dumbass and read a book or something that’s educational, as you don’t know jack. I’m done dialoguing with an idiot.

            • MacktheKnife

              Her remark CLEARLY says “citizens who were born here.” No mention whatsoever of slaves who were brought here by force. BTW slavery ended over 300 years ago in case someone forgot to inform you or you weren’t paying attention. Anyone who didn’t want to be here at that time was free to leave, and many slaves did leave. In fact that is how Liberia was formed. Something you would know if you bothered to learn. Just like if you don’t like it here now you are free to leave. But you and other haters like you won’t leave because you know you won’t get it any better than the U.S. ,no where else in the world is like this country the nanny state mentality we have here.

            • Marisol

              OMG, here we go again with someone who is dumber than the ones who came
              before it. Let me break it down to you dummy

              1. Slavery ended 150 years ago, not 300…Slavery lasted for almost 247
              plus another 100 years of Jim Crow which ended in 1965

              2. So in actuality, slavery by another name ended 50 years ago

              3. There were at least 23 generations of people BORN into slavery in this
              country…not brought over from Africa

              4. I am 3/4 Native American, so you leave…

              5. Next time you decide to post, know what the fugg you’re talking
              Ignorance is Bliss

            • Irish78623

              Christ almighty does someone always have to throw out the race card? Not the mention Patti says ‘have’ that makes it present tense. There are NO people living in this country that were born as slaves.

            • Marisol

              Christ almighty, did anyone say that there were living slaves in this country today? You just wanted to get into the conversation. Shut yo face…

            • Irish78623

              Well actually you did in a way when you brought the whole ‘slave’ thing in it to begin with. As I pointed out Patti was speaking in the ‘present’ tense, not in the past tense. Maybe if you learned what that means and how to properly comprehend what you are reading maybe you wouldn’t make such ridiculous out of context comments. Not to mention that she never said anything about any race or certain group of people. You interjected that yourself.

              If you don’t want people responding to you then maybe you shouldn’t comment to begin with. This is an open forum, that is what it is for, so we can comment.

            • Marisol

              It’s amazing how you can tell me who Patti was talking about or what she meant. Patti hasn’t said a word. Just know it all like you Condor and Mary Diane. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if you all are the same person. Have a good life and stop being a cu nt

            • Irish78623

              I can discern what Patti intended by reading her words. It’s known as reading comprehension, You should try it sometime and spend a little less time trying to turn everything in the world into something about race or slavery and finding different ways to call people nasty little names without the monitor noticing.

              And no, I’m my own person. Perhaps since 3 people have tried to point out to you that ‘slavery’ had nothing to do with it you might consider that they might be right and you might be wrong.

            • Marisol

              Let it go HO. Apparently you are craving dialogue with someone. Find someone else to haunt. You’re sucking the life out of me. Be gone satan…Stalking much?

            • MacktheKnife

              Yes we can tell you what Patti said because she didn’t say it she wrote it. Again I quote directly “people who are born here.” Patti said born here in the present tense, she never said people who were forced here or people who were born here in the past. ARE means present tense and if you would calm down for a minute you might actually learn something. BTW your name calling really just shows your lack of education and class do you know that? It doesn’t hurt anyone but you. It makes you look ignorant and stupid, AND makes you … a stereotype, a caricature.. but keep it up and show us all who you really are

            • Marisol

              Educate yourself before posting please…

            • toserveman

              Please provide the name of a living former slave

          • Betsi Eisman Caprara

            you are a better person than many people born in this country. Thank you!!! And you should definitely get another dog. I just have my grand dog to love, but I wouldn’t trade her for anything!!

          • mary conder

            Gabriel, with your humble attitude along with your willingness to work, you will succeed. It an honor for our country to give you that chance. God be with you in all that you do.

      • Guest

        Thank you for your sacrifice, brother. Much appreciated.

        I had to give a dog away because of circumstances beyond my immediate control. That was 20 years ago; I know that dog is gone now, but I still miss her and think of her all the time. Cassie was the smartest, sweetest, coolest dog ever. Even my friends who didn’t really like dogs would wind up being her buddy within a short time–she was that affable and charming. The guy I gave her to offered me the opportunity to come visit her after a few days but I declined the invite. I felt a clean break was best. Besides, I was afraid that I would go back and steal her later, once I got the circumstances worked out. I think I might have. I wanted to send her to a rural home with a family that had kids and lots of room to roam, but this guy talked me into letting me take her home to his grandmother. I’m sure she had a very different life than she would have had with me but I hope I did right by her (and the grandmother.)

      • Guest

        Thank you for your sacrifice, brother. Much appreciated.

        I had to give a dog away because of circumstances beyond my immediate control. That was 20 years ago; I know that dog is gone now, but I still miss her and think of her all the time. Cassie was the smartest, sweetest, coolest dog ever. Even my friends who didn’t really like dogs would wind up being her buddy within a short time–she was that affable and charming. The guy I gave her to offered me the opportunity to come visit her after a few days but I declined the invitation. I felt a clean break was best. Besides, I was afraid that, if I knew where she was, I would go back and steal her later, once I got the circumstances worked out. I think I might have because I missed her so much. I wanted to send her to a rural home with a family that had kids and lots of room to run, but this guy talked me into letting me take her home to his grandmother. I’m sure she had a very different life than she would have had with me but I hope I did right by her (and the grandmother.)

      • Jack Dashiell

        Thank you for your sacrifice, brother. Much appreciated.

        I had to give a dog away because of circumstances beyond my immediate control. That was 20 years ago; I know that dog is gone now, but I still miss her and think of her all the time. Cassie was the smartest, sweetest, coolest dog ever. Even my friends who didn’t really like dogs would wind up being her buddy within a short time–she was that affable and charming. The guy I gave her to offered me the opportunity to come visit her after a few days but I declined the invitation. I felt a clean break was best. Besides, I was afraid that, if I knew where she was, I would go back and steal her later, once I got the circumstances worked out. I think I might have because I missed her so much. I wanted to send her to a rural home with a family that had kids and lots of room to run, but this guy talked me into letting him take her home to his grandmother. I’m sure she had a very different life than she would have had with me but I hope I did right by her (and the grandmother.)

        • Jack Dashiell

          Wow. I thought “Delete” meant DELETE. Curse me for being a perfectionist writer! haha Sorry for the redundancy, Gabriel.

          • Gabriel Biase

            No worries Jack. It happens. Take care.

      • Jack Dashiell

        Twenty years ago, I had to be an adult and give a dog away because of circumstances beyond my immediate control. I know that dog has passed on now, but I still miss her and think of her all the time. Cassie was the smartest, sweetest, coolest dog ever. Even my friends who didn’t really like dogs would wind up being her buddy within a short time–she was just that affable and charming. The guy I gave her to offered me the opportunity to come visit her after a few days but I declined the invitation. I felt a clean break was best. Besides, I was afraid that if I knew where she was, I would go back and steal her later, once I got the circumstances worked out. I think I might have because I missed her so much. I wanted to send her to a rural home with a family that had kids and lots of room to run, but this guy talked me into letting him take her home to his grandmother. I’m sure Cassie had a very different life than she would have had with me but I hope I did right by her (and the grandmother.)

        • georgina walker

          you did. :) and she’s waiting at the Rainbow Bridge for you. you’ll see her again. :)

      • Jack Dashiell

        Thank you for your sacrifice, brother.

      • georgina walker

        good for you~! and thanks for your service. 😉

      • Brenda

        Gabriel – your group let you down. (Army, navy, whatever). I fostered 2 dogs for people on deployment. If the dog was a match with mine, I’d do it again. Your family readiness group should have been able to have helped you with this issue and it’s pathetic they didn’t.

        • Will Scherrer

          Its pretty sad to see one of our service members go thru something like this. Anyone for that matter, but a person that puts his life on hold for our freedom deserves more than what he got! I wish you could find your dog again! Anything we can do, I believe it should be done.

        • Irish78623

          I appreciate your thoughts, but please don’t disparage the FRGs out there they have a lot to do and can’t always manage to help everyone. You don’t know the full details of the situation. Sometimes deployments are given with enough advance notice. Not all deployment situations are the same.

      • suzanne

        So sorry you were forced to give up your best friend. There is a group on Facebook “The Puppy Rescue Mission” this rescue is dedicated to bringing home to the US dogs that soldiers find during their deployment in the Middle East. Please look them up. They operate on donations and I don’t think they charge our service people. Don’t limit your possibilities to find another best friend. I want to add I love this rescues mission.
        There is also another group who matches canines to veterans who need a service dog: Pets for Patriots
        Good luck, thank you for your service and God Bless.

      • suzanne

        Gabriel, the PRM ( Puppy Rescue Mission ) does find fosters if the dog gets to the US before our soldier. I don’t know when you’ll be back but if you get attached to a dog there please look into this rescue.

      • sin smith

        thank you for your service sir ……. much love and respect for what you have seen and had to go thru over there

      • Dawn R Buchroeder

        So sorry that you had to leave your dog! But its understandable giving the set of circumstances! Once ur done in the service , you will make some other dogs lives complete , and happy! And u will be happy too! Dont feel bad , I am sure your dog is with good people! Dont be hard on yourself! Thank u for your service for our country sir! Peace and much love to you!

      • Gayle Gebhardt Turner

        Gabriel, I think someone already told you about DOD. I run one of the many rescue sites for dogs on facebook, which has also helped find homes for pets who’s families have had to go away. Please keep up your Great Work for our Nation Gabe, and soon when you return you can rescue some fur buddies!

      • Brenda Crowe

        God bless you and thank you for your service to our country. Be safe there are some dogs out there justbwaitng to go to their forever home.

      • Sandy Smiley Wagner

        Thank you for your sacrifice! That you for your SERVICE! GOD BLESS! :)

      • Chris Brown

        May God bless you for the great work you are doing! Thank you so much for your willingness to sacrifice for this country. My prayer is that you will be blessed with many happy times when you are able to get some more fur babies!

      • Freddy Rolando Figueroa

        why would you get a dog knowing you might get deployed? unless you were not enlisted by that time then I apologize, otherwise I feel bad for the dog.

      • Nafisa Judeh

        i believe that people like you that make these types of sacrifices are the ones who end up with the most blessed and satisfied lives. i couldnt imagine giving up my companion, cant even fathom how hard it mustve been for you. happy to hear some animals out there will have a human like you to care for them soon. thank you!

      • http://www.GTreeAdvertising.com TheMediaFairy

        At the right time, the perfect dog/s will cross your path. Be safe until then, and bless you for planning to adopt rescues. I have one, and she’s amazing. I called her Kitah the Wonder Dog until she survived a rattlesnake bite. Now she’s Kitah the Miracle Dog. I aspire to be the person she thinks I am.

      • tess

        Thank you for your service sir!

      • Kareb Fitzsimmons

        You’re doing a great job. Thank you for your sacrifice. I have rescue dogs. They are the best.

      • KSteele36

        Gabriel, I feel ya man…. just know this. I (we) gave up a rescue lab we had for about 2 years when we purchased our new house simply because 1. I didn’t know any better and 2. my ex and I weren’t home enough to give her the attention she deserved and she was beginning to have health issues (her hip, developed a heat rash and shedding)
        We took our time choosing the right adoption family for her and thought it was great they had another Lab her age that made us feel better about the new home she would be in….. months went by and the new fam had given us permission to visit any time so while I was in the area one day I stopped by…. my girl was healed in so many good ways… despite our efforts, her limp was gone due to pool therapy, they shaved her down and changed her diet so her rash was gone and itching all better + she didn’t shed near as much as she did before… in addition, she not only remembered me (which I had no idea that this was even possible) but she came running to me whimpering the whole way and crying and hugging me as best she could on 4 legs….. it took everything I had to keep from breaking out in tears and snatching her back right then and there…. but I recognized that she was in a better place with her new family and as much as my ex and I loved her we couldn’t provide for her what she really needed. I guess the point is…. they don’t forget and Dogs are good people. You can have that again b/c unlike people their love is unconditional and I am positive that your puppy appreciates the time you had together however long that was.

      • Angela Dean

        Thank you for your service!!! Take care and stay safe out there! When your time is finished enjoy the future with all the dogs you want!!

      • Michaela

        Sorry you had to give up your baby but That is so sweet that you will save a few when
        your able to : )

      • Sowhat?

        I understand how you feel… I was very lucky that I found a family that took my 3 precious Cats when I had to move to another Country with only my dog…. I think of them all the time!! Thank you !! for fighting for Freedom for us all in this World …. God Bless You Always…..

      • yvette

        I can’t even imagine how hard that must have been. Nobody would watch him for you? I have two babies, a minpin and a maltipoo…those two are my heart!!! And they know it! Talk about being spoiled rotten!!!

      • Beth Daniels

        I teared up reading your comment. That’s one of the best reasons for rehoming a dog that I’ve heard of… I’m a volunteer at a local rescue & I foster dogs waiting on forever homes. I love everyone of them and they take a little piece of my heart when we find them forever homes.

      • Michael Thomas

        Gab when you do check out Pets for Patriots, they are great people and will help get a rescue dog free!!! (Tell em Mike and Buddy sent you!)

      • Kim Goebel

        Thats sad. Arizona humane society has a program that helps heros like you keep their best friend while they fight to keep america free. Volunteers keep the pet and upon return the owner gets them back. Its awesome and touching everytime i see the reunion. Thanks for what you do.

      • Tarasia Schaller

        thank you for your service, sir! and i will pray that the God of miracles may allow you to reconnect with your precious dog. but even if not, your heart is big enough to save the life of another who will need someone like you…that will understand what fighting a war (maybe different kinds of war, but it’s still war) is like and give them a forever home.
        God’s continued safety and protection for you until you’re home again!!!

      • LindaR61

        So sorry for your loss of buddy. We have recently lost our last kitty after 3 weeks short of 19 years. We are going to visit our family and friends and then adopt another family. Wishing you a happy family, too.

    • pattycake

      I am in awe of the cat swimming in the ocean!!!!!!

      • ldean

        Sadly, you can see how terrified that cat is with his/her eyes pinned back almost flat against her head. No doubt, the guy put her in the water. This cat is NOT one of the breeds that like water.

    • Holly Viall Mohajer

      I shared it with everyone at work. We are chefs and dishwashers and servers and its hot and this video made all of our nights! Nobody can break our spirit now. :-)

    • Welles Bay

      fantastic, what a great animal trainer too !

    • Kat Eady

      I LOVE DOGS! I love people who take good care of their pets and treat them well, more than just family members…but as guardian angels and to cherish and love them and to go above and beyond for them like they do for us.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gunnar-Lovebone/100000268264561 Gunnar Lovebone

      My pups totally love hittin’ the beach
      So glad these get the opportunity to do so as well.

      • Maria Fernanda Gonzalez

        Hi everyone… I have 7 dogs and 3 of them are street rescued in Miami… Yup I did it all by myself…They are very happy dogs and I give them all my LOVE.

        • Ginny Mcevoy

          I play this video every day and it just makes you happy ! All these pets are adorable and clearly enjoying their fun time together ! We should all learn something from them !! I have had many dogs and cats during my lifetime and loved them all dearly and it devastated me when each and every one passed on and I think of them all the time. I have been so blessed by a good friend who we got our beautiful Rottie from a year ago ! Wow, he has literally changed our lives and brought so much joy, happiness and laughter into our lives, just amazing and our boy just turned 3 on May 1. Thank you all for your love of our sweet four legged angels and thank you to all the service men and women who have had to leave their fur babies and their families behind to go and protect us and try to bring about peace in the world ! You are awesome !!!!

    • ral

      Driving downtown today I saw some guy getting into his truck, his dog was so happy to see him he was over in the guy’s seat wagging and shaking, just being glad to see his guy. The guy back fisted him a couple times to move him off his seat. I honked and let the guy know what I though but had to come home and watch this again just to calm down. I am very happy there are people like this person out there to make so many dogs lives great. I wish all dogs could be so lucky.

    • paz

      Nobody can deny that those dogs are HAPPY!!… (the kitty too)

    • Jack Dashiell

      Silly cat. Even while surfing, he has to give the appearance of being bored—like he’s too cool to have fun. Must be a hipster cat. 😉

    • Rachel Sutherland

      Best video in ages but think the cast has an identity crisis hehe

      • georgina walker

        i’m sure you meant cat… :)

    • Marcel Koops

      I had a few dogs in my lifetime.
      And there is one thing that makes a dog happy, and that is to see they’re friends happy.
      What still makes me happy is to see a 55 kilo Belgium Shepard (mechelaar) be with a 5 kilo kid, and being so kind and lovable to my little daughter.
      Last week my daughter asked about him, she was only 2 when we had to put him to sleep because of cancer.
      Precious memories.

    • siracco

      When I had my lab it was the beach and swimming. What a great video. Thanks.

    • Jagger Dagger

      Happy dogs rule.

    • Tony Newbold

      Hi I had to give my German shepherd to the shepherd rescue when my partner passed away. He was my dog but had separation anxiety and when Sue died I had no one to sit with him when I went out. I had a letter threatening eviction because of his barking. He was the best and most handsome dog I have ever had. that was 2 years ago and there is still not a day when I don’t miss him. Even the Lady that ran the rescue centre called me and told me he was special. It made me feel like a traitor.

    • Judi Gitel

      I don’t have a dog anymore, but I LOVE this. It made ME happy! Thanks for sharing!

    • Jarred

      if my dog was in that bunch he would have already been a mile away before the video even started. jack russels like to run

    • Nylenel Añebo Zaracla

      Continous 2:58 seconds smiling and laughing :) it doesn’t happen everyday to me thanks to this babies :) <3

    • http://jewelryboxesonthewall.com Sarah Chantland-Simmons

      Both my dogs are happiest SWIMMING!!!! We have “their” pool!!!! had to even invest in the sand filter (for those of you dog lovers with swimmers) just for them so I don’t wash filters any more!!!

    • Jersey Jen

      So … I guess this is supposed to be cute? I dunno. I can’t get past the fact that none of those dogs seem to be secured in the van. God forbid they were in an accident on the way to or from the beach. Some people see this as cute. I see this as completely irresponsible, and I would be PISSED beyond belief if someone allowed my dogs to travel unsecured in a car.

      • MsDragonSlayer

        You are the definition of miserable. Get out and enjoy life more.

        • onyx1176

          I would say concerned, not miserable. I also feel like pets should be restrained in a vehicle just like adults and children, they can get hurt too.

    • Dawn

      I LOVE THIS! so worth paying for to have such a well adjusted D.O.G! and CAT!

    • A Briggs

      This video got even better with Katy Perry’s California Gurls playing in the background.

    • Gayle

      Guardian Angels for Soldiers Pets is another resource. I fostered a husky for more than a year and a half and when she reunited with her person it was very beautiful and touching.

    • mondaynomore

      If you’re a Pit Bull Fan – http://teespring.com/truthaboutpitbulls

    • aroundthewayJ

      This is my happy place. 😀

    • Chris .

      <—-One happy Pup.

    • mlw

      wow I wish I could take dogs from the shelters and do this! how happy would they be to be able to be free from their cages even if for one hour or so! too bad shelters don’t allow, but I guess with all the “bad” people in the world the risk is too high :( At least these ones get a some fun

      • Jaybee Janelle

        some shelters allow volunteers to walk and play with the animals

    • fart

      “A truckload of dogs has the time of their life at the beach!” wtf/??? it should be

      “A truckload of dogs have the time of their lives at the beach!”

      The truckload is not having the time of its life, the dogs are having the time of their lives. Agreement error does not compiutejks plx fix it

      • ML

        Hey, fart, ever hear of a collective noun?

    • Ravyn Richards

      Sadly, while my dog loves any wide open space to run around at, including the beach, she does NOT like swimming in the ocean. She will swim in a lake, no problem, but I guess the waves are a little too much for her. She is a bit on the small side.

    • Jill Hirschi

      Laser pointers my crazy boxer loves to chase stuff doesn’t want to catch it though. But she would love a trip to the beach like that but it would be mayhem!

    • Calistina

      AND CAT………………………JUST SAYING………………….AND CAT!!!!

    • Jeannie Renninger

      I LOVE LOVE LOVE this video and to whomever trained them all, I applaud you!!!!! AWESOME, can you do that for mine, LOL

    • AL

      good video crappy song!

    • Juan

      My dog loves exactly this XD

    • codfilet

      One of these things is not like the others……

    • DM Kibbe

      Cicadas. . .Skittles loves cicadas (crunchy treat!) and is even happier when mom points out ones she missed during morning walks. Sometimes she is fortunate that one happens to drop on our deck, which she quickly picks up, walks down the stairs, and eats it in the grass–the grass must add something to the enjoyment of her “heaven sent” treat!

    • Tanysha Harry

      Imagine being the person who has to clean all the sand off those dogs! Lol

    • Derek Waggoner

      the cat is hilarious!

    • Mave Hackett

      A good way of having a pet, but without the very long term commitment, would be to care for the pet of a serviceman/woman for the duration of their deployment. You’d make a good friend, and be able to send photos to them of their pet, or even Skype to keep in contact. Many people have dogs for a shorter term when they do puppy walking with dogs who are going to be trained as guide dogs.

    • Prismonic

      Terrible video, way too much editing.

    • Rob T

      Captain Obvious says, “Don’t feature a video on the same page with an auto-play video ad you can’t shut off!”

    • laura

      Either the dog park at Ft. Desoto or Beer Can Island. In the Gulf or in the Bay.

    • evefc2005

      Did you film the part where the cat walked into the water by himself? Or did you have to throw him in?

    • Judith Weber

      Jordy is happiest going to the dog park with his red Kong ball. Even better is when he can find a special needs child to play with. I don’t know how he finds them, but he always seeks them out. I found him on a small farm in January chained on a short chain without food or water. He’s an Aussie & weighed 28 lbs. I didn’t want a dog but couldn’t leave him there cuz he was near death. That was 7 years ago.

    • Nafisa Judeh

      whenever i see videos like this i cant help but be saddened for my own dog. shes a 1 year old blue nose pitbull named Mink, the sweetest creature you could ever meet, the complete opposite of what people usually expect from a pitbull. at the moment shes in desperate need for surgery on her legs, but i dont have enough money for it. i’ve had to move many times to stay with my dog because someone always has a problem with the fact that shes a pittie. And whenever i couldnt move i would make clothes to make money to pay full-time babysitters. And i’m moving again because of the current landlord i have, all because of who she is. There have been many times where i could have given her away but i know she found me for a reason. i know that if she were in anyone elses care, or with anyone who has been through what i have to keep her, she would be dead by now. i only hope that one day i could watch her play on the beach like the beauties in this video, and not have to worry about whether her mommy is going to have to send her to another babysitter. I am trying to raise money for her surgery, and i’m willing to work for the money like i have been by sewing. if anyone is reading this and would like something made for themselves, their dog, child, or home, please contact me via email at judehmufassa@gmail.com. I can make a variety of things and am just trying to be a good human to my bestfriend. We are moving into our new home tomorrow but i know i cant afford this surgery with my bills, rent and paying back her last sitter. please to whomever may be reading i would appreciate it if you could share the GoFundMe account i have made for her. I’m running out of time to get her help, she is in the THIRD STAGE of her condition and COULD DIE from this. i am running out of time, but never hope. PLEASE HELP & SHARE THIS VVVVVVVVV


    • Carol Merrill

      What makes my dog happier than anything else in the world? ME! throwing his glo ball into the closet!

    • Laura Lovelett Balem

      great way to start my day….Im happy

    • Kit Kimberly

      Please learn to use apostrophes and proofread. :-/

    • Alice Manfredini

      My dog (Jeni, black lab mix) seems happiest when she’s playing with my grandkids (ages 4 and 9). When they arrive, she waits by the door, jumping up and down and tail wagging. You can almost see her smile when they put their little arms around her neck and hug and kiss her. She never leaves their side and follows them from room to room, especially the 4-year-old. Jeni just turned 10, but she’s more like a puppy. She loves snow (especially eating it!), and when she’s outside running in leaps and bounds, she looks like a big black bunny. I love all animals, but dogs are a special treasure…..surely a gift from God to teach us about loyalty and trust and faithfulness….and LOVE.

    • Paula

      I think I have watched this video 10 times today. It makes me smile and laugh every time. :-)

    • Ima Tiered

      I love the cat swimming in there with the dogs! I got my baby “Echo” when her Daddy was deployed over seas. I used to send him update and pictures of his “little girl”, but then all his stuff, FB, email and so on, went MIA. Do not know what happened to him! So sad! If you know a Joshua Howell…..feel free to message me his info if you know him. All I know is his Dad had a place down in GA! This is a cute video!

    • sohoyank

      Wow, that had to be rough, Gabriel. I’m sorry you had to give up your dog. I would’ve been a mess if I had to do that. I was fortunate to have an awesome neighbor take care of my two cats when I was deployed. I don’t know how I would’ve done it without her. I was able to order food and litter from Petco and flea meds from Petmeds online and have it all shipped to her.

    • Brenda

      I didn’t know cats could swim? Anyway, this is a great video. There is nothing that relieves my stress more than watching my do run anywhere, but the beach is a favorite place for him.

    • mh67coupe

      That filippin’ cat was swimming in the ocean – are you kidding me??? So awesome!

    • Katherine Gullett

      Fun, but that music is annoying.

    • Sandra Rankin

      My dogs (4) like digging holes, playing ball, carrying around sticks the size of a branch and one in particular likes chasing imaginary squirrels by climbing the fence!

    • Cathy L Clark

      I’m sure that if a vet reached out to the community, they would get many offers to help with a pet. I know I would help, by fostering, but the general public doesn’t know you need someone if you don’t tell or ask. Put an ad in the paper or leave notices with your local humane society or vet offices.

    • Rosie Burzinski Breneman

      This is awesome!!

    • Donna Brozak

      That is one of the nicest videos I’ve seen. I couldn’t stop smiling. Never saw a cat in the water. Our dog died in her sleep last memorial day. Miss her so much still. Thanks to people like you who help these animals and give them the happiness they deserve, because they give us unconditional love everyday and their life is so short.

    • chris

      This is a really cool video!!

    • Missy Anderson

      Love it ! That cat is chillin!

    • Guest

      I had to turn the sound off.

    • timpundit

      Love it. Except the corny photo trick of stopping the vid, rewinding, and playing again to make the dog look like it’s dancing or something. C’mon, That’s like 1980’s era editing.

    • MattieMae

      What a delightful video! Loved everything, the dogs (the cat), the editing, the music — fun, fun, fun! Why do people feel like they have to nit-pic every nice thing to DEATH? To answer the question, my 11-year-old fabulous rescue border collie just loves her morning walks — they really set her clock!. She has always been a little, shall we say, “Intelligence Challenged” — but that doesn’t keep her from making up her own games and lovin’ it. We adore her and are happy to make her happy.

    • alanaforsyth

      Awful video with those jerky, dizzying camera moves. Disgusting. Horrible. Ptui. Good idea made horrible by a stupid photographer with no taste and no understanding of human visual perception.

    • Sharon Westphal

      Gabriel..thanks for your service..its never easy giving a pet away…came on to comment about the video…wow some of the remarks and comments…The video was great had me laughing..The cat was awesome..

    • lkreu

      TREATS! makes my female happy – the other two are just happy guys!

    • Julia A. Elliott

      Having me play soccer ball with her. And peanut butter on her cup. Oh – and hiking… Ball toss, raw chicken, coffee & cookies in the morning … …

    • Cynthia Strousberg

      When I come home from work. When we go for walks, car rides, going to the park, beach, of course cuddling, and dinner time. I love my dog Madison with all my heart

    • zoehoney


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