The 10 Most Popular Dog Names

Want to stick to the classics rather than some up with something crazy? Think you know about 30 Stellas and Sams? Well, chances are you’ve heard a ton of these names this year. According to VPI Pet Insurance, the most popular dog names so far in 2013 are as follows:


1. Max
2. Buddy
3. Rocky
4. Bailey
5. Jake


1. Bella
2. Molly
3. Lucy
4. Maggie
5. Daisy

We have to admit, they’re some pretty cute names on those lists! We can see why people choose them. What are your favorites?

  • Colleen Edgington

    My pets names are…Tanner, Tucker, and LuLu Belle.

  • Ian Moore

    Shadow (y)

  • Melisa Rechenmacher

    Popcorn, Peanut and Rotunda. Popcorn is a Papillion and the other two are Chihuahua/Pomeranians.

  • Tammy Gregory Adams

    For girls, Lady and boys Champ!

  • Junemarie

    Tracey, Freddie, Hunter, Cissie, Pickle, Ray Ray and Sweetheart and Trixie are my dogs names

  • Michelle Morris

    3 Black Labs. Meister, Madison and Buddy

  • Trudy L Moyer

    our dogs are named stormy & sky..beautiful three month old pitbulls

  • Michelle Morris

    3 cats~~Snickers, Ty and Jam

  • Michelle Morris

    2 Horses~~~Dixie and Natasha

  • Daveid Darbyshire

    Pi due to the perfect circle on his back, plus he is a real cutie

  • Candace Michelle Adams

    I have a girlie pit bull named sasha and a black and white Siberian husky named steele.

  • Pat Rothwell

    Freddie a Westie, Daisy Orange Cocker Spaniel and Buddy Retriever Labrador, My 3 babies

  • Brandi Comardelle

    Alex, Gypsy and Lexi my three dachshunds. Had a Nikolai and Willoughby as well but sadly had to rehome due to money. :'(

  • afveteran1986

    I have a Dacshund/Beagle mix named Bently, a long haired blue and white chihuahua named Eleanor (Ellie Rose), a gray kitty named Daisy, and a Black kitty named Lily <3

  • Rjoseph

    Sawyer, Mya, Zeus, George

  • Marigo

    Now I have Elli, Bizou, Joe. In the past i had Seassi, Jessi, Rimbaud. But i also like Liza, Frixos, Azor.

  • amidamidoo

    Adrian Love, Sienna Marie, Zara Rose, Jupiter, Lady Anne, Ruffles, Rags, Monkeybutt, Spaznoid, Snockerberry, Bruiser Apples, Cowboy, Cinder, Misty, Aspen, Demetrius, Queenie.

  • Kelly Betts Behm

    I have a black lab named Molly and a beagle/basset named Tucker. I had a schnauzer/terrier mix named Blossom. Best dog ever. Killed by the neighbor’s pit bulls.

    • Glenda North Griffing Willis

      I have a black lab named Molly also!

  • Alexandria Ellis

    My girl dog’s name is OTTER

  • Janice Payne

    Tootsie, Tallulah, Gracie, George, Odie, and Yogi that is our babies names
    chihuahuas . toots, george yogi ………Llhas apso tallulah, Odie is a Jack a huahua. and Gracie is a heinz 57 big dog . Love them all 6 total

  • Genelle Clark

    My brother once had two Norwegian Elkhounds named Ingrid and Elmer.
    Another brother had a German Short Haired Pointer/English Pointer mix named Emmett.

  • Becky LeLong

    We have Daisy, but that was her name when we rescued her in July 2013. The name stuck and we affectionately call her Crazy Daisy (she’s a lab / grehound mix and has moments of insanity). :)

  • Peanut

    hello my pug’s name is Peanut. Please come follow him on his Facebook page @ Haus of Peanut

  • Judith Tordoir

    We have Ray our always loving and playful labradoodle, my daughter has Thursday, an abandoned adorable Terrier mix and Django a prebred raceing Saluki 😀

  • Carolyn Cunningham

    chopper,demon,skye and itsy bitsy

  • Dot McFarlane

    My dogs are Bentley and Riot, while my cats are Asher, Baum and O’Malley … :o)

  • Shirley Ujest

    This was Max – The Best Dog Ever! (Killed, we believe, by his medication…) RIP my sweet boy…9/9/06-11/3/13

    • Suzanne Polen

      R.I.P. baby!

    • Norma Harris-Check

      So sorry for your loss!!

      • Shirley Ujest

        Thanks. GBY.

  • reefrocket

    My two are a Kai-Lab mix and a Cockapoo. Kaila and Marley, they’re my sweeties!

  • rebmoma

    We had Teddi (female beagle) and Tasha (mini daschund). New puppies are Greta and Giselle (mini daschunds with German/dancer names).

  • Dave Young

    Dexie the doxie

  • Michelle Kuebler

    I have a Black Lab German Shepard
    mix and his name is BoBo.

  • Micky Germolus

    Precious, Dale Jr., Sambo Freckles

  • Nella M. Smith

    Currently mine are: Chewy, Zoey, Taffy, Sasha, & Poseidon.

  • Marla Osgood

    Current dogs are Bodie & Rusty. Passed dogs were Kelso, Blitz & Spitz, Tiny, Teddy, Trixie, & Candy.

  • Crystal Parrish

    3 Siberian Huskies, Louie, Laila and Angel.

  • Guest

    We had Molly, a Jack Russell, and Chloe. an Abyssinian cat. Now we have a rescue dog, Lucy, and rescue cat, Lucy.

  • Patricia Ross Glenn

    We had Molly, a Jack Russell, and Chloe, an Abyssinian cat. Now we have Lucy, a rescue dog, and Lily, a rescue cat.

  • Suzanne Polen

    I have a Jake & a Meghan!

  • Jennifer Walk

    We have Cricket (boy) and Luna (girl)…both doggies were adopted and came with the names, we liked them so much we just kept them, also because it’s easier for the dogs to just keep the names they were used to (luckily they were cute)!

  • Kimberly Goodman

    Well since I got my Bella in 2012. I also have a cat named, Molley.

  • trevor

    Charleydog and Layla

  • Regina M. Garcia

    Muffin, Spike, Molly, Kalee, Bear Pie, Harlee, Tiggr, Tinker, Pookie, Scooter, Ezree, Marlee, all Dachshunds. Haylee, a basset and Boudles, a beagle. I love my animals!! We also had a Sarah Lynn and Pumpkin, both yellow labs.

  • lwagner53

    Roxy,Jack,Thurston, Chloe

  • Jeanette Appice Zeitz

    Tootsie/Yorkie and Panda/Pom

  • lwagner53

    Cats are: P.Turd and Chico


    Brandy, Buddy, Beauty, Bear, Babe, Peanut, all are AKC Registered, St. Bernards’.

  • Lise

    My dog’s name is Bailey but she is a girl dog. I have had dogs with the name of Zipper, Quincy, Reggie and Baron. They are at the Rainbow Bridge now.

  • Tori Lynn Turner

    My dogs Are Both Girls and One is named Waffer and the other is QT

  • Guest

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    • Tammy Shomper

      I have 3 mini dzchshunds 1 chocolate wire…Joshua….1 long red hair…Lucas…and 1 Isabella wire…Cameron…past pets have been Hercules, Buck, Missy, Sammy, Snowball, Midnight, Gypsy and Jasper and we also have a Schroeder and Pixie.

  • Pam Roederer Sprague

    We’ve had all boy dogs Big & Little from a German Shepard to a Yorkie!!! Their names ~ SMOKIE, PRINCE, BEAMMER, RAGS, ZIPPO, GIZMO, & Our current Lil’ guy is a Yorkie… His name is “BUDDY” *My thought for the day is EVERYONE should own a Dog” The Best therapy EVER!

  • MTR

    I have a male Black Lab his name is Smokey, when his sister was still alive her name was Daisy.

  • Mendocino TeaLady


  • SusanKeener

    Mine: KC and PD

  • Leslie Knotts-hunt

    I have a pit his name is Oscar he is a big baby ,a lab/mix her name is Gretchen and I also have a cat named Dexter his mothers name was bella she was poisoned by my neighbors …

  • Lois DeLong

    We have a Sadie Mae, Gracie Lynn & Gilbert Farley! Don’t laugh, it fits him!

  • Carol Ann Kaminsky

    I have Paisley, Tetley, Diamond, Tucker, Sanibel, Patches and I had Cinnamon, Shadow and Snickers. My cat is Coconut.

  • Tanith Hudson

    Xander, Heidi, Allie, and Inigo Montoya are all heeler mixes. We love them very much.

  • Norma Harris-Check

    I like Missy, SurgarBear, and Nikah! Our dogs names!! Have had Sandy, Tippy, Pecoe, Sammy, Max, Bojo, too!

  • Robb Flick

    My cocker spaniel came “pre-named” … when his crate door was opened this seemingly mild mannered pup came “BOOMING” out to my arms, knocked my eye glasses off, and I knew right there his name was of course, BOOMER !

    • Pottery-Pastimes Rachael Stanl

      Ah! That’s similar to how our Rambo was named. He was the first puppy to strut his stuff outside the litter’s kennel.

  • Heather Welch Williams

    We have a red Australian Cattle Dog named Natty after the cigars my my husband smokes, Nat Sherman. And we have a Pocket Bully named Bear.

  • Paula Roberts Belkle

    I had a Morgan, Half rott, 1/4 Pitt, 1/4 Chow. Best friend ever. Lost him to prostate cancer here in Aug.2013. Just got a new pup Diesel, he’s half Shepherd, half Rott. 3 mons. old and knows how to sit and stay. Fast learner.

  • Stargazer32

    was thinking of naming my dog dipshitt…so when I call his name…see how many people would turn and reply…*L*

  • TurtleMuffin

    Bee,Copper,Katie,Legs,Link.Mario,and Rufus :3 lol

  • R.Young

    Lady, Tramp, Cheyenne, Starr, Storm King, King !

  • Anita

    My little dog’s name is Casey. She is real affectionate and smart.

  • Aksana

    puppy, moti, thule…….

  • Eveline

    Frodo :)

  • Fifi Austin

    Wilf, Neville, Monty & Reggie are my JRT’s!

  • Cynthia Gallo Tenorio

    I have two girls,Nala (13 years yorkshire mix) and Shira ( 1,6 years spanish greyhound) both adopted,and both so sweet and beauty :)

  • Albert Conlon

    My Dogs are Jacob and Krissy both Pembroke Welsch Corgi’s. I have had dogs named Taffy,Chipper,Jake,,Duke,Cleopatra and Jasmine.

  • schmatz

    My doggy is a mini goldendoodle named SASSAFRAS, aka, Sass, Sassy, Fras. I have loved the name since I was little, even though I did not get her (my very first dog) until later in life. I have never heard that name for any other animal, so I hope she is the first..woof!!

  • Christina Marie Lowe

    um.. bailey is a girl name…….
    mastiff named titan
    lab named potter

  • Pottery-Pastimes Rachael Stanl

    We’ve had a Dixie, Rambo, Jennie, Bonnie and Caesar.

  • Tamara

    My dogs are Bonnie, Angel, Soottie, and Benji named after the movie Benji (1974). I remember watching that movie as a kid and loving that dog. It’s funny though cause the dog I named Benji after is completely the opposite from him, but I wouldn’t have him any other way.

    Also love the names Lillie and Cuddles, had dogs named that but they have both passed. All wonderful companions :)

  • Derek Dunaway

    I have a midnight sid and dixie and use to have an arlie

  • Dogmomof2

    Named my baby female long hair doxie Sofie until I saw he jump 3 feet in the air, STRAIGHT UP! Her name is Jumping Bean or Beans for short.

  • Shannon Barron Lake

    My Chihuahua is Jordan the Lil’ Auburn Tiger. The Olde English Bulldogge is Stonewall. The English Bulldog is Roll Tide Roll the 15th, called R.T. The Canaan Dog is Sister LillyBelle RayLynne.

  • Vinny777

    Apple !!!

  • Patricia Ficken

    My dogs are Olivia Shirley & Phoebe

  • Bob Richardson

    My dobie’s name is Brody. I’ve had, Annie, Bret, Burbon, Sissy,Troubles.

  • gugu & balu

    that’s true i have male Buddy & female Daisey

  • Jackie Bell

    Buffey,Sophie,Caramella,Patches and Sgt kibble’s

  • Jackie Bell

    I’ve had a Sandie,saja,bootsie,buttons and kiana…

  • BarbH

    My name is Brian

    • Angelique

      That’s AWESOME! My doxie’s name is George. I love that he has a person’s name.

  • kathy

    I have a Rocky and a Rusty :)

  • Terri

    Sadie has got to be up there somewhere! I’ve talked to so many people lately that have dogs named Sadie. Love my Sadie Ann!

  • Pete Ewy

    Little Bear, Puddin, Bella, Delilah (La-la), Sora, Jax.

  • Jenn

    Murphy, Molly and Lulu are my wooferbabies.

  • Evelyn Bautista

    My female doggies: Lady, Chloe, Heidi & Zoe. My one and only male dog: HARVEY… Love all my dogs!

  • Maryellen Hoague

    K.C. stands for kinda cute or killer canine depending on what trouble he’s gotten into.

  • Sara Louise

    my dogs name is number one! max

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