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10 Extreme Dog Breeds Only for Experienced Owners

#1 – Komondor


Not typically recommended as a family dog, the Komondor needs a seasoned owner who understands the complexities of the breed. These rule followers falter when no boundaries are set. When a Komondor falters, she may turn aggressive. This breed requires a strong pack leader who won’t waver.

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#2 – Akita


Confident and loving to its pack, the Akita needs a seasoned owner who can set boundaries and stick to the rules. Training and proper socialization must begin from puppyhood . Originally bred as guardians, the Akita needs proper socialization to appreciate people outside of their pack.

#3 – Chow Chow


This breed is loyal to their pack, as long as the humans remain in the Alpha role. If an inexperienced owner slides on the rules, a Chow may become downright unruly and challenge for pack leadership. Proper socialization in their early years will teach a Chow to be respectful and friendly.

#4 – Australian Shepherd


Bundles of energy and one of the most intelligent breeds, an owner with an Australian Shepherd must remember this is a working breed. They need daily tasks to keep their overly active minds whirring in the right direction. In the absence of daily physical and mental activity an Australian Shepherd may become destructive.

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