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10 Dog Breeds That Are College Mascots

Written by: Renee Moen
| Published on November 8, 2014

Dogs have a number of wonderful traits that anybody would be proud to share. When colleges choose mascots, why shouldn’t they encourage their staff and students to be more like dogs? They’re loyal, honest, and brave. Some breeds have other traits like strength, speed, and toughness that make them ideal for sports teams. Some are clever and inquisitive. Some are just plain cute. These colleges have chosen their mascots well by choosing from a species everyone loves – dogs!

 1. Bulldog

English Bullpuppy play

Yale University was the first college to claim a mascot. Handsome Dan, an English Bulldog, was adopted by the University in 1889. To date there have been seventeen Handsome Dans. Today there are twenty American colleges and universities who proudly call on the bulldog as their mascot.

2. Husky

Husky Beach

What college wouldn’t be proud to stand alongside a Husky? There are fourteen schools who call the Husky a mascot. One of them, St. Cloud State University in Minnesota aptly named their Husky, Blizzard.

 3. Tamaskan 

North Carolina State has a mascot named Tuffy. Although they call themselves the Wolf Pack, Tuffy is officially a Tamaskan. This breed originated in Finland, and is a blend of Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute. They look surprisingly like wolves, but have no wolves in their lineage.

 4. Saint Bernard

Two colleges hold the Saint Bernard up to such an honor. Sienna College in Albany, New York proudly shows off Bernie, the Saint Bernard as their mascot. Emmanuel College in Massachusetts call themselves the Saints, with their costumed mascot leading the charge.

 5. Boston Terrier


It really is only natural that Boston University would choose the all American breed that was designed in the city of Boston itself. The Boston Terrier, nicknamed “the little gentleman” for their good manners also is the representative of Wofford College located in Spartanburg, South Carolina.

 6. Greyhound


The University of Indianapolis has adopted the Greyhound for their representative. The greyhound, came about in 1926 when it was decided that the UIndy athletes were “a long, lean animal renowned for its speed, jumping prowess and fighting heart.” (Frederick Hill)

Eastern New Mexico University also calls on the Greyhounds merits, showing off two adopted former racing dogs Vic and Tory at sporting events as well as costumed mascots Ralph and Roxie.

 7. Bluetick Coonhound


The University of Tennessee decided in 1953 to settle on a coonhound as its mascot. The club wanted the breed to be native to the state and be the best houn’dog imaginable. A contest was announced and a Bluetick Coonhound named “Smokey” won the title. There is a live version of the present day Smokey as well as two costumed versions, Smokey and Junior Smokey.


 8. Collie 


In 1931, the very first Rough Coated Collie, named Reveille, came to live on the Texas A&M University campus after a tragic accident. When the first Reveille passed away, she was buried with full rights. After that a slew of other dogs were tried and tested, but Reveille left too lasting of an impression to dismiss. Today it is Reveille VIII who holds a place of honor among the student body.


 9 .Saluki


The student body of Southern Illinois State University met in March of 1951 to discuss changing their team name from the non descript “maroons” to something more imaginative and unique. After much debate, they decided on the Saluki, which was known for its speed and hunting skills.

 10. Scottish Terrier

Scottish Terrier

Agnes Scott College in Decatur Georgia and Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania both hold the Scottie dog near and dear to their collective hearts. Agnes College call themselves the “Scotties”. The founder of the college was a proud Scotswoman. Carnegie Mellon athletes call themselves “Tartans” They adopted the Scottish Terrier as a mascot in 2007. Both mascots, incidentally, are named Scotty.


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