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10 Most Hyper Dog Breeds

Some dogs are natural couch potatoes, and others require extensive exercise to stay mentally sound. Most dogs are somewhere in the middle, needing regular exercise but not being unbearable if you have to miss a walk or two. But there are others that are quite different. Those types of dogs with seemingly endless energy. These dogs are hard to keep as house pets if they don’t get the exercise they require. If that’s the type of pup you’re looking for, check out this list below of the 10 most hyper dog breeds!

#1 – Border Collie


One of the most popular working breeds, the Border Collie is still used extensively on ranches and farms today. The Border Collie is easily number one our list, and the same can be said for other lists you will find. This breed requires both mental and physical exercise to stay happy and healthy. As a responsible Border Collie owner, it’s your due diligence to ensure that they get training time and exercise they need to thrive. Because of their demanding physical and mental needs, many would consider these beautiful dog breeds to one of the most hyper dog breeds.

#2 – Siberian Husky


Another working breed, Siberian Huskies are bred to run long distances, and they’ve certainly got the energy to do it! Siberians make great family companions as long as they get enough physical stimulation, otherwise they are prone to destructive behavior and escaping the yard if they become bored.

#3 – Australian Shepherd


This herding breed is also still used to work stock on ranches and farms, and even those bred to be pets maintain the energy necessary to do the job. Therefore, they need regular exercise to make sure they stay happy and healthy while living in your home.


#4 – Labrador Retriever


One of the best family companion breeds out there, Labs do require regular exercise. Part of what makes them so fun is their love to get outdoors with their families, and they need that exercise to remain an acceptable house guest. Labs can become destructive when bored and under-exercised.

#5 – Jack Russell Terrier


These little terriers are full of energy and excel at many dog sports, as well as hunting. Even if these activities aren’t for you, it’s important to make sure your Jack Russell gets enough mental and physical exercise or he’ll be quite the terror to live with. 

#6 – Dalmatian


Dalmatians were originally used to pull carriages–and it’s no surprise it took a lot of energy to complete that task. Even today, the breed remains one of the most energetic. They are wonderful house pets so long as they get the right amount of exercise. And if you don’t provide them with such, they’ll let you be the first to know!


#7 – Labradoodle


Labs and Poodles are both relatively high energy dog breeds. When you put them together, you get a great family companion that’s also really excitable. Due to widespread popularity, this is one of the most sought after breeds today. But note, Labradoodles do need adequate exercise and training to keep them mentally and physically healthy and tired.

#8 – Vizsla


These Hungarian hunting dogs are bred to be energetic and always ready to go, so it’s no surprise that a bored Vizsla is a bothersome one. This breed does well with daily rigorous exercise and challenging training to keep both their minds and bodies busy and worn out.


#9 – Weimaraner


Just like the Vizsla, Weimaraners are another hunting breed. These dogs were bred to have sufficient energy to keep up with his master and game. This is an intelligent breed that needs a good amount of exercise to keep him from getting bored and restless. Although they are highly active, they are also extremely affectionate. The “V” in Vizsla could easily stand for velcro dog, because they love to be with their humans.

#10 – Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Staffordshire Bull Terriers are versatile dogs and one of the most fun-loving breeds around. These big beauties require adequate exercise to stay happy and healthy. And as long as they are with their people, they are good to go!

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Written by Katie Finlay
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