10 of the Most High Energy Dog Breeds


When you adopt a dog, it’s a great idea to know what kind of friend is going to fit into your lifestyle. If you’re a dedicated couch potato, these are not your breeds! (Is that you? Check out: 15 Dog Breeds That Love To Be Lazy!)

But if you’re looking for a jogging buddy, a playmate, and a best friend: any of the dogs on this list would be happy to keep you company. They’ll need a lot of exercise, so if you’re up to the challenge, consider one of these dogs next time you’re ready to adopt!

#1 – Airedale Terrier

The Airedale is full of intelligent exuberance, who needs a variety of different training methods. He needs to be challenged physically and mentally or else boredom will set in. Originally bred for active work, keep an Airedale on its toes by enrolling them in an advanced training or sport class.


#2 – Blue Heeler

This hearty breed is loyal and hard working. A Blue Heeler would benefit from herding or agility classes. Not only will the extra training provide the physical exercise these dogs need, but also the mental stimulation that is required to keep them balanced.


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