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10 Questions To Answer Before Buying A Dog Crate

Your dog’s crate is one of the most expensive “accessories” you will buy during the life of your dog, especially if you have a large dog. So just like any other big purchase, you should weigh your options and make sure you make the right purchase, otherwise you will end up spending more money than is necessary. Here are 10 questions you should ask yourself to help buy the prefect crate for you and your dog.

#1 –How big will your dog get?

This is a HUGE question! Your little Great Dane puppy may only be 20 pounds now, but very quickly he will be much larger. Buying a crate every time he grows will get very expensive. Instead, get a great that will fit him when he is grown, but comes with a divider so you can section off the appropriate sized area for him while training. That way, his crate can “grow” with him. Remember, your dog should be able to stand up, turn around, and lie down in his crate.

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#2 – What do you plan on using your crate for?

Are you planning on using it as you dog’s permanent bed inside the house? If so, then a more decorative crate that is not necessarily mobile may be nice. If it’s going to be kept outside and only used on rare occasions, you will want something more durable. If you only need it when you take your pup the vet, then something small and portable will be better for you. Make a list and/or talk to your dog trainer about what you will be using your crate for to make sure you get the correct type(s).

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