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10 Simple Tricks To Tire Out Your Active Dog

| Published on August 13, 2018

Does an hour-long walk give your dog more energy instead of tiring him out? Some dogs seem to have endless amounts of energy. If you don’t want them bouncing around your house or becoming destructive, you need to find a way to tire them out. Walking around your neighborhood can get boring for both of you after a while. What can you do? Here are 10 simples tricks to tire out your active dog.

#1 – Use a flirt pole

You’ve probably seen this type of toy used for cats. It’s a plush toy attached to a string attached to a stick, and it looks like a fishing pole. Now, there are beefed up versions that are tough enough for dogs to play with. Use a flirt pole for dogs so your active pup can practice his hunting skills by pouncing and leaping on the toy as you move it around.

#2 – Play fetch

You may think of fetch as throwing a ball as far as your arm can muster, but fetch can be much more than that. If you live in a home with multiple levels, toss a ball or toy down the stairs and make your dog bring it back up the stairs to you. Outside, use a frisbee or a ball chucker, both of which can make your dog run further returning the item to you.

#3 – Set up an obstacle course in your home

You can use couch cushions, toys, hula hoops, and furniture to create an obstacle course in your home and teach your active dog how to navigate it. An obstacle course helps tire out your dog’s mind as well as his body. That makes this a particularly effective method of tiring out your dog.

#4 – Teach new tricks

It’s a lie that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Dogs love to learn, and the concentration required for them to learn a new trick wears out their mind and body. This may include starting your fur child in a dog sport like agility or flyball, where your dog is physically and mentally engaged.

#5 – Play tug of war

Some dogs love tug of war. This one has an added bonus of being a great strengthening workout for you, too!

#6 – Hide their treats, use treat-dispensing balls, or use food puzzle toys

Make your dog work for his food and treats. Hide your dog’s food and treats around your home, in different places every day to keep him busy. Some dogs love chasing a treat-dispensing ball around the house, tiring them out with no effort on your part after you’ve filled the ball. Intelligent dogs love the challenge of figuring out how to get treats out of a puzzle toy.

#7 – Go to the dog park

Many dogs love to play with other dogs. A trip to the dog park can be a great chance for your dog to run free, make new friends, and wear himself out. The dog park isn’t the right option for everybody, so consider making play dates with one or two dogs that your dog likes in a fenced-in backyard.

#8 – Have them chase bubbles

Children love blowing bubbles and dogs love chasing things. Having your child blow bubbles with your active dog can be great fun for both of them!

#9 – Play with a hose

For water-loving dogs, playing with the water from a garden hose can be great fun. If you have human kids, they can put on swimsuits and join in the fun.

#10 – Go hiking

A hike through the woods, around a lake, or up the side of a mountain is much harder physically and more interesting mentally for your dog than a walk around the neighborhood. You can choose a fairly flat path that isn’t more difficult than your typical route around the neighborhood. The sights and smells will still be different and more engaging for your pup.

(H/T: Puppy Leaks, Cesar’s Way, Chewy)

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